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I have made some one of a kind Vanellope Von Schweetz candy hair clips that I am selling on eBay and soon my etsy shop.


I am using the funds for a super-secret 30th birthday trip for hubby next year!


If anyone is interested in purchasing these cuties, you can buy them here for $6 (plus shipping). You get 3 clips per order and they vary.

DSC04108 DSC04111 DSC04110 DSC04109

Each set has three alligator clips:


One random gummy bear

One sparkly peppermint

One marshmallow shape


These are all handmade and one of a kind. If you have any questions, comments or requests please comment and I will get back to you 🙂

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Warehouse 13 recruitment kit

Happy Friday guys!! Continuing on my many birthday projects, today I will show you the project I made for my best friend.

As many of you know, I am a bit of a geek.

What?! *gasp* you don’t say!

Well yes and being a geek, I also have my collection of geek friends to share my many dorky and nerdy obsessions.

One of these obsessions is Warehouse 13.
I LOVE this show!

Heather and I love this show so much, that we have decided we what to start our own Artifact collection agency.

So to do this, I thought is only appropriate to supply Heather with her supplies to take on the task of Warehouse agent  

I pondered long and hard with how to approach this task and finally narrowed it down to a recruitment kit from Mrs. Frederic herself

I searched long and hard to see if anyone else had created a recruitment letter for said Warehouse, but alas, I found none.

So I looked at Sci-Fi related letters to get some inspiration and came up with this (feel free to use it,) letter (it had her last name on it though.)


Once the letter was complete and printed, I signed it in ink with Mrs. Frederic’s signature (don’t tell Mrs. Frederic) and enclosed it in a warehouse purple handmade envelope and created a faux wax seal out of polymer clay and used a wax seal stamp to give it the finishing touch.

Note: I was out of sealing wax or I would have done it the old fashion way

I also created a laminated badge for her to prove she was with the Warehouse (even though they always say they are secret service, hmmm…)


Ok, so I’ve got an idea and a letter with a badge, now what?!

I had to think, what all does a warehouse agent need? Well, my favorite agent is Claudia and she has some pretty cool toys, so I focused on that idea and came up with….


Yep, that is right, Goo.

I got some of the alien slime in purple from the Dollar Tree; it resembled the purple traditional neutralizer that all the warehouse agents lug around. Then, I created a fun label and viola, Warehouse issued Goo!



But, I decided to take it a step further, because I think Claudia has created some awesome toys and I also made the aerosol neutralizer (I used a can of purple silly string for this, which I also purchased at the Dollar Tree.)



So we have goo in two kinds but as you know goo is not used on its own, nope, we now need neutralizer bags and purple (have to be purple) rubber gloves (we assume they are imbued with the goo, hence the color) to handle these pesky artifacts.

These things, I went to eBay for, I bought some little static bags to resemble the metallic bags on the show and some purple household kitchen gloves since I could not find them anywhere in town. I know weird, huh? Among these items, I also purchased goggles rather than making them, thought that might be a bit hard, only glasses I’ve made a the red and blue paper 3d ones for the Doctor Who birthday and those were hard enough.

Now we have a recruitment letter and some items to neutralizer our dangerous antiques, next we need some more accessories and how about something to hold all of these great gifts.

I decided to get a paper mache briefcase from hobby lobby and sprayed it silver then lined the inside with foam, so it would resemble a gun case and stashed all the goodies in there. I also purchased some awesome stickers from red bubble to adorn the briefcase and then continued to fill the box with goodies.


Next on the list was a weapon, what kind of secret agent doesn’t have a weapon, right?

And since this is Warehouse 13, they use Tesla guns, which are fun and steam punk and resemble Marvin the Martian’s ray gun. I again went to my go to, the Dollar Tree, and found a neat looking blue water gun to make into my steam punk tesla gun. I used model paint and painted parts, black, silver and bronze; wrapped wire around the nozzle of the gun, and then I adhered some gears to give it more flair.


Hmmm, lets see, what else does the box need?

I know!

An artifact and the most important accessory for any Warehouse agent…

A Farnsworth!

Heather loves elephants and the show just so happened to have an artifact which is a jade elephant that trumpets and shoots electricity, so I scoured the internet to find a jade elephant. No luck. Then I was going to make one of out clay and I stumbled upon the perfect elephant, a keychain on neatoshop.com, in which he trumpeted and his eyes lit up blue (perfect for lightning.) All he needed was paint, no biggie, I painted him and he was great! I made him a paper craft crate (found on deviantart.com). I also made a description card for the artifact.
I really think he looks just like the one from the show only much smaller!




Now onto the big project, the Farnsworth, the Warehouse’s version of video chat  

For the inside, I started with my cricut and that gold scrapbook paper I used on the Winnie the pooh bookmark and I used the same “etching” technique by flipping the blade upside down and engraving the shapes onto the paper, then cutting out the rounded rectangular shape of the Farnsworth.
This is the template I created in cricut to do the etching and cutting.


Once the shape was cut out, I distressed it with a little brown paint and embellished it with dials (also bought at Hobby lobby,) knobs (one made of clay and one an old paint tube top,) and round stickers to replicate the look. The final piece was the lens, which I purchased on eBay and a round mirror inside the lens to give the video look (I also added a little brown painted to give it the same grungy look the rest of the piece has.)


For the outside of the Farnsworth, I bought a paper mache book at Hobby Lobby for the case. I then painted it with black, brown and a bit of bronze to give it that old oxidized look.
Once dry, I added a Styrofoam block to the inside and glued the inner panel piece into the book, then secured it with straight pins to finish it.

Tada! Farnsworth with moving dials!


I also made one more small thing, just a fun piece of steam punk jewelry to give my new recruit for her birthday.


Now our box is complete.
We have a recruitment letter, badge, bags and gloves, goo and aerosol goo, goggles (safety first), a tesla gun, a dangerous artifact to practice our snagging and bagging, some awesome jewelry and a Farnsworth.
I put it all in the box and it was ready to meet our new agent on her birthday  



That is all for this project, I know it was a lot for one blog, but I would love to know what you think.
Also feel free to use any of the labels or the letter; just give me credit if you are reblogging.
If you have any questions or comments. I would love to see them
Have a happy weekend

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As promised, here is that silly old bear!

Hi guys, as promised here is the Winnie the Pooh post.

My dear friend Windy, is a HUGE Winnie the Pooh fan, so I wanted to do something different this year and try my hand at a big polymer clay Winnie for Windy.    


He is about 4inches tall and has a Hunny pot filled with honey (actually it is gold glitter and clear nail polish, think it worked perfect.)


He is also wearing some of the honey himself, silly old bear. Once, he was sculpted and baked, I painted his eyes, nose and eyebrows and affixed him to a mirrored base to give him a more upscale statue look.  


  What do you guys think? I know I was pretty proud of him.  

Now Windy is also not a gift bag keeper, she recycles them, so to make a bag Windy would like I took a brown craft bag and dripped yellow acrylic paint down the sides to mimic honey and attached a little pompom bee I made (thanks to hubby’s suggestion) to the handle    


The little bee turned out super cute, I may have to try different animals now     He is three yellow pompoms glued together, two black pipe cleaners (one for the stripes and one for the wings) and two black straight pins for the eyes which also made his body more stable. And just for some more whimsy, I added some glitter nail polish to the wings.  


  I also made a really need two sided bookmark with the help of my cricut. I printed a cute picture of Winnie and Christopher Robin,  


then on the other side I used gold scrapbook paper and my cricut (blade upside down) and “etched” this inspirational Christoper Robin quote, “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Then cut the bookmark out. After I glued the two pieces together, I made a tassel out of cross stitch floss and it was all ready to be bagged and presented to the birthday girl.


I apologize for the picture of the quote, the back was so shiny it was hard to catch the beauty in a photo but I tried.   I think everything turned out great and Windy loved them, which was the goal.   I would love to know what you think, please send me any comments or questions. I know I didn’t quite do a tutorial on these, but if you need help or want to know how to make anything I posted, just let me know and I will be happy to help. Hope you enjoyed this post. More coming soon.


OMG! Riddick is 11!


Today our little boy turned 11 and we have been trying to make sure he is super happy and healthy so I decided to make him something special for his birthday…

              Pumpkin Dog Treats!


I mean who in our house doesn’t like      pumpkin?!

No one, even the pup loves it and it is good for him too.

Pumpkin is great for tummy troubles, skin and fur and even weight loss (high in fiber) if your furry friend needs that.

Recipe for pumpkin treats
·        1/3 tbs chia seeds+ 1 tbs water- let chia soak in water to become gel (used this to sub out egg since I was making a very small batch and chia is good for dogs too*)

·        pinch of salt

·        1tbs dry milk

·        1/4 cup pumpkin puree

·        1 cup whole wheat flour

·        Additional (if needed) water to make a workable dough

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix all ingredients except the water.  Dough will be crumbly.  Add just enough water so the dough becomes elastic and pliable.

Turn out on a floured surface and knead a few times.  Roll dough out to about 1/2-1inch thickness.  Using a cookie cutter (I used a cat head since I didn’t have a bone), the rim small glass or even a pastry cutter, cut into desired shapes.

Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Turn off the oven and let the biscuits sit in the oven until oven cools.


I let them sit until cooled and then placed them in a jar with a bow for Riddick’s birthday celebration this morning.


He seemed to really love them.


             Happy Birthday, Riddick!!!

 *Chia seeds have some incredible effects on health, us and animals. Chia seeds contain large quantities of protein, five times the calcium of milk, boron (a mineral that helps with calcium absorption for bones), Omega 3 and 6, plus they can help regulate blood sugar levels and aid in maintaining a healthy weight. Not only can they do all that but they can also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and reduce risk of heart disease.

Also, there are no known allergies to chia seeds, and seeds can easily be stored for long periods of time without becoming rancid, making them a better choice even over the amazing flax seed. These seeds have no discernible smell and barely any flavor, so you can add them to your dog’s meals without altering the taste that they enjoy.


Hubby’s Doctor Who Party Planning- Monster High doll turned Weeping Angel Tutorial

For hubby’s birthday this year, I decided to go with a Dr Who theme and what Dr Who party could be complete without a Weeping Angel. So today I am going to show you how I took a Monster High Doll and turned her into one of the ancient races from Dr Who.

If you aren’t a Doctor Who fan, you may not know what a Weeping Angel is and may be wondering why I should have her as decor for the party, so here is a brief run down on the Angel.

The Weeping Angels are an ancient race of aliens ,their usual mode of feeding is to send their victims back in time, which creates energy to consume. When they are not being observed by someone, they can move very quickly and silently, but when they are being observed, they become “quantum-locked”and become stone.

In this position, they are frozen and difficult to destroy. They cannot stop this reaction. If two Weeping Angels were to look at each other at the same time, they would be trapped in stone form until an outside force moves them apart. To prevent this, they often cover their eyes while moving – this makes them look as though they are weeping.

Weeping Angel


The Weeping Angels play a huge part in the Dr Who Series, they are in several episodes along with the very memorable, “Angels in Manhattan”, which ended last season.

So now with a little background, you see, there should be a Angel at the event

On to the Tutorial


Air Dry Clay

Doll- Used Monster High doll but any doll preferably one with jointed elbows will work (I just like the Monster High dolls.)

Wings- You can make them or buy them, I found some cheap at Hobby Lobby, so I purchased them

Cheesecloth for dress

something to secure  hair and dress like wire or rubberbands

Stone textured spray paint

glue sticks and glue gun

something to work on, I used a paper plate


Step 1: Take old clothes off doll, then create a base so she stands on her own with the clay


Step 2: put up dolls hair in a kind of bun (you are going for the old victorian statue look), don’t worry if some of the hair sticks out, this will be fixed laterDSC02062

Step 3: wrap dolls torso in cheesecloth to make draped toga like top and secure at waistDSC02063

Step 4: wrap cheesecloth around waist and drape to form nice wrapped skirt and secure, I used clay to secure to top of dress and ensure edges and bottom were not ridged from cuttingDSC02064

Step 5: attach wings- I used the wire that came with them and wrapped it around the waist and secured with some glue at shouldersDSC02065

Step 6: cover your Angel’s hair with glue from glue gun, create texture and waves and here is where you can secure the fly-aways.

Note: I tried to do this step with clay at first but it weighed her head down to much, so glue it a better way to go for a lighter AngelDSC02066

Step 6: Take Angel somewhere open and well ventilated a spray with stone textured spray paint, follow directions and this step may require a few coats or touching up, let dry



Step 7: Don’t Blink and enjoy your Angel

I like how the Monster high dolls fingers are slightly ope, makes me feel like she is peeking, like hubby’s digital art

Peeking Weeping Angels


Weekend of Celebration

Friday was hubby’s birthday and as you saw, we did Borderlands 2 for his work celebration, so I am sure you are all wondering what I did for home, or who?!

That is right, Who.

Home was all Dr Who themed, starring Doctors 9-11, since that is where we started.

Here is the decor starting with the front door

Of course a Tardis door, I even included a beacon in the window to mimic the light atop the Tardis, I was going to cover the remainder of the door with blue crepe paper but it was threatening rain, so I just taped it up. Didn’t want to clean soggy crepe paper off everything, lol!


Instead of Police public call Box, I did Happy 29th year BirthdayDSC02347

The police box notice also reads birthday themedDSC02346

Inside, I “graffiti-ed”  Bad Wolf on our chalk boardDSC02344

Also marked some Silence encountersDSC02343

I strung Tardis and star string lights down the stairs and the Impossible Astronaut is floating right at the beginning of the stepsDSC02337

Up close Tardis and star lightDSC02339

I also made Garland with tons of Doctor Who quotes and pictures


I also took the mask pictures from the bbc website and made them smaller to make an alien garland for other wallDSC02342

When you first get up the stairs you see the Happy Birthday sign with the seal of Rassilon, some star twirlers and balloons


Led and Mylar Star balloons


Solar System hanging from ceiling fan


I made a Tardis vase and filled it with Sunflowers (one of my van gogh references)DSC02307

Also made this cool steampunk happy birthday sign for the flowersDSC02309

Exploding Tardis on the tableDSC02310

Awesome space tablecloth with cool earth like plates that I found at TargetDSC02311

Begging Pterodactyl and sign that states do not feedDSC02312

I also took my foam head from halloween (he was the organ player for my haunted mansion) and gave him a new more doctor like get up. I made him a fez, 3d glasses and a bowtie, cause bowties are cool!

There are also some Tardis self destruct buttons (alright, they are jammie dodgers), some banana runts (since 9th liked bananas and since it was a party, we followed the 10th’s instructions to always bring one.)  The 10th’s sonic screwdriver made out of polymer clay.DSC02313

Would you like a jelly baby? We hear they were Tom Baker’s faves and the ganger 11th, seemed to like them too.DSC02314

I also made a journal of impossible things and the doctors fob watchDSC02315

Next to the table I made Amy Pond’s apple and another apple which hate things, like I hate apple, apple are rubbish on it.

Glow jar with starsDSC02321

River song’s journal and some chapstick I used a sticker and some glitter to make into hallucinogenic lipstick. I wrote all of my husband and I’s adventures in the journal, to track our time together, like River did with the doctorDSC02322

I made bowties are cool garland and decorated the tvDSC02324

Even Riddick got in on the fun, looking dashing in the bowtie I made him 🙂 DSC02325

Hello Sweetie garland with pictures of River song in it (yes, I printed my S wrong, so it is backwards, was boring white on other side.)DSC02326

I also found this awesome Gallifreyan Translator and used it to create this “Happy 29th Birthday, sweetie” bannerDSC02327

Then there is the table of Tardis, I made a cansiter with working light, the vase, a gift bag and this awesome paper craftDSC02328Tardis Key I made atop Tardis Canister


Fridge also had some posters and things I have learned from Doctor WhoDSC02329 My weeping Angel, which I made from a Monster High Doll (tutorial will be posted soon) placed on a mirror and in front of one, so she won’t attack


The 10th first hand, which was cut off during his regeneration by the SycoroxDSC02334

Constellation jar I made

On to the food

Adipose baby marshmallows


Apples are rubbish nachos, I found a melting pot copy cat recipe for their cheddar fondue and served it with a granny smith apple


Bowties are cool pasta saladDSC02353

Sontaran spuds (twice baked potatoes cut in half and then I placed almond slivers for noses and peppercorns for eyes), keep calm and eat fish sticks and custard (lemon custard or tartar sauce, we tried the custard and stayed with the tartar sauce) and Silurian spears (asparagus spears wrapped in bacon)DSC02354

Dalek cupcakes with edible ball bearings (irish creamcupcakes with irish cream filling, nonalcoholic)DSC02348

and last but not least, Tardis cake with functional light 🙂 DSC02351


The guest of honor got home and looks around, then we ate and got ready to unwrap presents


Now we are ready for presentsDSC02358

Birthday card, I did exploding Tardis on a handmade scratch board and sealed it, so wouldn’t scratch anymore


Inside the paper craft was a polymer clay cyberman I madeDSC02359

Then the big canister had to blind pack vinyl doctor who toys, we got the 11th Tardis and Doctor, pretty perfectDSC02360

Yay! new toys (there we also some cool doctor who post it notes inside)DSC02368

Next the gift bag had plushies I made, an OodDSC02369

and an AdiposeDSC02371

There is also a cool shirt, but you will see it in the next post

Kris checking out his Riversong JournalDSC02372 And getting some love from Doctor Dog

So that is it, The Doctor Who birthday is done.

Was a big hit, tomorrow, I will share with you birthday events of Saturday. Stay tuned!

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Happy Birthday Vault Hunter!


Fun Tiny Tina card make by me- says Cookie cakes are for bad@$$es, It’s your birthday, Make it Rain!, Your birthday’s gonna go… POW!, and D@mn, it’s your birthday!! lol! DSC02287

Today is the day, hubby is 29 and the celebration is in full swing, we started the morning off with a work birthday celebration and you guessed it, the theme was Borderlands 2. Kris and I love to play this game together, so the girls and I thought it would be a great theme. Here is what we did

Borderlands 2 cookie cake


torque colored streamers and balloons


pictures of characters


Even Claptrap wanted to join his minions party


Eridium Nugget tin made from stress remedy tin


Eridium rock candy- there was also a cool vault hunter bumper sticker I bought on red bubble inside, just forgot to take picture


So that was phase one of the awesomeness of hubby’s birthday!

Oh and on a sidebar of awesomeness, one of Kris’ friends sent him this and with my love of Who, I had to include the geekery 🙂

drwhopartyI hope this inspired all the geeks wanting to have a borderlands 2 party but couldn’t find any references, I know I had a hard time.

Have a great weekend all and I will share the rest of the festivities next week 🙂

Happy Birthday,  Kitty!

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Busy Weekend – New College Graduate, Debbie’s Birthday Adventure & Mother’s Day

Hi guys, first off, I want to congratulate all the new graduates from St Philip’s College.  We were there Friday night, since one of our dearest friends was among these graduates! Also happy belated Mother’s day to all the mom’s out there, hope you had a very special day!

May 10th


Congrats all! You deserve it!


It was a very lovely ceremony and they even had Lila Cockrell as their guest speaker. Congrats Windy, we are very proud of you!

May 11th

Saturday morning, we got all dolled up and headed to Super Target to get the Brownie cake we ordered for Debbie’s (my mil) birthday.

Us all dolled up


Awesome Brownie cake with red birthday candles! Looks good, according to Debbie it was awesome, hence awesome Brownie cake 🙂 DSC02121

After Debbie blew out the candles and made a wish, we headed to the River Walk for our lunch reservations as Acenaracenar

Acenar is modern tex mex and has a very contemporary vibe.DSC02137

I had come here for my bachelorette dinner but I didn’t notice all the details at night, has a really nice lounge area upstairs.DSC02136While the main restaurant is downstairsDSC02133It also has a patio on the riverDSC02134

Click to enlargeAcenarRestaurantLunchMenu

We were sat early for our reservation, restaurant was still pretty slow for noon and we got Desiree, she was pretty awesome, let us ask questions and she also worked out some things for us.

Also gave us these gorditas on the houseDSC02128

They were pretty good, almost like flatbreads but doughier and covered in refried beans and queso fresco

Debbie ordered the EntomatadsDSC02132

They were chicken and sweet potato filled tacos topped with roast chiles and tomato sauce.

She said she liked them but the sweet potato was not prevalent, which was the whole reason I didn’t want to sample them to begin with, so we have to take her word 🙂

I was torn between two orders, so Desiree let me do ala carte and try both. So I ordered the Duck ChalupasDSC02131

Roasted Duck sauteed with spicy sausage, lime cabbage slaw and avocado plus chile arbol salsa

And the Crab Tinga Taco Ala carteDSC02130

Gulf Blue crab, tomato, onion and avocado

The Crab taco was amazing but pretty messy, shared it with hubby and the crab flavor was very nice.

The Duck Chalupas were great but too big to pick up, so I broke them up and ate them like that, the duck was flavorful and the cabbage slaw was really nice even though I don’t care for Cilantro.

Hubby ordered the Duck CrepesDSC02129

I know crepes at a tex mex place but like I said this is a very contemporary location.

They were corn serrano crepes filled with roasted duck confit covered in tamarindo-tomato grilled onion sauce and they were I think the best dish at the table. The crepe were light and airy and the duck was moist and flavorful. Really good, would definitely get these myself next time.

We finished eating and were spending time with the birthday girl when we decided to check out the dessert menu.

We ordered the Crepa de Cajeta


A caramel crepe, sweet crepe filled with Mexican Vanilla ice cream, cajeta, candied pecans and whipped cream.

This too was pretty good, however the crepe here seemed more like a tortilla and was pretty dense. Did not compare to the dessert crepes at Old Pecan Street.

So to sum it up, Acenar was definitely worth the second trip, a bit higher of a price tag for a normal day downtown but for a birthday or special event a great place to check out and try anything duck. The entrees were great but I will probably try something new for dessert on the next trip.

Next up on the Agenda, The  Addams Family at the Majestic!

The Majestic Marquee


The Addams Family is a musical comedy based upon The Addams Family characters created by Charles Addams in his  cartoons, which portray a family with an affinity for all things macabre.

After a tryout in Chicago, the show opened on Broadway in April 2010. The original cast featured Nathan Lane as Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia.

Now on their second National Tour, The Addams Family has made it to San Antonio, to the beloved Majestic Theater.

Once inside the theater we made way to the lounge area to avoid the crowd and noticed something fun and new.

The lounge had been “decorated” and was offering themed treats for the show.

Fester’s Fuzzy Navel


Addams Family Treat bagsDSC02144

Orange string lights behind the barDSC02143

and paper bats flying on the pillars


It wasn’t alot but it made me excited to see the lounge getting in the “spirit”!

The TheaterDSC02145

Debbie had not been to the Majestic before so we walked up front to show it to her in all its glory.

Plus the red curtain for the Addams Family show really made the room very luxuriousDSC02146

Our PlaybillDSC02152

The show was great, was very witty, charming and fun.

The premise is that Wednesday is growing up and has fallen in love with a normal nice man and wants to marry him. Of course this involves the parents meeting and chaos. The sets, special effects and cast were amazing. Plus there were even a few special guests, that really made my day.

Was a great time for everyone and the birthday girl seemed to truly enjoy her birthday trip!

After the show we met up with the rest of the family at the Melting pot for dinner.

For those of you who have not been to the Melting Pot, is a  fondue restaurant, its menu consists of various cheese fondues, wines, salads, entrees of meat and seafood served with dipping sauces and oil or broth to be cooked in, and chocolate fondues.

Here are our fondue pots, we had two for the table of 6, so we got to try two different types of cheeses, broths and chocolates, yum!


The Birthday girl and her boys!DSC02157

The burnerDSC02161

First course is cheese, our side of the table ordered the Cheddar and Debbie’s end ordered the Wisconsin TrioDSC02162Cheddar cheese fondue contains: Aged, medium-sharp Cheddar & Emmenthaler Swiss cheese, lager beer, garlic and seasonings.

Wisconsin Trio Fondues contains: Creamy Fontina and Butterkase, as well as Buttermilk Bleu cheese with white wine, fresh scallions, and a hint of sherry.

Everyone at our table seemed to like the Cheddar better for sure, the white wine and the Bleu cheese seemed to overpower the Wisconsin Trio.

They serve the cheese course with three different breads, broccoli, carrots and green apples. The cheddar goes great with the green apples. Everything in this course is fun but carrots can be very hard to skewer with your little forks 🙂

Now the best part of the Melting pot is that they have a new ala carte menu, everyone gets to choose their own entree and salad and your meal turns out about $10 less then the old menu even with the lobster entree.

I forgot to take pictures of the salads but hubby got the California which is what our got on our first trip and wished I had got again. It is  mixed baby salad greens, Roma tomatoes, candied pecans, Gorgonzola cheese and raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing.

I ordered the mushroom and spinach salad which had mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, red onions and unfortunately bacon. The bacon was cut thick and very chewy, was like jerky on my plate.

Kris ordered the French Quarter for his entree, it had Andouille sausage, with shrimp, tenderloin and chicken rolled in a Cajun spice blend.


I ordered the Fondue Fusion which had lobster tail, orange duck, sesame chicken, tenderloin and mushroom sachettisDSC02165

Your main course comes with broth to cook in and since we had a large table we had two types of broths.

Our side of the table ordered the Coq au Vin and the other side ordered the Mojo Style.

The Coq au Vin Fondue is herbs, mushrooms, garlic, spices and Burgundy wine.

The Mojo is caribbean seasoned bouillon with garlic and citrus.

We were a bit nervous about the red wine over powering the food but it was delicious, I was pleasantly surprised by the Coq au Vin.

The entree is also served with broccoli, mushrooms and potatoes. Our potatoes never seemed to want to cook though and became the joke of dinner.

Sauces included Gorgonzola port, teriyaki glaze, spicy cocktail, mild curry, green goddess and hot sauce to use on your meats and veggies.

The green goddess goes great with mushrooms, the cocktail sauce is delicious on almost anything,. I combined the cocktail sauce with the gorgonzola port and used it on the steak, was great. They also provided lemon and drawn butter for the lobster which was amazing just on its own! Yum!

After dinner we still wanted to play with the fondue while we waited so I cooked part of my shell, lol!


Now onto dessert, our side of the table opted for cookies ‘n cream marshmallow dream, which is, dark chocolate topped with marshmallow cream, flambeed to toast the marshmallow, swirled together and garnished with crushed Oreo cookies.

Our cookies n’ cream being flambeed 🙂


Debbie’s side ordered the flaming turtle; milk chocolate, caramel and chopped pecans, flambeed tableside.

Again our side of the table was definitely happier with our selection, the flaming turtle was more caramel than I would like and thinner.

The cookies n’ cream was truly a dream, they could have given us a huge vat of it and we would have just eaten it with spoons, that is if it wasn’t so hot.

with the fondue they give you strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, rice crispie treats, red velvet cake, brownie, marshmallows and oreo cookie marshmallows to dip.


They also put a candle  on Debbie’s cheesecake, so she got two wishes that day 🙂 DSC02171

The meal was great and so was the day, if you have about three hours to dine with and a nice occassion or just want a fun or romantic meal without the rush of some of the higher end restaurants like Fuego Da Chao, this is the place to go. Food is great, atmosphere is really nice and it is just a ton of fun.

Plus now with the new ala carte menu it makes it more accessible for a date night any time. I know we will go more often.

Mother’s day

As many of you know, I am a mom to a very active and hairy 10 year old, Riddick.

He and his dad decided to surprise me Sunday morning with a cute text and photo, saying how much they loved me and how good a mom I am.

Which was super sweet and I loved it, what I didn’t know was there was more.

My hubby presented me with a box, that had a tuxedo and a dog bone bow tie (cause bone ties are cool!) and it had wild flowers sticking out the top.


Riddick showing off the giftbox

Stopping to smell the flowersDSC02180

Inside the box was this really cute card



And under the card was some dog food, Riddick always tries to share with us, leaving it in our shoes, pants and couch cushions.

Underneath that however was this beautiful new ring!


Thanks Riddick and my hubby for making my mother’s day so special 🙂


It really was a busy weekend indeed, took me three days to just finish this post. I hope everyone else had a great weekend and that you all are enjoying your week.

Talk to you soon!

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