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Fun finds at Hobby Lobby

I went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday to finish some last minute craft shopping for Valentine’s day and stumbled across some really fun springy home decor that I wanted to share.

I love frames especially ornate vintage frames and so when I saw these next two items, I was pretty excited! These mix the vintage feel with fresh spring like colors.

Here is a multi frame set, it has nine frames of various sizes all combined for easy hanging, thought this was precious.


Then I found these Mirrors, following the same theme, ornate frames with bright colors, I love the teal and green one (want the green one for our one day nursery!)


Bonus find: Pink Elephant ring holder! I collect pink elephants, loved them ever since “Pink Elephants on Parade” in Dumbo! Thought this was the cutest thing and functional, unlike most of my elephants 🙂 pinkelephant

I thought these were worth sharing for those ready for spring, I know the rest of the world is still fall but here is Texas it may as well be spring. Enjoy the finds, hope they put a spring in your step 🙂


Van Gogh/Who Mash Up

Hi, welcome to the middle of the week, only 2 more days to go till the weekend and Lion King in Austin, woo hoo!! So since it is the middle of the week, seemed like the perfect time to go and talk about something random that I love, another mash-up per se. The Doctor and Vincent Van Gogh, that is what this wonderful episode of Dr Who was called that we watched last night.

Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE Vincent Van Gogh. Starry Night and Sunflowers are just amazing, as well as his other pieces.  In fact my husband made me the cutest replica of Starry night on a post it note when we first started dating and found me a 3d version of the Sunflowers for my birthday. I think he is just fascinating as do many, even Christopher Moore (on of my favorite authors) wrote a fictional book with him as the subject. So why wouldn’t Dr Who?

This episode was wonderful in its depiction of Vincent Van Gogh and the story was fun. But what I love most is what this episode inspired. Art. Lots of amazing beautiful art, just what Van Gogh would have loved.

Here are some of the amazing pieces I have found (Click on image for source)


I love this one, someone commissioned this piece for their loved one, has the mashup of starry night, the church (intact with Krayfis) and The Tardis flying, beautiful!


Starry Night, The Doctor and the  Tardis with Vincent Van Gogh and the last painting he createdwho_gogh

The Dr with the Church and The Tardistardis_vincent_van_gogh_doctor_who_starry_night_desktop_1280x1031_hd-wallpaper-915771

Starry Night and The Tardis (one of my favorites)the_song_of_your_sadness_by_alicexz-d5gshsp

This one is my favorite, it was a scene from the episode and it has been turned into a simply gorgeous piece. I love it!

Hope you enjoyed this mash-up  Wednesday, may it inspire you as much as it did me 🙂

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And now for something completely different!

Today I wanted to share something I love which is random and well… British (hence the title for those Monty Python [another British great] fans). I grew up on the great British comedies, I watched  Fawlty Towers and Monty Python with my dad. I also was a huge fan of Mr Bean and the BBC version of The Lion, The Witch, and  the Wardrobe. So even though I am a little behind on getting involved in the craze, I should have had no doubt, this too would be a huge hit for me.  Now watching it, I definitely see why it has such a following, I am hooked!

What I am talking about is the wonderful BBC series Dr Who. Yeah I know, I am like 8 years behind or even more if you count the original. But anyways, I love the Doctors, yes, so far there have been two, well one with a different face if you go by story line, but that is neither here or there. The story is great, the makeup is fabulous and it is just a whole lot of fun. If you are late on the band wagon like I am, you should totally check it out!

I am loving the show, hubby and I have watched two seasons in the last two weeks. Another thing I truly love is Mashups. You know when they take two awesome things and combine them into something even more incredible! So here is what you get today. Some Dr  Who combined with my other loves. I thought these were great! (click on pics for source)


This awesome Tardis filled starry night done by Terry Light foot, I adore thisadventuretimeAdventure Time with Dr Who, I love Jake as the Tardis  cakefiona

Then in the parallel universe we have Cake and Fiona! Doctor-Who-Monsters-Inc.

Hello, the 10th has been visited by Mike and Sully


This incredibly fun T-shirt Portal and Dr Who MashupProfessor_Dalek_Andy_Hunter3-660x265

I think this is GREAT!! A Dalek as the new defense against the Dark Arts teacher, lol!tumblr_mczq6nABBk1qh9122o1_1280

And to finish of the fun, a really awesome Rapunzel mashup by Karen Hallion, I absolutely love it!!

I hope you enjoyed our silly walk on the weird (title approved by the Ministry of Silly Walks)  today. I just adore mashups and really wanted to share some of the fun ones I found today!

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