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Up “Balloon” earring Tutorial

Hi guys, Friday is here and with that comes the last of my Up projects for Valentine’s day. This project is actually a cluster style earring that I made to match the dress I bought for Valentine’s day and the Adventure is out there/grape soda badge necklace.

Since I already had the house and the balloons and my dress had multiple colors, I decided to make some colorful cluster earrings to simulate the look of a bunch of balloons.

Here is what you will need



  • Beads of your choice (I used 9 for each since these were large beads, but you can use as many as you chose depending on the length you want to achieve)
  • eye pins (one for each bead)
  • Jump rings (one for first bead and one for every two after)
  • needle nose pliers
  • earring posts

Step one

string eye pin through bead and create loop at top, secure and cut off excess.

Continue this until all beads have been done.


Step two

Add Jump ring to first bead (this will be the bead at the bottom of your earring)step2

Step three

Add two beads to another jump ring  and attach it to the  first jump ring.step3

Step Four

continue adding two beads to jump ring and attaching them to the jump ring before until you reach desired length. Then add to earring post.

Repeat steps 1-4 on other earring and that’s it!

Here are the finished product!

Super cute and my elephant mug seems to really like them!!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, now go out and get creative! Have a great weekend!

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Up Themed Valentine’s day

Hi guys,  we are almost to the  final post of the Up themed Valentine’s day picnic.

I wanted to show you how the whole thing came together, I think it turned out super cute.

I got a paper mache mail box at hobby lobby for $4.99 (was going to buy the cartridge on cricut to make one for the same price, but I had less work with this one)

It was small so instead of doing the hand print, I painted them on and did our names as well.



Then I cut what seemed to be a million little hearts with my cricut and wrote various this I love about my hubby on them. And I hide the UP movie inside all the hearts.  Look at that stuffed mailbox!

heartattack mailbox

Here is hubby opening the mailbox, apparently he got lots of mail 🙂



In my last post I showed you how to make the “Ellie Badge” and this is how I presented the one I made to my husband.

I made some little love badges on paint and colored them and added them to a strip of construction paper, to look like Russel’s sash.

Then I made a letter on Photoshop explaining the gift, turned out really pretty.

boxup The Card: I made the envelope with card stock and littered it with my favorite foam adhesive hearts (probably used about 200 of them this Valentine’s day)

The card was all designed and cut on the cricut, I made the up house with various shaped and glued it all together. I used the same technique for these balloons as I did on the adventure book (glue the strings to each individual heart and then glue to card.) I drew the windows and door with black sharpie.upcard

The inside was also made with the cricut, except the bow, I used a small hole punch and some scissors. Glued the string in spots to get the loops. I was really happy with it 🙂 insideup

I had to get grape soda for the picnic, so I got this NuGrape from World Market and created my own grape soda labels on Photoshop.

It was too cold for a picnic outdoors, so I turned the living room into our picnic local. Hung some lanterns from the ceiling fan to mimic balloons.


Sat out our new colorful Valentine’s plates from target in a picnic basket with a plaid napkinIMG_5469

Got a paper Mache house from hobby lobby for $6 and painted it to best look like the house, then I made fruit skewers to look like the balloons 🙂 IMG_5471

To go with the picnic themed I made mini heart shape sandwiches, Ruben’s and Cuban’s with balloon and badge toothpicks, I made.IMG_5478

Here is one of the table top pics.IMG_5472For Dessert, I decided I would make Smore Cupcakes. They turned out beautiful and I finished them off with the remainder of the toothpicks


Pretty hefty cupcake, you can see the graham cracker crust in this pic.IMG_5480

And last but not least, my prince finally got his adventure book!

IMG_5487 IMG_5488 IMG_5489 A very successful Valentine’s day picnic and mostly home-made. I hope you enjoyed this post, I was very happy to share it 🙂


Valentine’s Disney UP themed jewelry tutorial

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you my Up themed Ellie Badge for hubby and my Ellie/Adventure necklace for myself I made to go with our Valentine’s day UP theme that I created for my hubby.

As many of you know The Ellie Badge is the Badge that Ellie creates in UP when they are children, it is a grape soda bottle cap and a safety-pin. Carl wears it throughout the movie as a touching reminder of his wife.

I decided to go with an UP theme, because of how much romance there is in the growing old together and sharing the adventure of being together, and it seemed appropriate for our first Valentine’s day as a married couple.

So of course, I needed to make an Ellie Badge for Hubby. Then I thought, I want one too, lol! So I made a necklace with two sides for me 🙂

Here is what I used

Two metal bottle caps – I found two of my BIL’s and used them (the frugal way) or you can buy blank ones at the craft store for $3 for 6 caps

silver paint if using something other than blank bottle caps

Grape soda image (printed out at 1inch)


1 inch hole punch or scissors to cut out the grape soda logo (when I was at hobby lobby, I did notice they have grape soda bottle caps, but the image is not the one from up, but you could go that route if you didn’t mind the difference)

Modge Podge to adhere the grape soda (or adventure) image to bottle cap and seal it

paint brush

1inch clear circle acrylic stickers to cover the grape soda image and give it that raise finished look (got mine at Michael’s 24 in a pack for $2.99 plus 40% off)

a hammer and nail to punch holes

one large safety-pin or one eye pin if making charm

needle nose pliers

Step 1:

Paint the bottle caps silver (if you are starting with blanks go onto step two)

Step 2: Use hammer and nail to put holes in bottle caps (two across from each other for safety-pin or one on top for charm)

Step 3: Remove the safety part of safety-pin if making badge and string through back of bottle cap, secure safety back on and close.

if making charm string eye pin string through hole, twist around the back of eye pin to secure the top.

(pictures of steps 1-3 completed below on each project)



Step 4: Adhere your images to bottle cap with modge podge (necklace one in and one outside)

startofgrapesoda charmnid

Step 5: Seal image on outside with modge podge as wellgrapesodamid

Step 6: Adhere your epoxy sticker on top of sealed image to give protection and 3d effect, you are done with grape soda pin, next step necklace only

grapesoda adventure upinside

Step 7:  add chain to necklace

adventurenecklace grapesodanecklace

Now wear your new treasures and enjoy!


Surprise Adventure Book for hubby

Our Adventure Book Tutorial


So here was my goal! To create our very own Up Adventure book!

My hubby and I are heading to Disney World in 24 days, for our One year Anniversary (we got engaged at Disneyland in front of Flynn and Rapunzel) and I thought what a great Valentine’s present to make us a book we can use on our trip to Disney. Up was such a touching movie and I just loved the idea of making our own book. I thought it would be perfect for this adventure.

My supplies

– a cereal box

– some faux leather scrapbook paper, I purchased two sheets of brown and two sheets that kinda look like a basket ball for the ends where the laces are strung through

– two pieces of printed scrapbook paper to line the inside

– some cardstock for the pages and letters

– a cricut, diecut letters or stickers

– a globe – I printed out an antique globe and cut it out to tape it on like the one in the movie

– some modge podge

– a paper cutter (especially for the cereal box)

– scissors

– a hole punch

– some string or leather

-a paper scorer (used the one that came with my cricut essentials pack)

Other additions you can  do –  stickers, photos, markers, etc. We are going to use this for our trip, so I going to leave the inside blank except one “you and me” page to start it

Here is how I made it

I wanted my book to have a fold flap for where the binding will go and the lacing will go through, so I measure my cereal box I wanted to part where the brown would be to be 7 inch by 10.5 so I had space for my paper to fold over to create the covering.

Then I cut the box with my cutter to get two pieces (the front and back of box, saving the bottom flap since it did not narrow in)

I took my brown “leather” flipped it over and traced the box onto the material, so I could score it to make it easier to fold over the cereal box.

Then I scored it and folded all three sides.

After I spread on my modge podge onto one side of box and laid my brown “leather” on box and smoothed it out, then laid something (happened to be photo paper) heavy on top so it would dry evenly and adhere to the box.

IMG_5467 IMG_5466

I used my cricut cutting room for the letters and the oval and square around them. cut them on the colors I wanted them on and set them aside.

I then punched my two holes in the cover (two on each side)

Then I cut this pretty purple paper (I saw on one of the many pictures of the adventure book that the lining was purplish, so that is what I used but use whatever you like) and punched the holes on it. Then I covered the exposed inside of each page to line the cover.


Next I worked with the basketball like material that will cover the folded flap on front of book. I folded and scored each line, then hole punched and glued onto covers. I tried hole punching after gluing first cover and was really hard to get through, so it is better to do ahead of time.


Folded and hole punchedfolding up the edges

Some of the holes still showed a small amount of cardboard through so I took a one inch punch and cut four circles (one for each hole) and the regular punch to punch out hole in center. I then glued onto original spot to cover cardboard.

After one inch punches were placed


I then took my cardstock which had been cut to size and hole punch and laced my leather through starting with the front cover and wrapping around to end at front cover again to tie bow.


This is book after lacing has been strung and tied, looking pretty awesome for my first bound book 🙂 cover

Next I got out the shapes I had set aside from the Cricut and glued them on the front coverbordercover

Then the letters and globe (just need a piece of masking tape to make it more authentic, which I did put on but I guess the picture is no where to be found), I also chose to use “our” instead of “my” for the title, since I made this specifically for Us, even though “my” was on the movie bookfront cover

I added Dug to the inside front cover just for fun. I printed him out on cardstock and cut him out and glued him in place.


I then took some of our pictures that were as close to the poses from the movie and printed them in sepia tone. I created our own image and up balloon (including tape) on photoshop and added caption to make it look like book page and then ripped it to mimic the Paradise falls page they tore out. Ours is Disney World though, since that is the goal. I made “you and me” die cut image with cricut.

Our First page


The pictures from the movie


Our next page, I did “Stuff we’ve Done” since this will be our scrapbook of our Adventures when we come home


Original movie page


Then to counterpart Dug, I added a…. SQUIRREL! On the inside of the back cover


For the back of the book I wanted The Up house with Balloons, so I printed three up houses on card stock cut various pieces and layers them to give the house a more 3d effect.


I cut the Balloons as Mickey Balloons since our destination is Disney world. I used a Mickey head punch and then glued one strand of string to each balloon. The adhered them to book to create the balloon effect.


Once they were all on, I added the banner I created on photoshop, that says, “Adventure is out there!”


There it is front to back, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I had fun making it!


Introducing Disney’s newest Princess!

Good morning, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day. I know I did and this is where the newest princess comes into play. I know some of you might have expected Anna from the upcoming movie Frozen but nope, its ME!!!

Yep that is right, I had my official coronation last night for Valentine’s day!

So as everyone read yesterday, my hubby had a card at my desk with the beginning of our fairytale in it sitting at my desk and in this card it said he would tell me more of the story later that night.

Later that night we get home and he sends me into the garage to work on this


a princess puzzle with an invisible ink flashlight (curious, huh?)puzzle

So away I go, starting the puzzlepuzzlefinished

Here is the completed puzzleink

I tried to get a shot of the invisible ink with the flashlight but the light just didn’t show up, you can see the indention where the writing is though.

On the puzzle it said, to come up stairs that my hubby and the princesses are anxiously awaiting my arrival! So Cute!!!!


This is what I walked into, a red carpet with hand cut white rose petals and all the princess (I always wanted the collection, now I have them) and hubby had the music from out wedding playing. I almost starting crying immediately, couldn’t help it with that music playing and having to walk an “aisle”. At the top of the stairs there was a toy Rapunzel crown and a drawing. He crowned me and then handed me the drawing, it is me in Disney Style as a Princess.

Here I am

me It is so super sweet and I think I am pretty cute 🙂 He even put my favorite colors and sunflowers in my dress.

Then I walked over to our table and there were these treats (he remembered my Target post) as well as pages of a typed out story. It was the continuation of our story, it made me laugh and cry, it was the fairytale version of how we met. Just amazing!treats

The night didn’t stop there, next was dinner! Now my Prince charming doesn’t enjoy cooking but he is amazing and cooks for me, but tonight he out did himself.


Strip steak with mushroom sauce

Creamy Parmesan Polenta



Pretzel Rolls (yum!!)

Here is my chef hard at work

hubbydinner dinner

Looks amazing and by now my mouth was watering!

Here is Dinner plated

dinnerplate food

Looks and was Delicious!!

For dessert he got us Marie Calendar Coconut Cream Pies, they were good but I forgot to take a pictures of these cute little mini pies!

Was just an amazing Valentine’s day, as usual hubby outdid himself.

Tomorrow is my turn to do my dinner, hope everything comes out just as well as his did! Wish me luck and enjoy your three-day weekend! I hope you enjoyed my coronation as much as I did!

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The Day has ARRIVED!!! Happy Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!! It is here! I know I am a bit of a girl to love such a fru fru “holiday” but I can’t help it. I never really had them before and know I have people who love me and who I love so much that I can’t help but love a holiday that gives me an excuse to shower them with love 🙂

I gave hubby some of his presents this morning


This shirt is for our Disney Trip, I thought it was perfect for my prince!


                         “I ♥ U So Beary much” Gift – Made the label with my cricut think it turned out super cute and of course there are gummy bears in the package 🙂

I thought I was the only one with a game plan for work (since me, hubby, my bestie and all our friends all work in the same building) but wow was I wrong! Lol!

I was ambushed!

This is what I walked into balloon

I adore this big Mickey and Minnie Balloon! I just LOVE mylar balloons!! desk

My hubby gave my bff free reign of the decorating and she said she wanted it to look like she “threw up Valentine’s” on my desk and yep. Looks like someone went crazy, had to remove half of the beautiful mess just to work this morning, lol!


Oh and notice the awesome heart-shaped bamboo she got me, awwww!

And there was this box (the porcelain one was inside) from my bestie

So as you know I am a Disney girl and it would be fitting that so is my bestie (I got her a dinglehopper brush, lol.)


My four favorite princesses are Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel and Snow White. Snow White being the original Disney princess has always had a spot near and dear in my heart and now with ABC’s Once Upon a Timethat love has been rekindled.

So bestie got me a Disney Couture Snow White Ring, so pretty!



Inside it says “make a wish and take a bite”, love it! Thanks, Steph!

Onto hubby, which is keeping me on pins and needles which I suppose is his plan, lol!! I guess I will have to post about it tomorrow since I have to wait until tonight.


What he gave me so far is a fun chocolate rose and a Hoops and Yoyo Card (he knows I love them!)

When we got engaged, we did a wedding website and my prince, created this amazing fairytale about us for it (if you would like to read it click here ) Inside the card he wrote something similar to give me an idea of what tonight’s theme is. So needless to say I am excited, since everyday with my husband is like a fairytale 🙂

So since I can’t tell you what hasn’t happened, I can show you all the awesome cricut projects I made for the special day.

Cricut gift bag tags for my special girls 🙂

(all made with the cricut create a critter cartridge which was the free cut this week)


You are O”fish”ally “fin”tasticberry

You R “Berry” sweetsmores

I need “SMORE” friends like u



R ♥ ARwinter

Winter is coming! My take on GOT Ghost 🙂

Then there is hubby’s desk! I went with…. SURPRISE!!

Doctor Who

(also all aided by the cricut)


Tardis Valentine’s box, I filled it with hugs and kisses and reeses hearts

I did this one as the older Tardis. Also the sign on the front has been modified for Valentine’s daytardiscard

The newer Tardis card (forgot the st john’s ambulance though) , inside says “I will love you until the end of Time”. I thought that worked with the time lord thing 🙂 bowties

Bowties are cool, The 11th doctor may not be my favorite but I do love when he says this!


“I love you more the the Doctor” sign. I really like this, used a penguin on my cricut to make the Adipose and made the tardis with just random shapes. My first big project!


Blue anemones and red lilies in red vase with bowtie to complete the theme!!

A very successful Valentine’s day and a whole bunch of projects finally got to be given! Hope everyone is having a truly Magical Valentine’s day! Hope you enjoyed this post!!


Who Wednesday- Valentine’s day is approaching

9 hours till Valentine’s day!  It is Wednesday, we all know what that means, Who Day!! Yep today is Valentine’s day and Dr Who Day! I have been looking for fun Valentine’s day inspiration and after my hubby’s Dr inspired Anniversary gift, I thought let’s check out more Dr Who inspired love stuff.

Here is what I found

These are from Doodle Craft

Tardis Valentine’s

tardis doctor who valentine card download printablethe Doctor's wife tardis spirit sexy be my valentine doctor who printable freebie

  Dr #9 Valentine
doctor who chris eccelson fantastic valentine

Dr #10 Valentine

Doctor who valentine printable 2 hearts that beat for you love card swear on the blood of your species valentine card doctor who david tennant dr 10 ten valentine printable download freebie perfect 10

Amy Pond Valentine

Doctor who valentine printable amy pond stupid faceamy pond valentine doctor who the girl who waited

River Song Valentine

doctor who valentine the doctor

K-9 Valentine

k9 love valentine affirmative doctor who printable free

Isolus Valentine

doctor who valentine hotest thing in the street fear her episode rose tyler

Silence Valentine
silence valentine doctor who can't stay silent

Weeping Angel Valentine

Doctor who valentine printable weeping angels eyes opened chase yell

Cyber Man Valentine
cyberman doctor who valentine love card

Dalek Valentinedalek dalektable valentine love card doctor dr whodalek lineup asylum black valentine doctor dr who souffle girl oswin clara oswald

Adipose Valentine
fat baby adipose doctor who valentine infatuated card chevron ombre grey gray

Ood Valentinein the ood mood valentine card doctor who sci fi

These Dalek Cookies are Awesome found at  thedoctorsathogwarts


These super fun Valentine’s were found at Craftster2242685574_1091c509eb 2243601299_70c6a0811c

And if you are looking for handmade Dr Who gifts but don’t have the time to do it yourself check out these finds I saw on Etsy(click on pic for info)

Tardis Heart Necklace


Valentine’s stickers


Tardis Art


Dalek Mug


I hope you like the Who finds and hope everyone is enjoying the count down to V-day! Have a great one!


One Week Till Valentine’s day, ARRRGH ye ready?!

Captain+Jack+SparrowHopefully no one looks as shocked as Jack, that Valentine’s day is around the corner, but for those of you who haven’t figured out what to do. Here are some puns (hubby and I love puns) that can help inspire your Valentine’s gifts/of cards.

Click on image for source


Could be a cute card for a pizza date night, or as a coupon for pizza or you could order them a pizza and slip this inside. I think it is super cute!

1200346886-781Would be a very cute card to put along side breakfast in bed, with coupons for breakfast in bed (on the coupon), with heart shaped toast, or take them out to a nice brunch and give them this when your toast comes 🙂

imagesThis one is super cute for work, home or class, would be cute with a gift of a journal, a love note, or some cool pencils 🙂


This finally one ( I know, I just got started) Is super cute and vintage would be a great card with a bag of popcorn and a movie rental, a coupon for popcorn and a movie night out,  or some tickets to see a movie

So many different ways to play with these, so have pun!  So get started using your imagination to make your special someone’s day, cause you know what they say, “Time flies like and arrow: fruit flies like a banana”! 🙂

  Hope this gave you some inspiration for Valentine’s day! As as a parting gift, I will leave you with these link to some more awesome pun/gift ideas 🙂 Here on craftedbylindy

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For those lucky enough to be spending Valentine’s day at Disney

With Valentine’s day less than two weeks away, Disney has some yummy noms to showcase!

   Check out these sweet treats at Goofy’s Candy Company

They look delicious!

Valentine’s Day Goodies from Goofy’s Candy Company | the disney food blog.

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Get started on your Disney Valentine’s day shopping at Target

During the holiday yesterday, I took the opportunity to get out and start my Valentine’s day shopping and I was in Disney geek heaven yesterday when I found my way to Target. On top of the always cute Valentine’s tableware and plushies, I found a Disney haven!

As many know, Disney bought Star Wars so I say Disney geek but it was Disney and Star Wars stuff, I was in Heaven. Here is some of the awesomeness I found as I walked down the aisles.


Star wars Candy Dispensers in Holiday Colors that have sounds, a Darth Vader with a candy Lightsaberyodacups

Yoda ceramic mugs with conversation hearts (I should have checked to see if these too were Star Wars themed)darthchocolate

Dark Vader Chocolate tins with embossed Darth Vaders and holiday colorsjedihearts

These were some of my favorites: R2D2 and Darth Vader heart shaped chocolate tinesredarth

Red Darth Vader candy dispenser with sound and a Red  Darth Vader cookie jarplushvaljedi

And the last of the Star Wars goodies: Plushies of Yoda, Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers with conversation hearts, so cute.

As for the full-fledged Disney, they had a ton of Mickey Stuff, I had to restrain myself from buying all of it.


Really nicely done Mickey heart shaped chocolate boxes.  I just want the boxes!  If someone wants to buy these and eat the chocolate and mail me the box, I am cool with that, lol!!


But this one was my favorite, I would love to put these in my kitchen above the cabinets for Valentine’s day. mickeypretzels Then they had super cute Mickey silhouette mugs with candy, chocolate covered pretzels (one of my all time favorites) with Mickey and Minnie, and two kinds of gummies in the Mickey Love packages (Was heart gummies and juju bees)
mickeytinsLastly was my favorite (hint for hubby) the three pack stacking boxes they each contained a treat like chocolate marshmallows and things like that. Also they had super cute popcorn tins with Mickey and Minnie.

Was a very fun surprise to find all this amazing Disney gear and Target. It made my day. Hurry and go get your Disney Valentines for your special someone 🙂