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First Day Home and off to Spamalot!

Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed the trip report, our anniversary post today, and my sneak peek for Friday, today we are going to start going into what we have been up to since we got back from Disney.


The next day after our trip, we had tickets to go see Spamalot, it was a ton of fun. I was raised on Monty Python and had got the opportunity to see Spamalot in Austin a long time ago and sat in the nosebleed seats. My hubby being as awesome as he is got us orchestra seats in my favorite Theater, the Majestic here in San Antonio.

The Majestic Theater (looks like it belongs in Disney World.)

Majestictheater tumblr_m7hdvsVhby1rzy2z7o1_1280

Spamalot is a musical created from pieces of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, created by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame (also played Dr. Nigel Channing in Journey into Imagination with Figment at Epcot!)

Spamalot previewed on Broadway, at New York’s Shubert Theatre, beginning 14 February 2005, and, after some changes, officially opened on 17 March 2005 (whoo hoo, St Patrick’s day.)  The show won the Tony Award for Best Musical and was nominated for 14 Tony Awards. The musical played its final performance on 11 January 2009 after 35 previews and 1,574 performances; it was seen by more than two million people and grossed over $175 million. Now the production is touring the country for its third national tour.

In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Monty Python created a mock Arthurian history and Spamalot is pretty much that story. King Arthur recruiting knights to aid him in his quest to find the holy grail, even the lady of the lake joins in the quest. Many classic Monty Python jokes are included and are even more fun on stage, like the Black Knight and the white rabbit with HUGE pointy teeth 🙂

monty_python_rabbitMy white rabbit 🙂

Truly, this musical is a great time for anyone who loves Monty Python, British humor or just plain silliness.

I am very happy we got to go and I got to share it with my husband. I hope you have a chance to check it out when it is near your town, it really is a lot of fun. You will probably never laugh this hard at any other musical 🙂

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