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Doctor Who Wednesday – Garden Ridge Tardis

We went to Garden Ridge this weekend and found something amazing!!!

                           A Tardis!!
Well actually a bunch of them, in different sizes.

         Here is hubby next to them


They had a tall one about 5 feet for       99.99


And this 3 footer for 50.


They are truly almost made for you, just needs the size and the panels and voila! Tardis!

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Doctor Who Wednesday- Tardis Heel Tutorial

For hubby’s Doctor Who Birthday, I needed to look the part and what girl doesn’t enjoy some fun shoes, right?!

Today I will show you how to turn some boring pumps into some amazing Tardis shoes fit for any time traveling companion.

First get your supplies:

  • Blue heels
  • masking or painters tape
  • black & White acrylic paint
  • white paint pen
  • paint brush
  • nail polish remover (non acetone)
  • q-tips
  • clear sealant

I got these navy blue heels at Payless for $19.99 plus I had a bogo so actually $10, SCORE!


I took them home and lined them up on the coffee table and placed two pieces of masking  tape across them leaving a blank line about 1/2 inch in betweenDSC02074

Then I took the black acrylic and painted that blank space with the black forming the base of the police box sign.DSC02075

Once that dried I wrote “POLICE Public call BOX” across the black area, then remove tape when dry


Note: The  shoe actually shows “Police BOX” across both shoes in rest of the tutorial but I changed it. Now instead of the shoes being two Tardis, it is one Tardis across the shoes. I decided that looked better in my opinion but you can do it either wayDSC02077

Next for the windows of the Tardis, I took pieces of tape and went vertically across the shoe under the police box sign, then took more tape and went across horizontally to create window panesDSC02078

After the tape is in place, paint open areas with white acrylic paint and let dryDSC02079

The remove masking tape and clean up any area that seeped through the tape with q-tip and nail polish remover, being careful to only remove undesired paint.

Then spray with sealant,  let dry and prepare for your next adventure!


There you go, you are now ready to wear your Tardis heels out on the town at any time!

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San Antonio Whovians Assemble!

Last weekend was big for us geeks,  with the release of World War Z and the Texas Comicon 2013 in San Antonio and I am pleased to announce the Whovians were out in full force.

Living in San Antonio and being a Whovian can be challenging, my husband and I seem to have no one to talk to about our passion and have to reach out to our fellow Whovians spread amongst the stars and across the internet to connect.

Well last Saturday made us feel at home in our own city, seeing so many Who fans in once place was a very welcome change to our everyday struggle to find someone to share our stories and love.

We were finally able to talk to people about Dr Who (I had a fun conversation about Disney and Dr Who with one the merchants who was wearing a plushie Tenth and a yoda Disney pin) and there were even a few Doctors among the crowd.

Bowties are cool- 11th Doctor


Would you like a Jelly Baby? 4th Doctor


This is my favorite a switched gender 10th and Rose, but I LOVE the Tardis hat most!

If you were looking for a guy in a union jack, here he is!


And the scariest Dr Who species ever invaded the convention, so whatever you do, don’t blink!


So okay guys, I now you are out there and would love to be able to share all my Whovian geekery with you, you have been seen so please come out and share San Antonio 🙂

I hope to be seeing all of you around!

Now on a side note, yes, I love Who, but lets be honest, I am a full fledged geek and do not love just one thing geek. So here are all the other totally awesome costumes seen at the comiccon that I love. I will totally be dressing up for the next Comiccon in October, can’t wait!

GiJoe- Cobras628x47133333

The Phantom of the Comiccon


Silk Spectre and Rorschach

Tony Stark and a Ghost Buster628x4712

The rest of the Ghostbusters and Vigo The destroyer


Vigo ate a Ghostbuster20130622_123031

Princess Leia & Han Solo20130622_123123

Sand person


Storm and Clone Trooper


Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Imperial guards and Jawa


Darth Vader


Boba Fett




Mini Luke Skywalker


Thor & My Hubby, who has also been Thor (See picture below)20130622_123238Hubby as Thor Halloween 2012



Western Wonder Woman


Joker, Lady Riddler and Charlie Chaplin


Me with the DC Villains wearing a Marvel shirt, lol!20130622_125531And my favorite of the day, Mini Edward Scissorhands and Six Shooter


Little Edward had everything down including the vacant stare and solemn look! Applause to all the awesome costumes!

It was a great time and I can’t wait for the next one:)


Happy Birthday Vault Hunter!


Fun Tiny Tina card make by me- says Cookie cakes are for bad@$$es, It’s your birthday, Make it Rain!, Your birthday’s gonna go… POW!, and D@mn, it’s your birthday!! lol! DSC02287

Today is the day, hubby is 29 and the celebration is in full swing, we started the morning off with a work birthday celebration and you guessed it, the theme was Borderlands 2. Kris and I love to play this game together, so the girls and I thought it would be a great theme. Here is what we did

Borderlands 2 cookie cake


torque colored streamers and balloons


pictures of characters


Even Claptrap wanted to join his minions party


Eridium Nugget tin made from stress remedy tin


Eridium rock candy- there was also a cool vault hunter bumper sticker I bought on red bubble inside, just forgot to take picture


So that was phase one of the awesomeness of hubby’s birthday!

Oh and on a sidebar of awesomeness, one of Kris’ friends sent him this and with my love of Who, I had to include the geekery 🙂

drwhopartyI hope this inspired all the geeks wanting to have a borderlands 2 party but couldn’t find any references, I know I had a hard time.

Have a great weekend all and I will share the rest of the festivities next week 🙂

Happy Birthday,  Kitty!

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Happy Dr Who Wednesday!

Okay, today is not an official Doctor Who day but it is my Doctor Who Wednesday and I am sorry I haven’t done one in a while but I have been busy.

I mean there have been alot of things going on in the sci fi world that required my attention; Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness and the season finale of Doctor Who, so yep, I’ve been busy!

Speaking of the Doctor Who finale, here is an awesome digital piece that hubby created with the newest villain, the Whisper Men and one of our favorites, the Silence.

Silent Whispers

It is entitled Silent Whispers and I think it is pretty awesome, the Whisper men are pretty creepy but who do you think would win this showdown?

I mean the Silence do have the advantage, as soon as the Whisper men turn their back, the would forget that they were in a fight and then the Silence has the upper hand, lol!

I hope you enjoyed hubby’s newest piece of art, to comment on his art or buy a print, please visit redbubble.com or deviantart.com

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