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One Week Till Valentine’s day, ARRRGH ye ready?!

Captain+Jack+SparrowHopefully no one looks as shocked as Jack, that Valentine’s day is around the corner, but for those of you who haven’t figured out what to do. Here are some puns (hubby and I love puns) that can help inspire your Valentine’s gifts/of cards.

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Could be a cute card for a pizza date night, or as a coupon for pizza or you could order them a pizza and slip this inside. I think it is super cute!

1200346886-781Would be a very cute card to put along side breakfast in bed, with coupons for breakfast in bed (on the coupon), with heart shaped toast, or take them out to a nice brunch and give them this when your toast comes 🙂

imagesThis one is super cute for work, home or class, would be cute with a gift of a journal, a love note, or some cool pencils 🙂


This finally one ( I know, I just got started) Is super cute and vintage would be a great card with a bag of popcorn and a movie rental, a coupon for popcorn and a movie night out,  or some tickets to see a movie

So many different ways to play with these, so have pun!  So get started using your imagination to make your special someone’s day, cause you know what they say, “Time flies like and arrow: fruit flies like a banana”! 🙂

  Hope this gave you some inspiration for Valentine’s day! As as a parting gift, I will leave you with these link to some more awesome pun/gift ideas 🙂 Here on craftedbylindy

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