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One Year Anniversary Tradition- Top Tier of Wedding Cake

Hi guys, as you know we just got back from our amazing Disney Anniversary trip and I mentioned that I ordered us a special cake at Disney since we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our top tier until after we got back.  So here is the post about saving and eating the top tier for our wedding cake for our one year anniversary.

The  tradition is to have the top layer of the cake made out of fruit cake (which apparently holds up forever). This layer is saved and frozen for the bride and groom to eat on their first anniversary for good luck.

So yep, we saved the cake top (wrapped in plastic wrap, then foil and boxed) and thawed it in the fridge. But I have to say I wish we had just eaten it when we got home from the honeymoon, when the cake still had a chance of being delicious and only had the I ordered cake at Disney for our anniversary.

I do have to say the cake outside still looked great

Here is the wedding cake, St Patrick’s day 2012, day of the wedding and the Pascal Groom’s cake

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Here is the top tier one year later

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Looks pretty good, right!?!

We were pretty hopeful at this point and did the ceremonial husband and wife cut the cake together 232323232%7Ffp73478)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=36438296;234;nu0mrj

Even the inside of the cake, doesn’t look too bad232323232%7Ffp543 4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=36438296;434;nu0mrj

And the very cautious taste232323232%7Ffp54433)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=3643848 (234;nu0mrj

Blah! Just imagine the Beverly face here, ok, it wasn’t that bad but I think no matter what you do cake just isn’t meant to keep that long.

The ice crystals invaded the cake leaving it hard and soggy at the same time, just not appetizing.

We can say we did it and we got our good luck but I think we would have been happier gorging on it post honeymoon then the gross nibble one year later.

All I can say is it is up to you whether you participate in the top tier tradition, some people do it out of superstition or tradition and some people can’t do it due to wedding location or cake cost and just order an anniversary cake for their first year.  It is your wedding and completely your call.

To us it was another funny experience we got to share with each other and another memory for us to enjoy. I am glad we did it.

Just remember if you are trying to decide to keep your cake for a year, it may not hold, so maybe just save a piece to share versus a whole tier or just  order a new cake maybe with the wedding theme as part of your anniversary festivities, since all we could manage was the one bite 🙂

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Edible Souvenirs, Just in time for our trip!!

Hi guys, two days till the trip and I discovered two new cupcakes just in time for our Anniversary Adventure!

First one St Patty Mickey Cupcake

March 8 – March 17: It is a chocolate cupcake, iced with green-tinted peppermint butter cream and topped with a white chocolate hat (also St. Paddy’s green). Mickey ears are the perfect finish, two round Vanilla wafers dipped in dark chocolate.

Easter Ears Cupcake

March 18 – March 31: It is the pineapple-coconut cupcake for Easter, yellow cake with white butter cream, coconut shavings and colorful confetti, with a pair of adorable, white chocolate bunny ears and pink polka-dot bow-tie perched on top.

They will be available at The holiday cupcakes are $4.99 at ABC Commissary, Pizza Planet, Backlot Express, Studio Catering Co., Starring Rolls, Rosie’s and Fairfax Fare. They are a “snack” on our Disney Dining Plan.

Just what I needed two more cupcakes to add to our crawl, lol!!


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Weekend of Disney- Oz the Great and Powerful, University Ids and the Force of Easter

Hi guys, 5 days to Disney and with that being said, we managed a very Disney Weekend without even thinking.

Oz Great and Powerful Review


Went to see Oz, The Great and Powerful in 3d with some close friends and I would say, it was beautiful to look at but a little hard to watch. I love Disney and I love all the Frank L Baum books, but the story was a little slow.

The colors were gorgeous, the characters were pretty solid but hubby and I found ourselves struggling to stay awake in the middle. I know they have already greenlighted the sequel so I have hopes that the second installment will make up for some of the lag but all and all I am glad we saw it. I simply adored China Doll and Evanora’s green dress was breath taking, plus the 3d was well done. Also, it makes me look forward to Epcot’s Oz Garden that much more. I would give it a high C probably, go see it hopped up on caffeine for matinee prices.

University Id Cards

On my highly anticipated Disney Movie list is Monster University, oh I am excited! Hubby and I love Monsters inc, it even originated our pet names, so when we saw a photo op in the Theater lobby I jumped at the chance to be part of the University!

With new anniversary camera (thanks, Kitty!) in pocket, I clicked away!


My new student IDhoneymonster

Hubby’s Id

Too cute, I love any excuse for a photo op and this is just so fun 🙂

After the show, I found the force is somewhat strong with Target.

They were not as full of fun stuff as for Valentine’s, in fact I hardly saw Mickey this holiday but I did find these.

Darth Vader Bunny


Darth dons a pair of bunny ears and bears jelly beans

My Star Wars Basketyodaeaster

Darth Vader candy pouch, Vader bunny, Candy Yoda egg, Plush Yoda head basket and Darth and R2 candy clips

Of course, everyone forgets St Patty’s but I don’t and since I was married then, I think there should be some of this in stores too


To purchase shirt click here

Seems like I can’t help but to find Disney every where I go, guess I am just too excited!

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