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Disney- See Ya Real Soon!!

The time has come! Tomorrow morning we are off to the promise land! Disney World!!! I cannot believe it is finally here.

Woke up this morning and this is what the countdown chain looks like

mickeyseeyaAs some of you may remember I started this chain at 180 days, this is what it looked like then

countdownlongIt nearly took up our entire stairwell and now, we have one little ring between us and the promise land!!

This is our first trip to Disney World together, our first wedding anniversary and our first Disney Vacation as husband and wife. Our first Disney trip was to Disneyland and that was where hubby proposed. So I get misty thinking back to that and now we are married and get to add some more misty memories to Disney, this time it is off to Disney World in Florida. Time for a fun and food filled week!

So I hope you guys can make it without me for a week, I will have months of Disney to share with you when we get home.

We have our ears all packed and we are off!

The Ears

Hubby in his Fedora ears I made

My Haunted Mansion Maid inspired head band, complete with Bat Stanchion as bow piecehauntedmansionears

My Rapunzel inspired Mickey Ear headband for breakfast with Princesses Friday!


So Disney,



Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Edible Souvenirs, Just in time for our trip!!

Hi guys, two days till the trip and I discovered two new cupcakes just in time for our Anniversary Adventure!

First one St Patty Mickey Cupcake

March 8 – March 17: It is a chocolate cupcake, iced with green-tinted peppermint butter cream and topped with a white chocolate hat (also St. Paddy’s green). Mickey ears are the perfect finish, two round Vanilla wafers dipped in dark chocolate.

Easter Ears Cupcake

March 18 – March 31: It is the pineapple-coconut cupcake for Easter, yellow cake with white butter cream, coconut shavings and colorful confetti, with a pair of adorable, white chocolate bunny ears and pink polka-dot bow-tie perched on top.

They will be available at The holiday cupcakes are $4.99 at ABC Commissary, Pizza Planet, Backlot Express, Studio Catering Co., Starring Rolls, Rosie’s and Fairfax Fare. They are a “snack” on our Disney Dining Plan.

Just what I needed two more cupcakes to add to our crawl, lol!!


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Who Wednesday – Don’t Blink

Hi guys, this is the final edition of Who Wednesday til we return from DISNEY WORLD!! Can you tell I am excited, I am going to be like that Disney World commercial, “I’m too excited to sleep!” for the next 3 days, did you see that?! 3 DAYS!!! OMG!!!

Anyways back to Whovian things, like I don’t know, Weeping Angels, how does that sound?! Or how about a Peeping Angel?! Intrigued?!

Good, today is one of my favorite of the Doctor Who Aliens, The Weeping Angel as portrayed by my wonderful hubby, Kristofer Floyd.

Here she is, “Peeping Angel”

Peeking Weeping AngelsIsn’t she beautiful?! I think she is one of my favorites from his Doctor Who series so far, I truly love the Weeping Angels and I adore this playful rendition of her trying to sneak a peek. I also really enjoy the lighting and the cracks on her skin.

I hope you like her as much as I do. If you want to see more of Kris’ work, leave him a comment, or order a print please visit DeviantArt or RedBubble

Now I did warn you not to blink but I forgot to warn you about an image of an Angel becoming an Angel, so don’t blink and good luck!


Sincerely, The Doctor (or Riddick posed as the doctor, cause “Bowties are Cool!”:) )

Have a great day, guys!


2013 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Food, my picks

With the trip rapidly approaching(four days) and the Flower and Garden festival in full swing, Disney Food Blog went live to show us some of the wonderful food offerings of the trip. I am so excited and now have been able to narrow my food choices.

Here are my top picks based on the reviews and pictures from The Disney Food Blog:

The Cottage

Potato, Chive and Cheddar Cheese Biscuit with Smoked Salmon Tartare and Sour Cream

Trio of Trifles — chocolate, berry, and ginger tea

BauernMarkt: Farmer’s market

Savory Bread Pudding with Spring Peas and Wild Mushroom Ragout

Florida Fresh

Shrimp and Stone Ground Grits with Andouille Sausage, Zellwood Corn, Tomatoes, and Cilantro

Pineapple Promenade

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Of course there are Dole Whips offered at this stand but seeing as we don’t drink, I think I will save that snack for Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom and get the full size 🙂

Jardin De Fiestas

I am not sure which looks the best here so I will show them all

Tacos de Carnitas — Pork tacos topped with Tamarindo Salsa served on a flour tortilla with chicharron

Crab tostada served with chipotle mayo and Valentina Salsa

Flan de Guayaba — Guava Custard

Lotus House

Spring Pancake with Grilled Chicken and Green Apple

Primavera Kitchen

Asparagi con Aragosta all’Ortolana (Green asparagus, lobster, garden cocktail sauce)

Panna Cotta al Limoncello (Limoncello flavored Panna Cotta, wild berries)

The Smokehouse: Barbecue and brews

Smoked Beef Brisket with Collard Greens and Jalapeño Corn Bread

Rocky Road Brownie Mousse

OMG! This looks DELICIOUS! I think this is the one I am looking forward to most!


Frushi (Fresh strawberries, pineapple and cantaloupe rolled with coconut rice, atop a raspberry sauce sprinkled with toasted coconut and whipped cream)

Taste of Marrakesh

I am not sure which one of these looks best either, so again, you get all the pictures. All I know is I am getting hungry:)

Harissa and Lamb Confit Chicken Drumettes with Chermoula and Cucumber Salad

Spiced Lamb Kebab with Vegetable Couscous Salad

Baghrir (Moroccan pancake with honey, almonds and Argan Oil)


This one doesn’t really appeal to me but I will give you the option to decide if it would be somewhere you would stop.

I am intrigued yet disturbed by the pate, lol!!

Verrine charlotte au pèches (Caramelized peaches and rosemary and light vanilla cream)

This was the one I wanted to try but heard the review was so so and it doesn’t look as appealing as it sounded 😦

Tarte a la ratatouille et fromage de chevre — zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, onion, and tomato tart with goat cheese

Terrine Campagnarde, baguette et compote de cerises — country style pate served with baguette and cherry compote

There are two more stands as well

Fruits by the Glass and The Intermission Cafe, I did not see many reviews so I don’t have much info on those two but the menu consists of wines and the fruits by the glass stand and pretty standard items at intermission with exception to the beet lollipop

Also new this year, The Flower and Garden event has its own passport (my page is cooler in our passport book but does not have room for stamps on food page, guess we will using both.) Good news is they are free, love free souvenirs 🙂

They are pretty neat and have spots for the plants you looked at as well and food and drink, after all this is the flower and garden festival, better give those plants some attention 🙂

Totally can’t wait, think I may use all our snack credits right here, lol!!

To read all the info and see all the food check out link below:

FULL Review: 2013 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Food Pictures, Booths, Menus, and Prices! | the disney food blog.


Weekend of Disney- Oz the Great and Powerful, University Ids and the Force of Easter

Hi guys, 5 days to Disney and with that being said, we managed a very Disney Weekend without even thinking.

Oz Great and Powerful Review


Went to see Oz, The Great and Powerful in 3d with some close friends and I would say, it was beautiful to look at but a little hard to watch. I love Disney and I love all the Frank L Baum books, but the story was a little slow.

The colors were gorgeous, the characters were pretty solid but hubby and I found ourselves struggling to stay awake in the middle. I know they have already greenlighted the sequel so I have hopes that the second installment will make up for some of the lag but all and all I am glad we saw it. I simply adored China Doll and Evanora’s green dress was breath taking, plus the 3d was well done. Also, it makes me look forward to Epcot’s Oz Garden that much more. I would give it a high C probably, go see it hopped up on caffeine for matinee prices.

University Id Cards

On my highly anticipated Disney Movie list is Monster University, oh I am excited! Hubby and I love Monsters inc, it even originated our pet names, so when we saw a photo op in the Theater lobby I jumped at the chance to be part of the University!

With new anniversary camera (thanks, Kitty!) in pocket, I clicked away!


My new student IDhoneymonster

Hubby’s Id

Too cute, I love any excuse for a photo op and this is just so fun 🙂

After the show, I found the force is somewhat strong with Target.

They were not as full of fun stuff as for Valentine’s, in fact I hardly saw Mickey this holiday but I did find these.

Darth Vader Bunny


Darth dons a pair of bunny ears and bears jelly beans

My Star Wars Basketyodaeaster

Darth Vader candy pouch, Vader bunny, Candy Yoda egg, Plush Yoda head basket and Darth and R2 candy clips

Of course, everyone forgets St Patty’s but I don’t and since I was married then, I think there should be some of this in stores too


To purchase shirt click here

Seems like I can’t help but to find Disney every where I go, guess I am just too excited!

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Oz Garden for Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival 2013

Today the much awaited Oz The Great and Powerful comes to theaters. Along with that, Oz also makes a trip to Epcot (just in time for our trip!)


Epcot’s Flower and Garden festival, which started this Wednesday, is housing their very own Land of Oz, in the shape of an interactive play area and garden.


Guest are able to follow in the way of Oz by playing midway games in a circus-themed area as well as enjoy fun photo ops..


Next  is the “Land of Oz Play Area” , filled with bubbles and play equipment decorated with giant flowers, Oz’s crashed hot-air balloon, and so much more! Guests can also stroll through “Oz Movie Garden” and enjoy lush, unusual plants inspired by the Land of Oz.

I have never been to the Flower and Garden festival and this year truly seems to have a lot to offer with the new food booths and now the Land of Oz! Can’t wait!!!

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Merchandise for the 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival « Disney Parks Blog

Yesterday was the Official start of the Flower and Garden Festival as well as day 10 (can you believe it!?) on our countdown to Disney and along with Flowers and delicious food comes, new merchandise for the event.

Here is a look at what is being sold at Epcot for the Event

Mickey & Minnie as Topiaries Coffee Mugs

Last year Disney released art with some of the Disney Characters are topiaries for the event and the were very well received so this year, they added Mickey and Minnie to the mix. I LOVE a good Coffee Mug and these are so awesome! Green is my favorite color and these are beautiful 🙂

Fantasia lawn flamingo with mickey ears

The loveable Fantasia 2000 yo yo-ing flamingo for your yard, how cute is he? If we had a yard, I would totally get him ( I have also seen him on the Disney store website if you can’t make it to the parks.)

Mickey and Minnie Garden “Gnomes”

I had previously seen the Mickey Gnomes but now you can get him Minnie to keep him company, totally makes me want a house 🙂

 Garden and Bloom Ears in various forms



Super cute Strawberry Mickey ears and Minnie headbands that look like grass, really cute and perfect for the occasion 🙂

To check out more of the offering for the Flower and Garden Festival click here

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Who Wednesday – Featuring Kristofer Floyd

Fellow Whovians, Who Wednesday is once again upon us and I am pleased to announce another new creation of the Who kind.

Here it is :



Baby Adipose strutting their stuff for the mother ship.

These little cuties are another creation of my hubby’s, they were done digitally! They are so adorable, which I know no one thinks a pile of fat can be, lol! I really love the little guy up front, reminds me of the first time we encounter the Adipose. Also, the coloration and the glimpse of the other babies being beamed to the mother ship, really makes this picture for me.

I hope you enjoyed this picture as much as I enjoyed showing it off.

If you want to see more of Kris’ work, leave him  a comment or order a print, please visit DeviantArt & RedBubble

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Disney Here We Come- Shirts done!!

Hi guys, counting down the days and the projects and this one is all about the cool tees we made for the trip this past weekend.

Bleached Mickey head shirts

mickeyshirt krismickey

For these I used some clear contact paper and cut out heads with the cricut, stuck them to the shirts and then sprayed them with bleach and then removed the contact paper.

Hubby wanted his to be a bit different so after he peeled of the contact paper he added more detail with a bleach pen and a sharpie. They turned out really cool. I am really happy with them.

Vanellope Von Schweetz Hoodie


For this one I found a shirt on Ebay that was the right color and had a hood and the kangaroo pocket. I string Fuchsia string through hood and through kangaroo pouch to give the stitching her hoodie had. To finish it off because I am not going to brave a skirt at a theme park all day, I added a pleated brown ribbon to bottom (hubby’s brilliant idea) to mimic her candy wrapper skirt.

Candy hair clipscandyhairclips

You can’t dress up like Vanellope without her candy sprinkle hair, so I ordered some resin gummy bears on esty and got some mini peppermint ornaments at Christmas and glued them on some hair clips I bought at Hobby Lobby and tada! Hair clips!!

Rapunzel Top


I am really thrilled with how this turned out. Again I bought a shirt on Ebay, then I used peel’nstick fabric adhesive and created the corset and added the ribbon on the sleeves. I also sewed on some lace to top to give more detailed look. So Happy with all our creations, can’t wait to wear them!


Disney Here We Come- Paper Projects Done!!

It’s been a very busy weekend in the Floyd household, finishing off projects for the Disney trip in 12 days!!

Our notebook is finally done! It now consists of these Itinerary pages (8 of them) they have where we are going, our ADRs (Advanced Dining Reservations), reminders of parades, fireworks and meet n greets and places for notes about what we ate, who we saw and what we rode that day. Thought it would help me blog about it all when I get home as well as be an awesome scrapbook.

Itinerary Pages (Anniversary page and Hollywood Studios page)

itinerary pages

Since we are going to Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival, I created two separate food around the word pages. A Traditional “passport” of the foods from each country and then a special one for the festival. I listed each place or country and their offerings, so we could just circle what we tried. Also at the bottom of the traditional page I created a Cool club spot, so we could check off the sodas as we try them 🙂

Epcot Food “Passport”foodpages

Speaking of passport, I posted the cover sheet to our Flynn and Rapunzel Passport for Epcot, I thought I would share one of the pages with you. It has a spot for the Epcot passport stamp and a place for a cast member to write in their language. So fun!

United Kingdom Passport page (had to throw a Tardis in there too, just for giggles)passportpages

Here are the Mouse-keeping Envelopes I created for the trip


sparkle wreck guest dream scary

Penny and Quarter Tubes


Pressed penny and Quarter bookspennybooks

Phew!! That was a lot! But now they are all done. Countdown 12 days, tomorrow I will have some other projects to show you too 🙂

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, it was a lot of fun sharing with you!