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There Be Dragons – Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Tutorial

Hi guys, I know it feels like forever since I have posted to this blog and well it has been. Between trying to get the new blog (rapunzelscrafts.weebly.com) off the ground and the amazing vacation that I had been planning it has been well over 6 months since I have given you something new to read.

I am sorry for that, truly.  But I promise this post will be something fun to read and maybe even something fun to make. If you don’t want to make it but still want one for your collection, I will be taking orders so be sure to read to the end for details.

With the most recent season of “Game of Thrones” ending last week, I thought what better way to pay tribute than show you the awesome dragon eggs I intially created as gifts for the special people in my life. I am a huge dragon fan and I love Daenarys, so I went with the three eggs presented atop the bed of straw just as they were given to the mother of dragons on her wedding day.

But before we get to the final display first we need to make these beautiful eggs

Supplies for eggs:

–       3 small foam eggs ( about 3 inches tall)
–       Thumb tacks 4 packs of 300 (I chose gold since all the eggs had gold in them, easier and less paint)
–       Paint (acrylic paint)
–                 Green metallic
–                 Red metallic
–                 Gold metallic
–                 Black
–       Sponge brushes
–       Mod podge (I used matte for this project but could use any)
–       Gold glitter (I used a gold glitter nail polish)
–       Gold fabric paint or something else thin with metallic flecks
–       Optional: A popsicle stick or bamboo skewer to put egg on while working  to prevent hands from touching egg

Step 1


Get out an egg, your thumb tacks and mod podge

Tip: you can paint your egg black before you start to prevent seeing white under scales but you can correct this later if you would like

Step 2

Take your egg and starting in the middle push thumb tacks in making sure they are slightly overlapping the other tacks going around the egg, continue this going up or down the egg in a circular pattern until reaching the top and bottom. This will create your scaling

Tip: I found it easiest to add a thumb tack to top and bottom center so when you reached the top there is less of the foam showing
Step 3

Cover egg with a thick layer of mod podge using sponge brush

Be sure to fill in gaps in the scaling so when egg dries it will be smoother and have no holes in scales

Let dry until mod podge is clear


Step 4

Once egg is completely dry, take your black paint and dry brush onto egg, covering most of the gold but still leaving some

Let dry

Step 5

Cover once more with the mod podge to prevent paint from chipping or scratching off

Let dry

Step 6

Depending on what color egg you want to make this step will vary.

I.E. a gold egg at this point will already have gold showing through, so you will not be painting the egg on this step.

For green or red egg (or other color besides gold) take your color and sponge on egg, leaving some places thicker than other and making sure not to cover all the black and gold from other steps.


Tip: you want to dry sponge to get that speckled look, move sponge up and down and cover to your liking

Step 7



Cover with more mod podge

Tip: You can skip this step but I wanted to make sure every layer was coated with sealer to prevent my work from wear during the process. Plus you get a nice, solid, sturdy, and smooth egg which adds to the finished product.

Step 8

Take a look at your egg. Is there more than areas that need highlights or more black paint for depth?

If yes: Add your desired paint (black or the primary color of the egg.) Make sure to do the dry brush speckling

And let dry then continue to below

If no: go straight to adding the metallic gold fabric paint (use a small amount and your sponge brush) and gold glitter to highlight and give that enchanted look to the egg.

Tip: use the gold glitter and gold paint sparingly, remember this is just the finishing highlight

Step 9: Seal finished product with mod podge and let dry

Repeat steps 1-9 for other eggs until you have your 3 eggs. Then time to move on to the next process for housing your new dragon eggs.

Supplies for egg housing:

–       A small chest or box with hinged lid (preferred but you can use an open box if you would like) that will fit all 3 eggs
–       Raffia (at least one bag) in natural color
I don’t have pictures of these steps but hopefully the instructions are clear enough.

Step 1: Figure out how you would like eggs to be displayed in chest

Step 2: Tear raffia and fill bottom of box until you have a solid bed for eggs

Step 3: Place eggs in chest

Step 4: Fill in holes between eggs and chest with raffia until they are snug in box

Step 5: Enjoy being the mother/father or your new dragon eggs!

Phew! I know that was a ton of steps but they do turn out amazing!

However, if you want these beauties without doing all the work yourself, I can do it for you!

I will be taking custom orders.

Choose from:

-1 egg in a mini box starting at $15 plus $6+ (approximate) shipping


-Full set of 3 eggs in a chest like this starting at $60 plus $10 shipping.

Estimated turn around depending on order, request and size will be approximately 2 weeks at this point. I will take requests for other colors besides the traditional red, green and gold as well. However, it may take longer turn around depending on requests or supplies needed.

All transactions will be made via paypal. Once custom order has been discussed and price set, I will send an invoice. Once invoice is paid, I will begin work and notify you once item ships.

Please send requests via contact link on page or reply at bottom.

So there you have it, I hope that I left you with something fun to read, create or shop for. I have plenty more things planned for the future. So until next time…TTFN! Ta Ta for now 🙂




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