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Doctor Who Wednesday – Garden Ridge Tardis

We went to Garden Ridge this weekend and found something amazing!!!

                           A Tardis!!
Well actually a bunch of them, in different sizes.

         Here is hubby next to them


They had a tall one about 5 feet for       99.99


And this 3 footer for 50.


They are truly almost made for you, just needs the size and the panels and voila! Tardis!

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Doctor Who Wednesday- Tardis Heel Tutorial

For hubby’s Doctor Who Birthday, I needed to look the part and what girl doesn’t enjoy some fun shoes, right?!

Today I will show you how to turn some boring pumps into some amazing Tardis shoes fit for any time traveling companion.

First get your supplies:

  • Blue heels
  • masking or painters tape
  • black & White acrylic paint
  • white paint pen
  • paint brush
  • nail polish remover (non acetone)
  • q-tips
  • clear sealant

I got these navy blue heels at Payless for $19.99 plus I had a bogo so actually $10, SCORE!


I took them home and lined them up on the coffee table and placed two pieces of masking  tape across them leaving a blank line about 1/2 inch in betweenDSC02074

Then I took the black acrylic and painted that blank space with the black forming the base of the police box sign.DSC02075

Once that dried I wrote “POLICE Public call BOX” across the black area, then remove tape when dry


Note: The  shoe actually shows “Police BOX” across both shoes in rest of the tutorial but I changed it. Now instead of the shoes being two Tardis, it is one Tardis across the shoes. I decided that looked better in my opinion but you can do it either wayDSC02077

Next for the windows of the Tardis, I took pieces of tape and went vertically across the shoe under the police box sign, then took more tape and went across horizontally to create window panesDSC02078

After the tape is in place, paint open areas with white acrylic paint and let dryDSC02079

The remove masking tape and clean up any area that seeped through the tape with q-tip and nail polish remover, being careful to only remove undesired paint.

Then spray with sealant,  let dry and prepare for your next adventure!


There you go, you are now ready to wear your Tardis heels out on the town at any time!

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San Antonio Whovians Assemble!

Last weekend was big for us geeks,  with the release of World War Z and the Texas Comicon 2013 in San Antonio and I am pleased to announce the Whovians were out in full force.

Living in San Antonio and being a Whovian can be challenging, my husband and I seem to have no one to talk to about our passion and have to reach out to our fellow Whovians spread amongst the stars and across the internet to connect.

Well last Saturday made us feel at home in our own city, seeing so many Who fans in once place was a very welcome change to our everyday struggle to find someone to share our stories and love.

We were finally able to talk to people about Dr Who (I had a fun conversation about Disney and Dr Who with one the merchants who was wearing a plushie Tenth and a yoda Disney pin) and there were even a few Doctors among the crowd.

Bowties are cool- 11th Doctor


Would you like a Jelly Baby? 4th Doctor


This is my favorite a switched gender 10th and Rose, but I LOVE the Tardis hat most!

If you were looking for a guy in a union jack, here he is!


And the scariest Dr Who species ever invaded the convention, so whatever you do, don’t blink!


So okay guys, I now you are out there and would love to be able to share all my Whovian geekery with you, you have been seen so please come out and share San Antonio 🙂

I hope to be seeing all of you around!

Now on a side note, yes, I love Who, but lets be honest, I am a full fledged geek and do not love just one thing geek. So here are all the other totally awesome costumes seen at the comiccon that I love. I will totally be dressing up for the next Comiccon in October, can’t wait!

GiJoe- Cobras628x47133333

The Phantom of the Comiccon


Silk Spectre and Rorschach

Tony Stark and a Ghost Buster628x4712

The rest of the Ghostbusters and Vigo The destroyer


Vigo ate a Ghostbuster20130622_123031

Princess Leia & Han Solo20130622_123123

Sand person


Storm and Clone Trooper


Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Imperial guards and Jawa


Darth Vader


Boba Fett




Mini Luke Skywalker


Thor & My Hubby, who has also been Thor (See picture below)20130622_123238Hubby as Thor Halloween 2012



Western Wonder Woman


Joker, Lady Riddler and Charlie Chaplin


Me with the DC Villains wearing a Marvel shirt, lol!20130622_125531And my favorite of the day, Mini Edward Scissorhands and Six Shooter


Little Edward had everything down including the vacant stare and solemn look! Applause to all the awesome costumes!

It was a great time and I can’t wait for the next one:)


Hubby’s Doctor Who Party Planning- Monster High doll turned Weeping Angel Tutorial

For hubby’s birthday this year, I decided to go with a Dr Who theme and what Dr Who party could be complete without a Weeping Angel. So today I am going to show you how I took a Monster High Doll and turned her into one of the ancient races from Dr Who.

If you aren’t a Doctor Who fan, you may not know what a Weeping Angel is and may be wondering why I should have her as decor for the party, so here is a brief run down on the Angel.

The Weeping Angels are an ancient race of aliens ,their usual mode of feeding is to send their victims back in time, which creates energy to consume. When they are not being observed by someone, they can move very quickly and silently, but when they are being observed, they become “quantum-locked”and become stone.

In this position, they are frozen and difficult to destroy. They cannot stop this reaction. If two Weeping Angels were to look at each other at the same time, they would be trapped in stone form until an outside force moves them apart. To prevent this, they often cover their eyes while moving – this makes them look as though they are weeping.

Weeping Angel


The Weeping Angels play a huge part in the Dr Who Series, they are in several episodes along with the very memorable, “Angels in Manhattan”, which ended last season.

So now with a little background, you see, there should be a Angel at the event

On to the Tutorial


Air Dry Clay

Doll- Used Monster High doll but any doll preferably one with jointed elbows will work (I just like the Monster High dolls.)

Wings- You can make them or buy them, I found some cheap at Hobby Lobby, so I purchased them

Cheesecloth for dress

something to secure  hair and dress like wire or rubberbands

Stone textured spray paint

glue sticks and glue gun

something to work on, I used a paper plate


Step 1: Take old clothes off doll, then create a base so she stands on her own with the clay


Step 2: put up dolls hair in a kind of bun (you are going for the old victorian statue look), don’t worry if some of the hair sticks out, this will be fixed laterDSC02062

Step 3: wrap dolls torso in cheesecloth to make draped toga like top and secure at waistDSC02063

Step 4: wrap cheesecloth around waist and drape to form nice wrapped skirt and secure, I used clay to secure to top of dress and ensure edges and bottom were not ridged from cuttingDSC02064

Step 5: attach wings- I used the wire that came with them and wrapped it around the waist and secured with some glue at shouldersDSC02065

Step 6: cover your Angel’s hair with glue from glue gun, create texture and waves and here is where you can secure the fly-aways.

Note: I tried to do this step with clay at first but it weighed her head down to much, so glue it a better way to go for a lighter AngelDSC02066

Step 6: Take Angel somewhere open and well ventilated a spray with stone textured spray paint, follow directions and this step may require a few coats or touching up, let dry



Step 7: Don’t Blink and enjoy your Angel

I like how the Monster high dolls fingers are slightly ope, makes me feel like she is peeking, like hubby’s digital art

Peeking Weeping Angels


What to wear for Dr Who Party

Ah, the eternal question… What to wear?

It happens everyday doesn’t it, what do I want to wear, to work, to play, on a date, to a party?

Well I have a few answers if it is a Timelord party!

Let’s talk shirts

First, so you don’t forget, a Silence shirt from Redbubble (click on link for source)



I got this one for hubby 🙂

Next for all the Riversongs out there, I got  the coolest shirt in the world from thinkgeek

has “Hello Sweetie” written in Gallifreyan, the lost language of the time lords – and in English when the lights are off.

11a7_hello_sweetie_glow_teeHello Sweetie Glow in the Dark T-Shirt (dark) via ThinkGeek[3]


Next up shoes

I made these killer Tardis shoes from some payless heels and acrylic paint


And of course accessories: bowtie necklace I made from polymer clay and some lip earrings for River Song made from buttons.DSC02208

Felts BowtiesDSC02095

And a felt fezDSC02094

Other accessories may include long striped scarves, 3d glasses, chucks,  fob watches and possibly Stetsons 🙂

So there you go, now you are all dressed for your party 🙂

Now you will have to figure out how to dress yourself for every other day but at least we have this event covered 🙂


Weekend of Celebration

Friday was hubby’s birthday and as you saw, we did Borderlands 2 for his work celebration, so I am sure you are all wondering what I did for home, or who?!

That is right, Who.

Home was all Dr Who themed, starring Doctors 9-11, since that is where we started.

Here is the decor starting with the front door

Of course a Tardis door, I even included a beacon in the window to mimic the light atop the Tardis, I was going to cover the remainder of the door with blue crepe paper but it was threatening rain, so I just taped it up. Didn’t want to clean soggy crepe paper off everything, lol!


Instead of Police public call Box, I did Happy 29th year BirthdayDSC02347

The police box notice also reads birthday themedDSC02346

Inside, I “graffiti-ed”  Bad Wolf on our chalk boardDSC02344

Also marked some Silence encountersDSC02343

I strung Tardis and star string lights down the stairs and the Impossible Astronaut is floating right at the beginning of the stepsDSC02337

Up close Tardis and star lightDSC02339

I also made Garland with tons of Doctor Who quotes and pictures


I also took the mask pictures from the bbc website and made them smaller to make an alien garland for other wallDSC02342

When you first get up the stairs you see the Happy Birthday sign with the seal of Rassilon, some star twirlers and balloons


Led and Mylar Star balloons


Solar System hanging from ceiling fan


I made a Tardis vase and filled it with Sunflowers (one of my van gogh references)DSC02307

Also made this cool steampunk happy birthday sign for the flowersDSC02309

Exploding Tardis on the tableDSC02310

Awesome space tablecloth with cool earth like plates that I found at TargetDSC02311

Begging Pterodactyl and sign that states do not feedDSC02312

I also took my foam head from halloween (he was the organ player for my haunted mansion) and gave him a new more doctor like get up. I made him a fez, 3d glasses and a bowtie, cause bowties are cool!

There are also some Tardis self destruct buttons (alright, they are jammie dodgers), some banana runts (since 9th liked bananas and since it was a party, we followed the 10th’s instructions to always bring one.)  The 10th’s sonic screwdriver made out of polymer clay.DSC02313

Would you like a jelly baby? We hear they were Tom Baker’s faves and the ganger 11th, seemed to like them too.DSC02314

I also made a journal of impossible things and the doctors fob watchDSC02315

Next to the table I made Amy Pond’s apple and another apple which hate things, like I hate apple, apple are rubbish on it.

Glow jar with starsDSC02321

River song’s journal and some chapstick I used a sticker and some glitter to make into hallucinogenic lipstick. I wrote all of my husband and I’s adventures in the journal, to track our time together, like River did with the doctorDSC02322

I made bowties are cool garland and decorated the tvDSC02324

Even Riddick got in on the fun, looking dashing in the bowtie I made him 🙂 DSC02325

Hello Sweetie garland with pictures of River song in it (yes, I printed my S wrong, so it is backwards, was boring white on other side.)DSC02326

I also found this awesome Gallifreyan Translator and used it to create this “Happy 29th Birthday, sweetie” bannerDSC02327

Then there is the table of Tardis, I made a cansiter with working light, the vase, a gift bag and this awesome paper craftDSC02328Tardis Key I made atop Tardis Canister


Fridge also had some posters and things I have learned from Doctor WhoDSC02329 My weeping Angel, which I made from a Monster High Doll (tutorial will be posted soon) placed on a mirror and in front of one, so she won’t attack


The 10th first hand, which was cut off during his regeneration by the SycoroxDSC02334

Constellation jar I made

On to the food

Adipose baby marshmallows


Apples are rubbish nachos, I found a melting pot copy cat recipe for their cheddar fondue and served it with a granny smith apple


Bowties are cool pasta saladDSC02353

Sontaran spuds (twice baked potatoes cut in half and then I placed almond slivers for noses and peppercorns for eyes), keep calm and eat fish sticks and custard (lemon custard or tartar sauce, we tried the custard and stayed with the tartar sauce) and Silurian spears (asparagus spears wrapped in bacon)DSC02354

Dalek cupcakes with edible ball bearings (irish creamcupcakes with irish cream filling, nonalcoholic)DSC02348

and last but not least, Tardis cake with functional light 🙂 DSC02351


The guest of honor got home and looks around, then we ate and got ready to unwrap presents


Now we are ready for presentsDSC02358

Birthday card, I did exploding Tardis on a handmade scratch board and sealed it, so wouldn’t scratch anymore


Inside the paper craft was a polymer clay cyberman I madeDSC02359

Then the big canister had to blind pack vinyl doctor who toys, we got the 11th Tardis and Doctor, pretty perfectDSC02360

Yay! new toys (there we also some cool doctor who post it notes inside)DSC02368

Next the gift bag had plushies I made, an OodDSC02369

and an AdiposeDSC02371

There is also a cool shirt, but you will see it in the next post

Kris checking out his Riversong JournalDSC02372 And getting some love from Doctor Dog

So that is it, The Doctor Who birthday is done.

Was a big hit, tomorrow, I will share with you birthday events of Saturday. Stay tuned!

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Who Wednesday – Don’t Blink

Hi guys, this is the final edition of Who Wednesday til we return from DISNEY WORLD!! Can you tell I am excited, I am going to be like that Disney World commercial, “I’m too excited to sleep!” for the next 3 days, did you see that?! 3 DAYS!!! OMG!!!

Anyways back to Whovian things, like I don’t know, Weeping Angels, how does that sound?! Or how about a Peeping Angel?! Intrigued?!

Good, today is one of my favorite of the Doctor Who Aliens, The Weeping Angel as portrayed by my wonderful hubby, Kristofer Floyd.

Here she is, “Peeping Angel”

Peeking Weeping AngelsIsn’t she beautiful?! I think she is one of my favorites from his Doctor Who series so far, I truly love the Weeping Angels and I adore this playful rendition of her trying to sneak a peek. I also really enjoy the lighting and the cracks on her skin.

I hope you like her as much as I do. If you want to see more of Kris’ work, leave him a comment, or order a print please visit DeviantArt or RedBubble

Now I did warn you not to blink but I forgot to warn you about an image of an Angel becoming an Angel, so don’t blink and good luck!


Sincerely, The Doctor (or Riddick posed as the doctor, cause “Bowties are Cool!”:) )

Have a great day, guys!


Who Wednesday, Doctor Who Fan Art

Hi guys, it is Wednesday and to follow the theme of the week so far, I am showcasing Hubby’s work. But this work is new and Whovian inspired!! Yay!

I was going to do them piece by piece to leave you with antici………pation! But I thought against it. These pieces are just too cool, not to be shown as a set.

All these pieces are digital from start to finish, created on painter 12 and believe it or not created in less than three weeks, WOW!! I know right?! When you get inspired you get inspired!

So while I have been trying to finish all my projects for Disneyworld, hubby has been slaving away on these masterpieces.

 Oodles of Contemplation

Humood Fin

I love this Ood, I believe Kris said it was Sigma. He has just these amazing thoughtful eyes.



A Dalek encountering the Tardis. The image is totally up for interpretation, I have been asked if he is crying or drooling. Either way is pretty perfect and we have enjoyed both ideas.


Are You My MummyThe Empty child. I simply adore green and this is one of the coolest episodes in that season, in my opinion. I think the picture turned out amazing!

Enjoy The Silence

Enjoy the Silence

I hope you have your eye drives on because, this guy is too cool to forget! The Silence, by far one of the coolest Aliens encountered in the Who world. I truly love how this one turned out.

To see more of Kris’ work, leave a comment, or to order a print check out

Deviantart or RedBubble

I hope you guys loved this week’s Who Wednesday, I know I loved watching these be created and I enjoyed sharing them with you.

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The Day has ARRIVED!!! Happy Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!! It is here! I know I am a bit of a girl to love such a fru fru “holiday” but I can’t help it. I never really had them before and know I have people who love me and who I love so much that I can’t help but love a holiday that gives me an excuse to shower them with love 🙂

I gave hubby some of his presents this morning


This shirt is for our Disney Trip, I thought it was perfect for my prince!


                         “I ♥ U So Beary much” Gift – Made the label with my cricut think it turned out super cute and of course there are gummy bears in the package 🙂

I thought I was the only one with a game plan for work (since me, hubby, my bestie and all our friends all work in the same building) but wow was I wrong! Lol!

I was ambushed!

This is what I walked into balloon

I adore this big Mickey and Minnie Balloon! I just LOVE mylar balloons!! desk

My hubby gave my bff free reign of the decorating and she said she wanted it to look like she “threw up Valentine’s” on my desk and yep. Looks like someone went crazy, had to remove half of the beautiful mess just to work this morning, lol!


Oh and notice the awesome heart-shaped bamboo she got me, awwww!

And there was this box (the porcelain one was inside) from my bestie

So as you know I am a Disney girl and it would be fitting that so is my bestie (I got her a dinglehopper brush, lol.)


My four favorite princesses are Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel and Snow White. Snow White being the original Disney princess has always had a spot near and dear in my heart and now with ABC’s Once Upon a Timethat love has been rekindled.

So bestie got me a Disney Couture Snow White Ring, so pretty!



Inside it says “make a wish and take a bite”, love it! Thanks, Steph!

Onto hubby, which is keeping me on pins and needles which I suppose is his plan, lol!! I guess I will have to post about it tomorrow since I have to wait until tonight.


What he gave me so far is a fun chocolate rose and a Hoops and Yoyo Card (he knows I love them!)

When we got engaged, we did a wedding website and my prince, created this amazing fairytale about us for it (if you would like to read it click here ) Inside the card he wrote something similar to give me an idea of what tonight’s theme is. So needless to say I am excited, since everyday with my husband is like a fairytale 🙂

So since I can’t tell you what hasn’t happened, I can show you all the awesome cricut projects I made for the special day.

Cricut gift bag tags for my special girls 🙂

(all made with the cricut create a critter cartridge which was the free cut this week)


You are O”fish”ally “fin”tasticberry

You R “Berry” sweetsmores

I need “SMORE” friends like u



R ♥ ARwinter

Winter is coming! My take on GOT Ghost 🙂

Then there is hubby’s desk! I went with…. SURPRISE!!

Doctor Who

(also all aided by the cricut)


Tardis Valentine’s box, I filled it with hugs and kisses and reeses hearts

I did this one as the older Tardis. Also the sign on the front has been modified for Valentine’s daytardiscard

The newer Tardis card (forgot the st john’s ambulance though) , inside says “I will love you until the end of Time”. I thought that worked with the time lord thing 🙂 bowties

Bowties are cool, The 11th doctor may not be my favorite but I do love when he says this!


“I love you more the the Doctor” sign. I really like this, used a penguin on my cricut to make the Adipose and made the tardis with just random shapes. My first big project!


Blue anemones and red lilies in red vase with bowtie to complete the theme!!

A very successful Valentine’s day and a whole bunch of projects finally got to be given! Hope everyone is having a truly Magical Valentine’s day! Hope you enjoyed this post!!


Who Wednesday- Valentine’s day is approaching

9 hours till Valentine’s day!  It is Wednesday, we all know what that means, Who Day!! Yep today is Valentine’s day and Dr Who Day! I have been looking for fun Valentine’s day inspiration and after my hubby’s Dr inspired Anniversary gift, I thought let’s check out more Dr Who inspired love stuff.

Here is what I found

These are from Doodle Craft

Tardis Valentine’s

tardis doctor who valentine card download printablethe Doctor's wife tardis spirit sexy be my valentine doctor who printable freebie

  Dr #9 Valentine
doctor who chris eccelson fantastic valentine

Dr #10 Valentine

Doctor who valentine printable 2 hearts that beat for you love card swear on the blood of your species valentine card doctor who david tennant dr 10 ten valentine printable download freebie perfect 10

Amy Pond Valentine

Doctor who valentine printable amy pond stupid faceamy pond valentine doctor who the girl who waited

River Song Valentine

doctor who valentine the doctor

K-9 Valentine

k9 love valentine affirmative doctor who printable free

Isolus Valentine

doctor who valentine hotest thing in the street fear her episode rose tyler

Silence Valentine
silence valentine doctor who can't stay silent

Weeping Angel Valentine

Doctor who valentine printable weeping angels eyes opened chase yell

Cyber Man Valentine
cyberman doctor who valentine love card

Dalek Valentinedalek dalektable valentine love card doctor dr whodalek lineup asylum black valentine doctor dr who souffle girl oswin clara oswald

Adipose Valentine
fat baby adipose doctor who valentine infatuated card chevron ombre grey gray

Ood Valentinein the ood mood valentine card doctor who sci fi

These Dalek Cookies are Awesome found at  thedoctorsathogwarts


These super fun Valentine’s were found at Craftster2242685574_1091c509eb 2243601299_70c6a0811c

And if you are looking for handmade Dr Who gifts but don’t have the time to do it yourself check out these finds I saw on Etsy(click on pic for info)

Tardis Heart Necklace


Valentine’s stickers


Tardis Art


Dalek Mug


I hope you like the Who finds and hope everyone is enjoying the count down to V-day! Have a great one!