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Disney Here We Come- Countdown

keep-calm-and-think-disneyWhen all else fails, this is my motto. Plus the closer the trip gets the more my mind visits the wonderful land without me. Today is day 44! That is what my calendar, the Disney website and my awesome countdown chain on our stairs tells me.

Ok, I am a little obsessed and since that has been said I will show you what I mean. Since day 180 of the countdown (well technically before to plan for 180) we have been counting down on a chain of Mickeys.

Some people create these for their kids like  a month before the trip to get them excited and ready for Disney but yeah me, no kids, did a full 180 day chain, lol!!

I figured you have to plan your ADR 180 days in advance, why not countdown from there.

So I took four different colored papers, the Mickey classic red, yellow and black (lined inside with white paper) and added our favorite color to the mix, green. The black, yellow and red ones had fun facts and trivia pertaining to Disney and the Green ones were Disney themed activities, like cooking Disney recipes or watching Tangled. I knew I couldn’t keep up with 180 days or activities and I love information, especially about Disney and thought it would be a fun way to share what I learned with Hubby.

I compiled lists of info from books, websites and blogs about Disney printed them out of the colored paper and cut and assembled rings, making the black ones have ears. So we would have Mickeys and then stretched the assembled chain down our entry way stairs, so we can see it each morning and night when we are coming or going.

Here was the chain in the beginning, it was huge!!  countdownlong

See Ya Real Sooncountdown

You can see the white paper lining the black ones other wise they wouldn’t have been seen printed on black, Plus day zero is the Big Mickey head with see ya real soon with Mickeys and Mickey Gloves holding the chain together 🙂 Pretty cute and a great way to count down till our trip! 44 days left, the chain is getting smaller, I can’t wait!

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Happy Three Year Anniversary to US!!!


Yep, that is right, we still celebrate the day we started dating (I know we are pretty cute, aren’t we?!) We don’t go all out like we did before we got married because of course now we have a wedding anniversary to celebrate but we still like to make the day special and I will tell you so far it has been amazing! I want to show you how amazing, so Allons-y!!

Thanks to my new cricut, I made hubby this super cute card

anniversary card


Then I am getting him his playstation plus membership 🙂 Something I know he has wanted for a while, plus he gets 3 extra months when I order it, yay!!!

But I have to say he out did himself like always! As you know my love for Dr Who has been expressed before well he took it and created some amazing gifts for me this morning. When I got to work, I found this


Pretty amazing, huh!! The flowers are amazing, there is even green Dianthus which I wanted for my wedding bouquet and couldn’t find, plus a beautiful yellow lilly and little cabbages, so pretty! The Ood and Adipose (but they looked happy hanging out in the flowers) were in the Tardis (it is bigger on the inside) long with tickets to see SPAMALOT!!! YEAH!!! Heeeheee!! The Britishness prevails! The show is the day we get back from Disney, so cool!!

Here is a close up of my hubby’s amazing art even with limited supplies (I had his markers, oops!)


Pretty amazing, huh?!  What a wonderful pun, lol!

I also absolutely adore the Tardis if you notice, Police Box is replaced with Happy Anniversary


And The Free to the public sign is one of the most romantic things I have ever seen, my prince is amazing!!tardisann

Needless to say I haven’t got much done this morning staring at my beautiful gifts! It has been a pretty amazing anniversary as our all the ones I share with my companion until the end of time:)

Just wanted to share all this awesomeness with everyone and maybe put a smile on your face.


For those lucky enough to be spending Valentine’s day at Disney

With Valentine’s day less than two weeks away, Disney has some yummy noms to showcase!

   Check out these sweet treats at Goofy’s Candy Company

They look delicious!

Valentine’s Day Goodies from Goofy’s Candy Company | the disney food blog.

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Adventure in Auntie Anne’s Home Pretzels

Good morning everyone! Hope the weekend was great! Mine was full of crafting, Dr Who Marathons, naps (yay naps!!!) and some delicious food. As you know our Disney trip is coming up (47 days in fact) so I decided to start eating better, so I will look as good as my prince in our vacation photos (he has actually been putting in the effort as I sit on the couch and watch, lol) and start eating better on Monday (Today and doing good so far.) So as my last hurrah, we had all sorts of noms and one of the things I love almost as much as Disney is a good soft pretzel or pretzel dog (We even had mini pretzel dogs at our wedding!) I found a at home Auntie Anne’s pretzel kit a while back and wanted to see how they held up to the ones you get at the mall. So Sunday morning I created Pretzel heaven in my itty bitty kitchen!

Here is the box, it says it make 8-10 large pretzels and it gives you salt or cinnamon sugar to make them as you choose. I love Salty but I made a variety including 6 beautiful pretzel dogs!!


After opening the box, I was a little leery, me and yeast never have a good time together. But I am happy to say the dough rose, here it is after being kneaded and left to rise, it doubled in size. Probably would have been better if kneaded in a machine but I was happy.


Then it says to cut them into strips and start shaping your pretzels. Here is the first pretzel being pulled to the 36inch length. Had some fun doing this, pretending to be a pro! lol! pretzel strips

Here is my first pretzel, pretty cute, huh?!pretzel

After this you dip them in the baking soda water (make sure the baking soda is dissolved or you won’t get the pretzel coloring, happened on my first ones) made with the provided baking soda pack, then I sprinkled the salt on the ones I wanted salted and off to the oven! preztels

Here is one of the gorgeous salty pretzels, isn’t it just beautiful?!finished preztelNext was the pretzel dogs but first, let’s almost catch the house on fire, oops (please don’t do this)! This was not on purpose but the plastic fork I was using to stir my baking soda water fell into the 425 degree oven as I was preparing to stick in the pretzel dogs and it caught fire immediately! Eek!! We turned off the oven and just let the flames burn out, there was nothing left of the fork, poor, poor plastic fork.  Lol!! Well that was fun! Once the oven was cleaned and the stove top and the microwave, lol,  I stuck the pretzel dogs in the oven.

Here they are after being dipped in the baking soda

Finished Pretzel dogs, yum!!


They all turned out delicious and the itty bitty Kitchen is still in one piece. Verdict: Pretty good, a bit of work and probably would have been better in kneaded in a dough machine but I would make them again ( minus the plastic fork incident) and hubby seemed to like them too!

So check them out, I found them at Walmart but I am sure any grocery store will have them and the little ones would love helping shape the pretzels 🙂


Disney here we come- Inexpensive Souvenir/Activity Edition 2

It’s Friday again, don’t you love a short week?! I know I wish all work weeks were only 3 Days long, but don’t we all, lol!

Since it is Friday it is time for another edition in My Disney,  Inexpensive Souvenir Series. Today I want to show you my book, it started as just our autograph book.  It has now evolved into a place for our Itinerary for the trip, journaling for our scrapbook, our Autograph book and our Epcot Passport. This a few great souvenirs/activities all in one handy dandy notebook 🙂

I showed you the incomplete cover in the Disney Here We come about Character Meet N Greets, but I will get into the book more in-depth today.

Here is the finished front and back cover

autobookcoverfront autobookcoverback

I bought a chipboard notebook at hobby lobby for $7.99 and used my 40% coupon. Then I painted the inside and spine with an awesome metallic Peridot green, (my birthstone and also the stone in my gorgeous engagement ring) then I went into Photoshop and created the front cover, I absolutely love the personalized autograph books I made Flynn and Rapunzel. The Pascal was a hand-drawn after thought due to a drop of green paint on the white cover, but I love his lanyard and book and I think he was really meant to be there and I didn’t know it when working in Photoshop, lol!! The Tangled sun with the Mickey ears were hand-cut out of construction paper (before my cricut came home). Then I applied the cover with glue and evened it out and added the purple construction paper trim to give it a more finished appearance.

The back is pretty much the same but no Photoshop, construction paper shamrock with heart (my trade mark) with Mickey ears that show my logo and some fun stickers.

The Front Cover and first page


You can see the beautiful green inside now, I also attached a neat piece of ribbon to keep all our sharpies for autographing (I hear the clickable sharpies are the best but I haven’t bought any yet.) On the first page I created an introduction and where we are staying and for how long. I also put our cell phone numbers in case  our book gets  lost.

After the journaling and Itinerary info pages (I included a page for each day to write the events, a list of all our ADR [Advance Dining Reservation] and pockets throughout for lose things like Fast Passes or Park Maps. I decided I would put our autograph pages.

I did some research and compiled a list of characters (my sources below) we would like to meet and get autographs from and then found best places to see them. Autographs are free and a great keepsake and memory for the whole family, you get time with each character, a hug usually and a photo taken as well.  Autograph books at the park have Disney themed covers are about 5×7 and the pages inside are blank. So for less than the price of that one I made a special personalized autograph book to one day show our kids.

Here is the sheet, I created it in photoshop and put an image of all the characters behind the words

character sheet

CharacterCentral – has an alphabetical list with Mickey’s indicating availability but I am not sure of when it was last updated seeing as I did not find Merida on the listing

Kenny The Pirate seems to have the most updated and the best info as it was updated last week, it is even more current than mine, I had to hand write in Ralph and Vanellope

Here is a sample of one of my autograph pages (of course it is Flynn & Rapunzel)


I did this for each character grouping like Winnie the Pooh and all his pals from the 100 Acre woods because they are usually found in the same place and I wouldn’t have to flip around when we found them saving time to get photos, autographs and longer interactions.

Next is our Epcot Passport, an Epcot Passport is another fun activity and great free souvenir for the family buy making your own doing the Duffy kidscot ones  or you can even chose to buy an authenticate Mickey Passport (costs about $10.)  As you journey through the countries at Epcot, you will find stops with cast members and get a stamp like you would a real passport and can have them write something in the language of each country for you, I am think “Happy anniversary” since that is what we are celebrating.

Here is our cover page to that part of our book (you can also see one of the folders I made in this pic) of course Flynn and Rapunzel set to see the world in their Mickey Ears 🙂 I was inspired by Donatalie’s passport but I did ours with Flynn and Rapunzel in various locations throughout the Epcot Countries created in Photoshop.

Epcot passport

On the back cover I decided I wanted a place to put our pressed pennies during the day, instead of trying to put them in order in their final book while running around. So I made this cute Pressed penny envelope with some Mickey stickers.

pressed pennies

The book still needs a few pages added but I am very happy with how it turned out and I enjoyed making it. I think it will make a great souvenir and will showcase some of the amazing activities we will get to enjoy on our first trip to Walt Disney World together 🙂


Disney Here we come -Epcot Edition

Hi guys, I just found out some pretty awesome info from The Disney Food Blog about The Upcoming Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot, also called the Bugs and Blooms.  One of the great events going on this year and it happens to be when we are going. The festival is from March 6th to May 19th.  It has thousands of beautiful flowers, tons of topiaries, music and food!


That is right, food!!! We are big foodies and I have always wanted to partake in the Food and Wine Festival (well the food part) and have never gotten the chance to eat my way across the globe, but this year we get a small opportunity to sample some of the world’s fare during the Flower and Garden Festival.

This year at Epcot they are expanding their regional food options during the festival and including several new booths, including 12 special themed marketplaces such as:

  • Smokehouse Barbecue and Brew at American Adventure
  • Florida Fresh at the World Showcase Promenade
  • Primavera Kitchen in the Italy Pavilion
  • And more!

Some of the menu items that have been released are as follows…

  • Shrimp with Grits
  • Zellwood Corn
  • Angel Food Cake with macerated Florida Berries
  • Watermelon Salad with Pickled Red Onions
  • Baby Arugula, Feta Cheese and Balsamic Reduction
  • Sweet “Frushi” made with Fresh Fruits and Coconut Rice
  • Nonalcoholic drinks will include chilled rose blush lemonade and strawberry slush

I am pretty excited about adding this festival to our Epcot trip, Epcot is one of my favorite parks and getting an excuse to try new food, is always a winner to me!


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Unveiled today, Newest Disney Ad by Annie Leibovitz

The newest addition to the amazing Disney/Annie Leibovitz photos is a beautiful rendition of Taylor Swift as my favorite…


Annie Leibovitz has been creating these master pieces for a while, including Julianne Moore as Ariel, Jessica Beal as Pocahontes and another favorite of mine, Jack Black, Jason Segal and Will Ferrell as the Haunted Mansion’s Hitch hiking ghosts.

I absolutely adore this picture. Would love to do a photo shoot like this 🙂

Taylor Swift Poses as Rapunzel in New Disney Ad by Annie Leibovitz:

Picture – UsMagazine.com.


Get started on your Disney Valentine’s day shopping at Target

During the holiday yesterday, I took the opportunity to get out and start my Valentine’s day shopping and I was in Disney geek heaven yesterday when I found my way to Target. On top of the always cute Valentine’s tableware and plushies, I found a Disney haven!

As many know, Disney bought Star Wars so I say Disney geek but it was Disney and Star Wars stuff, I was in Heaven. Here is some of the awesomeness I found as I walked down the aisles.


Star wars Candy Dispensers in Holiday Colors that have sounds, a Darth Vader with a candy Lightsaberyodacups

Yoda ceramic mugs with conversation hearts (I should have checked to see if these too were Star Wars themed)darthchocolate

Dark Vader Chocolate tins with embossed Darth Vaders and holiday colorsjedihearts

These were some of my favorites: R2D2 and Darth Vader heart shaped chocolate tinesredarth

Red Darth Vader candy dispenser with sound and a Red  Darth Vader cookie jarplushvaljedi

And the last of the Star Wars goodies: Plushies of Yoda, Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers with conversation hearts, so cute.

As for the full-fledged Disney, they had a ton of Mickey Stuff, I had to restrain myself from buying all of it.


Really nicely done Mickey heart shaped chocolate boxes.  I just want the boxes!  If someone wants to buy these and eat the chocolate and mail me the box, I am cool with that, lol!!


But this one was my favorite, I would love to put these in my kitchen above the cabinets for Valentine’s day. mickeypretzels Then they had super cute Mickey silhouette mugs with candy, chocolate covered pretzels (one of my all time favorites) with Mickey and Minnie, and two kinds of gummies in the Mickey Love packages (Was heart gummies and juju bees)
mickeytinsLastly was my favorite (hint for hubby) the three pack stacking boxes they each contained a treat like chocolate marshmallows and things like that. Also they had super cute popcorn tins with Mickey and Minnie.

Was a very fun surprise to find all this amazing Disney gear and Target. It made my day. Hurry and go get your Disney Valentines for your special someone 🙂


Free cuts for Cricut January 10-16th

Good Afternoon everyone! Today I thought I would tell you about something pretty cool that makes having a cricut super fun, best part about it is… it’s FREE!!

Yep that is right, completely free. The cricut cutting room gives you a new cartridge to try out each week. You guys remember my very first post with the 3d trees, they were that weeks free cartridge. Pretty neat, huh?! Here was the 10th-16th cartridge.

freecutIt shows you on this picture little treat boxes that can be made with this set, but you can also make cards, garlands and anything else you imagination can come up with. It has Valentine’s, St. Patty’s and Easter on this set as well and since Valentine’s is next in line, I decided to do something with that.  So I am making a garland, I really just wanted to play with the new cartridges and try out the cute little sayings. It is a simple garland but you can always add embellishments, textures and anything else you want.

Here are some of the images I cut, I thought they turned out pretty neat. I especially love the “toad-ally yours”


I also picked up some mini clothes pins ($2 at hobby lobby) and some foam heart stickers (500 for $2.99 plus 30% off) to hang them from the twine I was going to use. I adhered the foam stickers to the clothes pins for some cute Valentine’s detailing.

foamhearts foamheartclothpins






Here is the finished product, turned out pretty cute and it cost me $4.00 to make plus I have extra hearts for more Valentine’s projects and some mini clothes pin (they are adorable.)

garlandCheck out the cricut cutting room each week for the new free cuts and have fun making new things 🙂

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Disney here we come! Inexpensive Souvenir Edition

Happy Friday everyone!!! It is that wonderful time of week again and I have some exciting news, other than we are now approaching the three-day weekend (5 hours and counting woohoo!) Our Disney Trip is now officially paid off!!! Yay!! Now all we have to do is wait 57 days to use our 2 tickets to paradise (well two tickets to Orlando) and be off to the magical world of Disney!!

So on that note, here are some more things we can’t wait to check out.  Today we are going to look at some fun way to get Disney souvenirs without breaking the bank and be part of some great activities at Disney. Today’s activity

 Pressed Pennies

pennysPressed pennies are a fun thing to collect as well as a cheap souvenir to remember all the exciting things you did on your trip. There are over 500 pressed pennies at Disney, ranging from characters to hotels. The pressed pennies cost 51 cents to make, (two quarters and the penny you are pressing, so technically 50 cents) making them a fun and inexpensive way to keep the whole family collecting to look back on after your trip.

A pressed coin is created when a coin is squeezed between two rollers, one of which has an engraving on its surface. Approximately, 2500 pounds of pressure is put on the coin (it is pretty neat to watch) as it is flattened. Currently, there are penny, dime and quarter pressed coin machines at Walt Disney World.  Presscoins is the unofficial Walt Disney Pressed Penny guide and can give you information on new pennies and where to find them at the resorts, you can also ask a cast member for a map of the locations (another great souvenir.)

Another fun thing that involves the pennies are the coin holders and penny books. The coin holders are simple, it is a way to keep your penny money separate from any other change, so you are prepared for whenever you see a coin machine. We are using a m&m mini container (I have also heard of people using mentos containers )with our own fun labels we have created.

Here are some I have seen for inspiration and one of the wrappers I made for ours.

pennyholder pennymoneyYou can get the m&m mini containers at target or walmart for about $1 each.

Steps to make your own container

1: Buy m&ms

2: Enjoy the candy,

3: remove the original wrapper and replace it with your own wrapper

  4: Fill with 2 quarters & 1 penny pattern till you fill it up. The small ones hold about 19 pressed pennies worth. (We also have a larger one from Halloween, holds almost twice as much.)

Tips about pennies for pressing: It is better if you use pennies dated before 1982 for pressing, the newer pennies contain zinc and will leave image streaked and hard to see. Also if you want to shine your pennies so you get nice shiny pressed pennies, soak them in white vinegar for a few minutes, rise with water and wipe down, they should be as good as new. 🙂

This brings me to what to do with these pennies when pressed.

Disney has a ton of different pressed penny books with several designs to choose from or you can make your own (which is what I am doing) as a fun activity to get excited about the upcoming trip.

Disney Pressed Penny Books

pbook tinkbook book

You can find these at the park for around $10 to $12 depending on the size and the amount of pennies it hold. The more cost-effective way (especially if you have a few people in your family that what to start their own book) is try Ebay, I saw them starting at .99 cents.

I bought ours at PennyCollector for $6.99 each, they are blank so you can create your own cover.  They hold 36 pennies and 8 quarters. PennyCollector also has pennybandz where you can insert a pressed penny and make a special bracelet or necklace for $5.99 (here) each with assorted colors, for any princesses in your house. This brings me to jewelry.

You can make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from your pressed pennies for yourself, the kids or someone as a gift from your trip.

Here are some of the items I have seen and I will definitely be trying these when we get back (click on the image to see the tutorials)

pressedpmp       pen

Of course you don’t need to do anything with them other than enjoy the time you spent collecting them (that too is optional, lo.l) Some might just stick them in an envelope and date it or glue them in their scrapbook, whatever you do is great, just have fun with it.

Do you have any other ideas for these wonderful pressed pennies? I would love to know. Post a comment and share your thoughts and ideas.