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Oh my gosh! I am SO excited, I am Paris is 3 days. Did you hear me? Well I guess you didn’t seeing as I am writing, so let me rephrase that. Did you see that?! 3 days away!!! Also I am excited since it is now officially my favorite season…. FALL!!


So on our excursion this weekend to finish gathering our travel supplies for France; we felt the cool of Fall on the air and also found Halloween stuff! But what is even better than Halloween Stuff is Disney Halloween Stuff and we found some!

First stop, Target!!!

Target never seems to disappoint when it comes to Halloween. I always find the best stuff there. I mean, check these out! Awesome foam Medusa wigs, don’t we look chic?!


They also had some must have animated creatures that I would LOVE to add to my already extensive collection of Halloween goodies. An owl who hoots and his head rotates, a red eyed raven in a cage who caws and his eyes flash, plus this adorable bat candy dish who talks, flaps and also has flashing eyes.




There is also a new line of paper goods, including these plates and napkins which I bought for my Halloween theme. There are also these super cute goody bags that resemble monsters in cages.



There is no shortage of treats to adorn these lovely plates and gift bags either. They had royal sugar pumpkins wearing moustaches, pumpkin bars, pumpkin cheesecake cakes, candy corn Oreos, and a variety of gummies to make my hubby drool. The gummies range from cute to cleverly grotesque all in one end cap. You could choose anything from gummy pumpkins to ground zombie and gummy tongues. Oh how I LOVE Halloween!!










Now onto the Disney stuff, Target had monster plushies of Mike and Sulley from “Monsters University” (Mike even has his retainer on.) As well as Muppet plushies of Kermit and Fozie all dressed up to scare. And speaking of dressing up, they had a variety of ways to Disney-ify your pumpkin as well. The line up included princesses, Avengers, Star Wars and Mickey and Minnie kits. So whichever branch of Disney you chose, your pumpkin will be covered.




Now onto CVS!

CVS has a small aisle of Halloween; however there were still some note worthy Disney items to be found.
There were figurines of Mickey as pirate (my favorite), Pluto as a clown, and Minnie as a witch. Also there were mini snow globes and pumpkin picks to dress your pumpkin up like that silly old bear, Pooh.



While we are on the subject of Disney Halloween, the Disney blog had some amazing prints that will be shown in the month of October.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s “Bride” will be shown on October 19th at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney District as part of the current exhibit, titled Pop Fusion from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m


Also Haunted Memories (Eddie Allen) “Marsh” can be seen October 5 – October 27


All this Halloween stuff just makes me giddy and I am bouncing off the walls waiting for Paris already.

I just can’t wait for all these exciting things. Next time you see me, I will be back from Paris with an incredible Disneyland Paris trip report. I can’t wait!
So as Mickey would say in French, à bientôt réel! (see ya real soon!!!)




100-fireworksHi guys! This post is brought to you by the number 100 and in saying that let me explain why…

Today is a very big day for me, it is my 100 post and it is day 100 on our countdown to Disneyland Paris!


Very exciting stuff going on this Friday for sure:)

So for my 100th posting, I thought I would write about some of the things I am dying to do for Paris, I am sure I can find 100 of them to do but I will keep it to my top 10 list instead 🙂

10:Countdown chain


We started taking the chains down, hard to believe we are already at 100!

9:Learning a new language by choice
 cvr9780743550420_9780743550420Hubby got us Pimsleur language learning software so we could learn how to speak conversational French, first time I wanted to learn a language and wasn’t forced to by a school. I really want to know some French even though I have been told it isn’t necessary  in tourist locations in Paris

8:Taking my first long international flight.


I just got my passport right before hubby and I got married and it was for our honeymoon to Jamaica and that flight was not long (provided you don’t count our overnight delay in Atlanta, Ga) so this will be my first flight ever over 5 hours.

7: Taking the Train


There are a ton of ways to get from the Paris airport to Disneyland, but we have heard about their bullet train and totally want to try that, takes 20 mins to get there.

6: Staying in the Sequoia hotel
Walking distance to all of Disneyland Paris and an indoor swimming pool, I am getting super excited as I write this 🙂

5: Euros


I am kinda nervous about this too but I have never been anywhere, where US dollars are not excepted, so I think it will be fun and new to try



My ABSOLUTE favorite time of the year is fall and here in Texas, this is not something we get to experience, so I am super excited to actually get to enjoy fall weather even if it is only for a few days

3. Food

We will be in Paris, I heard that Disneyland Paris has awesome chocolate croissants and Mickey chocolate waffles (dessert only) plus we have a day in Paris and really hoping to try some awesome authentic foods, to savor and crave in my foodie bank for life

2: Disneyland Paris


I had a hard time putting this a one category and fought with myself about not putting this first on the list because Disneyland Paris was always the dream for me, but going to somewhere exotic and foreign is the main goal and then doing thing there is second, so hence the placement of the theme park in #2.

Things in Disneyland Paris I am most excited about are the dragon under the Castle, 20th anniversary celebration with Dreams show, Pin Trading, food including Toad Hall, characters (I hear they have rarer characters there),  Halloween (we planned the trip to hit both the 20th and the halloween decor) & #1 at DLP, Phantom Manor


I am a HUGE Haunted Mansion fan as anyone who knows me or has read this blog before can attest to and this is the only truly unique of the Haunted houses in Disney, this was my very first reason for wanting to fly 10 hours and learn French, to go to a haunted house, of course,  lol!

1: Did I mention this is Paris?!


I mean come on, when you think romance and beauty, most people minds go to Paris. I know mine does, I grew up a Disney kid and Aristocats and Beauty and the Beast are some of my favorites and now Ratatouille, a true inspiration to someone who has taught themselves to cook.

All my loves seem to stem from this one place and I am so excited and lucky to be able to take this once in a lifetime trip with my amazing husband and tour Paris in fall.

What more could you want?

So that is my top 10 list, I really probably could have gone to 100 on attractions and food alone but I think 10 is a good place 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my 100th blog and I thank you for reading them and following me on this Journey. Here is to the next 100, have a great weekend 🙂

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Paris Excursion – Disney Style

The trip to Paris is 132 days away and with that I wanted to share with you our plan to tour Paris done by Disney.


This is the package hubby booked with Disney, it is from 9:45-6:30, over 8 hours of time in Paris and it includes a coach tour of Disney, visiting the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower and enjoying a cruise down the river Seine.

This is pretty awesome for someone who wants to get to see alot in a short period of time. I am so looking forward to our day is Paris 🙂

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Paris Et Disney Nous Viola – 149 Days

Hi guys, sorry I was not around yesterday but I promise today will be fun! The title of this post is Paris Et Disney Nous Viola which is French for Paris & Disney here we come and it is only 149 days away! See fun, right?!  So today’s post is about my newest project.

A Disney Paris countdown chain!


 Mickey head out of card stock that  printed the French Flag is printed on

 blue, white and red card stock cut into 1inch wide 6inch long strips

plus for every fourth ring I printed a Disney Paris or Paris themed strip (I use these to keep count in case we forget to pull a ring)



Curl each strip into a ring and staple to secure, making sure to link the rings together before closing the next to create the chainchain

Every fourth ring had a picture like this- Remy in France (this is the #1 ring) I wrote the # on these rings to keep track of how many rings there arerata

Growing chainchain

Still growinglongchain

After I completed the chain, I started working on the Mickey head, I cut out things from France and some French Disney things like Remy and Mickey holding the French flag and used stickers and markers to write Paris & Disney here we come, in French.header

I then attached a string to the number one ring and attached in to the mickey head and secured it to our down stairs wall with our last countdown Mickey head

Here is the final projectDSC02081

Look how long it is DSC02082

149 days to go!DSC02080

Do you have anything you are looking forward to that you want to create your own chain for? Hope this helps give you some inspiration 🙂 Hope you all have a great weekend

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