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Disney on Ice



Hi guys, a few months ago my prince took me to see a Disney on Ice show and in proper Disney fashion, we were not disappointed. It was called Disney Rocks and that it did, it truly rocked.

Disney on ice

Now I don’t know about you but when I think ice show, I think something like a mix of ballet and the hilarious comedy Death to Smoochy, well this was a little bit of both I guess, but fun and very well done.

Unfortunately I didn’t know we could bring cameras so these are from our phone, but I am hoping you will get the idea 🙂

The ice from where we were sitting

Mickey earsmickeywa

Us at the show, floor seats!


The show had four stories plus some sequences with Mickey and Friends conducting the show like a talent show.

The stories were The Little Mermaid

Under the sea sequence







Next up, Tangled

I have a dream!IhaveadreamRapunzel with Frying panfryingpan

Lantern Canvascanvas

Mother knows best!mothergothel

He just wants love rap1

Rapunzel’s towertower

They just can’t get Flynn’s nose right!flynnnose

Rapunzel and Maximus (really loved the Maximus costume)rapunzelrapunzelmax

Maximus playing keep away with the satchelflynnmax

The Lantern scene (made us both teary eyed since this is the song I walked the aisle to at our wedding)
Then was Beauty and The Beast

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!


Beast’s librarylibrary

Be our guestlumiere


Belle and Beastbeast The West wing

Beastbeast1 Lafou and Gaston formulating a plot

After Beauty and the Beast, Mickey came out and began to read Brave, then started the Brave storymickeystory

Meridiameridia meridia2

Meridia and her brothersmeridiaboys Meridiaandbous

Each sequence was really well done, but of course being kind of a Disney purist you notice, things are out of order or omitted due to having four stories to tell.

The Little Mermaid didn’t really have a battle between Ursula and the good guys, nor did it have her as a pretty woman trying to steal Eric.

Tangled started with the “I have a dream scene” and there was no boat in the river scene or the Stabbington brothers, however, I think this was the best of the stories and no not just because I have a soft spot for it. It just seemed to have the most complete wrap of a story.

Beauty and the Beast did not have the famous ballroom scene but the “To kill the beast” scene was awesome, with all the mob and their real fire torches, it was truly amazing.

The one I had a complaint with was Brave, the Mickey telling the story was fine, but when it got to the story there was no changing of fates, no bears, none of it. I am not even the biggest fan of Brave but I felt like they should have just left it out if they weren’t going to tell the brunt of the story.

All and all, I think it was awesome because if just so happens the first three stories happened to star my favorite princesses, so we lucked out on picking this as our first Disney on Ice show, I am hoping for more in the future.

Kris also got me a Tangled flag which said Disney on Ice and a really cute Pascal straw for my Tangled collection.


It was a very awesome show, if they come to your town you should go check it out, great fun for the whole family.

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Disney Anniversary Trip Report- Day 6- Downtown Disney, Characters in Flight, 1900 Park Fare & Grand Floridian Easter Egg Display

Good morning everyone, today we will finish up day 6. From the Animal Kingdom we hopped on the bus to our hotel then got on one there to go to Downtown Disney. We got off at the Marketplace and went to visit Kristy at the DVC beside customer service in the Marketplace. We also did some pins trading and checked out a few stores while waiting to talk with Kristy.

We found this fascinator, thought it was so cute.

232323232%7Ffp73479)nu=3642)4(3)293)27334(338425 ot1lsi

Before we left for the trip, I had written about buying tickets on Groupon for the Characters in Flight (for more info about Characters in flight, read my first post  here) and we wanted to get to ride it but at that moment it was docked. However after chatting with Kristy we noticed that they put the balloon back in the air, so we hurried over to ride it before our 7:30 reservation at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian.

On the way there, we saw this neat street performer

232323232%7Ffp5434 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; (5 934;nu0mrj

Characters in Flight

At the booth you can also get these posters and a certificate of flight (for an additional price.)

232323232%7Ffp54369)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; (9;434;nu0mrj

Regular prices, adult $18 each, child $12, so with out group on we saved $16, nice! 232323232%7Ffp54378)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; (9;334;nu0mrj

Wow, we are going up there?! 🙂 looking up

Up there!232323232%7Ffp54433)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; (9;634;nu0mrj

Here is Buzz on the hand painted balloon232323232%7Ffp54354)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; (9;834;nu0mrj

Under side of balloon232323232%7Ffp54435)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3927534;nu0mrj

Going up!232323232%7Ffp54433)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3926634;nu0mrj

View of Cirque de Soleil232323232%7Ffp54396)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3 4 734;nu0mrj

Pleasure Island232323232%7Ffp543(3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3926934;nu0mrj

We can see all the way to Epcot232323232%7Ffp54375)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3 4 34;nu0mrj

Us at 300 ft up232323232%7Ffp54385)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3 4;334;nu0mrj

Saratoga Springs and some other resorts232323232%7Ffp543(8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3926;34;nu0mrj

Downtown Disney and Beyond232323232%7Ffp5439 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3 4;734;nu0mrj

View of Florida232323232%7Ffp54346)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3927334;nu0mrj

Our Shadow looming over Disney232323232%7Ffp54377)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3;3(634;nu0mrj

View directly underneath us232323232%7Ffp54368)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3;43234;nu0mrj

Epcot ball232323232%7Ffp543 9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; (5;834;nu0mrj

Dolphin Hotel232323232%7Ffp7349;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; (5;934;nu0mrj More Hotels
232323232%7Ffp54357)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(6(434;nu0mrj

Balloon 232323232%7Ffp543;;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(232;;34;nu0mrj

Hubby in the air232323232%7Ffp734 7)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(6(634;nu0mrj

Candy Cauldron232323232%7Ffp543 3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(232(234;nu0mrj

We were up about 300 ft (instead of the full 400) and there were only 9 of us on board (which is a 1/3 of the balloons capacity) due to the winds, but it was a really cool view and something neat to share with the whole family, I recommend checking it out when you have some free time downtown.

When we were down we realized we were closer to the Westside bus stop than the Market place so we got to the bus stop and picked the first bus heading towards the Grand Floridian, it was the Contemporary bus, so we took it, then got the monorail at the Contemporary to the Grand Floridian.

View from Monorail at Contemporary

232323232%7Ffp73492)nu=3642)7 ;)553)27337 ;64425 ot1lsi

1900 Park Fare

232323232%7Ffp543;6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3927834;nu0mrj

1900 Park Fare is a character dining experience, this one includes Cinderella, Prince Charming, Anastasia, Drizela and Lady Tremaine. You go check in and like Ohana (as well as the other character dining experiences) they take your picture and you can purchase them if you don’t have the photopass + after dinner.

Here are our shots

my prince 1900After our photo session we were sat and congratulated on our anniversary and told we had about 20 minutes before the characters came out, so we went to scope out the buffet

232323232%7Ffp543;7)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(6(734;nu0mrj

We were also given these lovely place mats to keep for our anniversary, I thought they were super cute!232323232%7Ffp54392)nu=3647); ;)5;;)2738; ;6 (25 ot1lsi

This buffet had everything from sushi to paella to strawberry soup and gummy bears (yes, we got some with dessert!)

I tried the sushi, the chicken marsala, the paella and some pasta salad232323232%7Ffp54372)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(232(334;nu0mrj

Kris got some of the roast, mashed potatoes and some stewed chicken232323232%7Ffp73479)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(232(434;nu0mrj

Hidden Mickey?232323232%7Ffp543(5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(232(634;nu0mrj

Then Cinderella and Prince Charming came out and had their first dance232323232%7Ffp54349)nu=3642)4(3)297)27334(338825 ot1lsi

Drizella232323232%7Ffp73487)nu=3642)4(3)299)27334(338 25 ot1lsi

For our anniversary they also brought us the Mickey celebration cupcakes232323232%7Ffp73487)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(73634;nu0mrj

How cute is this chocolate Mickey?

232323232%7Ffp73488)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2333834;nu0mrj

First came Prince Charming and Kris asked him for tips on how to keep his princess (me) happy for ever. The Prince told him to always smile and that will help with our happily ever after 🙂

232323232%7Ffp54345)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(73734;nu0mrj

Kris and Prince Charming232323232%7Ffp73475)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(73834;nu0mrj

Me and Charming232323232%7Ffp543(8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(73934;nu0mrj

Lady Tremaine232323232%7Ffp734;5)nu=3642)4(3)29;)27334(338(25 ot1lsi

Kris and Lady Tremaine232323232%7Ffp54387)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(73 34;nu0mrj

Me and Lady Tremaine, I was trying to look snarky too but I think I just look scared, lol! 232323232%7Ffp54353)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;(73;34;nu0mrj

Dessert complete with Strawberry soup and yes, gummy bears 🙂 232323232%7Ffp543(6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2333334;nu0mrj

There is cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate mousse and a lemon custard here

Anastasia and I 232323232%7Ffp73496)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2333534;nu0mrj

Kris and Anastasia232323232%7Ffp54345)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;975934;nu0mrj

Anastasia was trip, Kris was telling her about our anniversary and she told us to show Drizella my engagement ring, because she would be so jealous (since it is green, which is her favorite.)

My rings (gratuitous wedding picture)

232323232%7Ffp63599)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=34(44598 534;nu0mrj

After that Cinderella came by and she was really full on Cinderella, she was very sweet and was so happy that I had found my prince like she had (reminded me of Giselle  in Enchanted.)

Me and Cinderella232323232%7Ffp734 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2333634;nu0mrj

My handsome prince with Cinderella232323232%7Ffp734;5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;975 34;nu0mrj

Cinderella’s autograph


Then Drizella came over, she was our favorite, she asked if we had had Cinderella clean for us. Kris told her no, that we were taking it easy on her. She responded, “Why, that is why we invited her, to clean. That is why she is wearing gloves!” Lol

After that we showed her my rings and she was just overwhelmed with them and very jealous, she was too fun.

Us with Drizela
232323232%7Ffp543;5)nu=3642)4(3)2 3)27334(339425 ot1lsi

The step families’ autograph page


We had alot of fun and after we ate and met with all the characters, we decided to head out and hit the Magic Kingdom for some shopping and our Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom cards, but as we were leaving we found this

The Grand Floridian’s second annual Easter Egg Display

232323232%7Ffp54362)nu=3642)5 )8(9)27335 9; 25 ot1lsi

Huge Hand painted Chocolate Easter Bunny232323232%7Ffp734 4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2334334;nu0mrj

Pink egg with filigree and flowers232323232%7Ffp543 5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2334434;nu0mrj

There was a beautiful Tangled egg, it was our favorite232323232%7Ffp73477)nu=3642)4(3)2 9)27334(339 25 ot1lsi

Maximus and Rapunzel232323232%7Ffp5438;)nu=3642)4(3)2 5)27334(339625 ot1lsi

232323232%7Ffp543;9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3927 34;nu0mrj

232323232%7Ffp543; )nu=3642)4(3)2 ;)27334(339(25 ot1lsi

The Magic flower topped the egg232323232%7Ffp54395)nu=3642)4(3)2 7)27334(339825 ot1lsi

Rapunzel and Flynn232323232%7Ffp543;3)nu=3642)5 )955)27335 4625 ot1lsi
232323232%7Ffp54375)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3;43934;nu0mrj

A lion King egg, Hakuna Matata theme with Zazu perched on top232323232%7Ffp5439;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3928334;nu0mrj

Wall-e egg with little bug on top

232323232%7Ffp543(9)nu=3642)5 )93;)27335 2(25 ot1lsi

Wall-e and Eve inside232323232%7Ffp54379)nu=3642)7 ;)559)27337 ;64 25 ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp734;5)nu=3642)5 )939)27335 2 25 ot1lsi

Aladdin egg
232323232%7Ffp543 3)nu=3642)5 )937)27335 2825 ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp543 9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3;43834;nu0mrj

Robin egg, Lion King and Fairy tree

232323232%7Ffp543;;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;;977634;nu0mrj

Dumbo’s Circus

232323232%7Ffp734 5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2337534;nu0mrj

Gold leaf egg & flower egg

232323232%7Ffp54366)nu=3642)7 ;)555)27337 ;64625 ot1lsi

Flower egg with Dragon Fly

232323232%7Ffp543;8)nu=3642)4(3)2;3)27334(33 425 ot1lsi

Gold leaf egg232323232%7Ffp54359)nu=3642)4(3)2;5)27334(33 625 ot1lsi

Tea Party egg

232323232%7Ffp543 5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3;43634;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp73488)nu=3642)4(3)2;9)27334(33 25 ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp543; )nu=3642)5 )8;;)27335 9 (25 ot1lsiQueen of hearts egg
232323232%7Ffp734 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3;43534;nu0mrjAlice tea pot egg with Dormouse

232323232%7Ffp543 2)nu=3642)5 )8(;)27335 9;(25 ot1lsi

Filmstrip egg

232323232%7Ffp54434)nu=3642)5 )945)27335 3625 ot1lsi

Snow White Egg

232323232%7Ffp734 6)nu=3642)5 )953)27335 4425 ot1lsi

Seven Dwarves232323232%7Ffp73498)nu=3642)4(3)2;7)27334(33 825 ot1lsi

Sleeping Beauty egg- Aurora232323232%7Ffp734 9)nu=3642)5 )94;)27335 3(25 ot1lsi

Prince Phillip and Fairies232323232%7Ffp734 9)nu=3642)7 ;)557)27337 ;64825 ot1lsi

Brave Egg- Merida232323232%7Ffp73499)nu=3642)5 )949)27335 3 25 ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp5434 )nu=3642)5 )947)27335 3825 ot1lsi

Her brothers as bears232323232%7Ffp543;9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3927;34;nu0mrj

Mickey egg232323232%7Ffp54345)nu=3642)5 )943)27335 3425 ot1lsi

Happy Easter

232323232%7Ffp54373)nu=3642)5 )8(5)27335 9;625 ot1lsi

Cinderella’s mouse made dress egg232323232%7Ffp73478)nu=3642)5 )8(7)27335 9;825 ot1lsi

I was blown away by the artistry of these eggs and the entire area smelled of chocolate, was a really exciting holiday themed display. If you go to Disney during a holiday be sure to check the Grand Floridian, they always seem to do something Disney special (like the huge gingerbread house during Christmas.)

We did our pin trading and some shopping at the Grand Floridian before we left (I bought a present for someone special, a Trixie pin for hubby, and a figment pin for me.)

Surprise- still has not been given to recipient

quIt’s just a dinosaur!  trixie

Figment 30th anniversary pin buttonfigmentWe got back on the monorail and went to the Magic Kingdom.  We got in during the parade and ran to the firehouse, got our cards, then to customer relations for pin trading, and off to the Emporium to get some souvenirs for our friends.

This precious Mickey even has a rattle inside, for our friends new little one


And this awesome tank which says, “one shoe can change your life” and has a shoe for each princess, for Steph 🙂 092_zps4ce20ce4

Did I mention I love the emporium, has something for everyone.

It was getting cold and late and the water pageant didn’t seem like it would be around our side anytime soon, so we got on the bus and watched the fireworks as we headed back to our hotel. Was a perfect ending to our night.

Day 7 will be a full day of Epcot starting with a character breakfast at Akerhus.


Disney Anniversary Trip- Day 2- Magic Kingdom- Character meet n greet, Be Our Guest Restaurant and Celebrations

Good morning to all, so yesterday we left off after conquering Cruella Deville during our Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom experience. Today we are going to finish our 2nd day of  the Magic Kingdom with a bang, we got to meet some awesome characters and see some truly amazing things. Starting off with these topiaries.

Sea Monster- I really love the use of the blue flowers for water

232323232%7Ffp5437;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 8934;nu0mrj

Mickey and his girl Minnie in front of Cinderella’s Castle
232323232%7Ffp54354)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;5734;nu0mrj

Cinderella’s Castle232323232%7Ffp54392)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 9234;nu0mrj

The amazing mosaics depicting Cinderella’s story

Lady Tremaine and step sisters with poor Cinderella cleaning and cooking

232323232%7Ffp54399)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2(;4834;nu0mrj

Fairy Godmother232323232%7Ffp54382)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;6234;nu0mrj
Cinderella running away at Midnight
232323232%7Ffp543 8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2(;4934;nu0mrj

Finding out the shoe fits Cinderella232323232%7Ffp7348;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(35 3;34;nu0mrj

Prince Charming taking Cinderella away as his wife232323232%7Ffp73496)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2(;4 34;nu0mrj

Then we went and checked out Mike Wazowski’s Laugh Floor, you can text in jokes and they chose some and read them, ours didn’t get picked but some were cute

232323232%7Ffp54353)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;3634;nu0mrj

What the critics are saying, cute board with little news paper clippings and quotes from Mike’s parents about the show

232323232%7Ffp73496)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(35 3834;nu0mrj

The show is fun, there are three acts and the first one seems to vary from a male/male Siamese monster to a male/female one and their act was different both times we went. The second is Barry Boyle and he was funny both times, but the guy doing his part the second time around was absolutely hysterical, we still talk about it… ASHLEY!!! Lol!

The last act is Marty, Mike’s nephew and he reads the audience’s jokes. That is the end of the show, the canister is filled with laughter, so the monsters get power, we get entertained, and everyone wins.

Then we headed over to Buzz’s Space Rangers again where I found this hidden Mickey, we did pretty good this time too, but sadly still not Galactic Heroes. One Day!

232323232%7Ffp73489)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;4334;nu0mrj

After we beat up Emperor Zurg, we realized we should probably start heading back to Fantasyland for our Anniversary dinner at Be Our Guest and on our way there we found out that Gaston was in front of his tavern, so we ran over there to meet him.

Gaston giving Kris tips on his hair.  He said that he really should wear a ponytail, like he does if he wants to get the most of his hair, lol!!


Gaston got his own page since we didn’t know we could meet him and he took advantage of that pageDSC01945

Check out these manly men!Aren’t I lucky!?! 🙂 gastonpose

Once we were done hanging out with Gaston, we checked in for our reservation at Be Our Guest and were told it would be a few minutes and the waiting area is on the bridge of the castle, so we walked around and took some pictures of the beautiful area.

Be our Guest sign

232323232%7Ffp54397)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;6 34;nu0mrj

Gargoyle lamp posts on bring, referencing the gargoyles on the building232323232%7Ffp54392)nu=3642)345)4(5)27333455;625 ot1lsi

Beast Castle at Dusk, looks creepy and cold232323232%7Ffp543 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;7534;nu0mrj

Under the bridge232323232%7Ffp7348 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;75 34;nu0mrj

Close up of the gargoyle232323232%7Ffp54393)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;76234;nu0mrj

Entrance to the castle, once it is your time to be seated, the host/hostess comes out and announces that Beast requests your parties’ presence and you are escorted inside.232323232%7Ffp54354)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;7;34;nu0mrjMosaic depicting Beast’s trail with the Sorceress

232323232%7Ffp54345)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(35 4234;nu0mrj

Inside Beast’s ballroom

The ballroom ceiling, it looks just like the movie, was breath-taking

232323232%7Ffp73494)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;76434;nu0mrj

View from our table, it appears to be snowing outside232323232%7Ffp5437;)nu=3642)345)4(9)27333455; 25 ot1lsi

My Prince with a rose just for me (It is actually our napkins, wrapped like roses, so cute!)232323232%7Ffp734 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;76734;nu0mrj

Better view of the snow out the window232323232%7Ffp54369)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;9334;nu0mrj As I went walking around to check out the windows, I found the dessert carts
232323232%7Ffp543(8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;9934;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp543;2)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;76 34;nu0mrj

Really cool view of the “outside” 232323232%7Ffp543(4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;9;34;nu0mrj

The snow232323232%7Ffp54382)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 234;nu0mrjView of the Ballroom from the window area

232323232%7Ffp543;6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 434;nu0mrj

So as I was wondering I got lost and stumbled into the west wing, alone! I know, like something straight out of Beauty and the Beast.  I was so excited to have discovered this that, I foolishly went in without hubby, wasn’t think, whoops! Later it became the joke, that hubby was beast and I was not to go to the west wing, lol!

Anyways, here are the pictures of the forbidden west wing!

Prince’s picture with claw marks232323232%7Ffp5437 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 634;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54348)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 834;nu0mrj

Enchanted Rose232323232%7Ffp54353)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;77334;nu0mrj

Window where rose pedestal sits232323232%7Ffp734 7)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 34;nu0mrj

View of entire room232323232%7Ffp54385)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; ;34;nu0mrj

The Food

Kris got the French Onion soup232323232%7Ffp73479)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;;234;nu0mrj

I got the mussels232323232%7Ffp734 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;;434;nu0mrj

Some gooey cheese on the top of that soup232323232%7Ffp543;9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;;534;nu0mrj

The soup was good, had a nice amount of cheese, the mussels were pretty good, but hubby thought mine were better. 🙂


Kris got the Thyme-scented Pork Rack Chop with Au Gratin Macaroni, Seasonal Vegetables, and Red Wine Jus.232323232%7Ffp54375)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;77434;nu0mrj

I got the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops with Seasonal Vegetables served in Puff Pastry with a Creamy Lobster Sauce.232323232%7Ffp734;6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;;734;nu0mrj

Truthfully both entrees were just ok, I liked Kris’ macaroni gratin but the pork was ok and the veggies were just eh, my dish was ok, the shrimp and scallops were cooked nicely but the puff pastry was boring and there was so much of it.

Now time for dessert

I ordered Strawberry-Cream Cheese Cupcake232323232%7Ffp54376)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;77634;nu0mrj

Hubby got Lemon-Raspberry Cream Puff232323232%7Ffp5434;)nu=3642)4(2);(3)27334(2(;425 ot1lsi

The strawberry cupcake was awesome, we really enjoyed it, both dishes were really pretty too, mine had a pink colored chocolate sliver and the little chocolate caviar balls. The puff had a piece of chocolate with be our guest written on it. The custard inside was nice.

We were on our anniversary for this trip and even made sure it was known on all our dinner reservations and I checked our slip at Be Our Guest and it said anniversary, but our server never even mentioned it. We saw tons of table around us with the grey stuff (which I saw and had to try) so when our server tried to rush us out with the check, we asked and she brought it over.

The Grey Stuff232323232%7Ffp543(9)nu=3642)4(2);(7)27334(2(;825 ot1lsi

You know like in the movie, Lumiere says, “Try the Grey stuff, it delicious. Don’t believe us ask the dishes.”

Well we tried it and it was delicious, it is a cookie and cream panna cotta with the chocolate caviar. So glad Kris asked 🙂

The dining experience itself was probably one of our least favorite of the trip but that was mostly due to the service, I am guessing since the restaurant is new and highly sought after the wait staff hasn’t got the kinks out yet.  I know we will definitely give them another shot to impress, even if it is just to sit in the west wing and eat grey stuff for our meal 🙂

Once we were done eating I took hubby to the West Wing, so he could see it for himself, since I was silly and went alone.

Another view of the enchanted rose232323232%7Ffp54387)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 3;(834;nu0mrj

Shredded Tapestry232323232%7Ffp54359)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 3;(;34;nu0mrj

The Enchanted Mirror232323232%7Ffp543;;)nu=3642)4;;)3(;)27334;;4;(25 ot1lsi

Really awesome Griffin232323232%7Ffp734;3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 3;( 34;nu0mrj

Another destroyed Tapestry232323232%7Ffp7348 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;77;34;nu0mrj

From there, we got to seek audience with the beast

beastHe is huge and that being said, does not sign autographs, I don’t think they make pens big enough for him anywhere.

From there we went through the  hall with the suits of armor and it was really cool, one was snoring and the other woke him up and they had a conversation while we were there, was a fun detail

232323232%7Ffp54434)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;78234;nu0mrj

Suit of Armor232323232%7Ffp543 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423234;nu0mrj

Hidden Mickey on the Axe232323232%7Ffp543; )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;78334;nu0mrj

Another really neat suit of Armor
232323232%7Ffp54399)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;78434;nu0mrj

The entrance to the ballroom232323232%7Ffp54365)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423434;nu0mrj

The minotaur holding up the pillar232323232%7Ffp7348 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423634;nu0mrj

Another wonderfully detailed mosaic by the bathrooms232323232%7Ffp543;4)nu=3642)4(2);(;)27334(2(;(25 ot1lsi

The decor and detail were truly magical, I was really impressed, one of the prettiest restaurants on Disney property in my opinion.

So to sum it up, food was good but nothing truly outstanding (with exception of the cupcake and grey stuff) and the service could have been better but it was a really beautiful restaurant and you have to try it, if only to be wowed by the view and the details.

After dinner we rode some rides and did some pin trading (more on that after the trip report.) I remembered I got glow bracelets while we were waiting to ride space mountain, now the party can start, lol!

232323232%7Ffp7349;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423934;nu0mrj

The roof on the little shop by were the 7 dwarves mine cart with be, loved it:) 232323232%7Ffp54395)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423 34;nu0mrj

Cinderella’s fountain positioned so the crown is on Cinderella’s head232323232%7Ffp73487)nu=3642)4(3)233)27334(332425 ot1lsi

Aurora’s dress232323232%7Ffp543(3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424234;nu0mrj

In the store you can hear the fairies bickering about the color and the dress does change from pink to blue, but I only caught the pink232323232%7Ffp734 4)nu=3642)4(3)235)27334(332625 ot1lsi

Really perfect book we saw in the store232323232%7Ffp734 8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424434;nu0mrj

Had Rapunzel and Flynn’s Tangled Ever After Story232323232%7Ffp73475)nu=3642)4(3)237)27334(332825 ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp54375)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424534;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp543(6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424634;nu0mrj

Cinderella’s Original dress in the boutique232323232%7Ffp543 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424834;nu0mrj

Really neat window on Mickey’s store232323232%7Ffp7348;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424934;nu0mrj

We stopped at Cinderella’s fountain to take some pictures on our way out, but noticed something was happening on the castle. 232323232%7Ffp73477)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;79234;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp734 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424;34;nu0mrj

Was the coolest show ever, found out after it was called Celebrations232323232%7Ffp543;7)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;79534;nu0mrj

Beauty and the Beast projected on the castle232323232%7Ffp73489)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 425334;nu0mrj

And what a perfect ending to our anniversary night, the Tangled Lanterns floating up the castle, was so beautiful, I teared up a bit. 232323232%7Ffp54352)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 425434;nu0mrj

On our way out I snapped this pic of the window on the Emporium (I told you they had pretty window) of beauty and the beast in the ballroom dancing. I thought it was the perfect ending shot to a great day.232323232%7Ffp54434)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;79934;nu0mrj

So that is it for day 2, tomorrow is Hollywood Studios.

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Disney Anniversary Trip- Day 2- Magic Kingdom- Story time with Belle,LeFou’s Brew, Dole Whips, and Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom

Good morning and happy Monday to everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know we did.

So where were we?232323232%7Ffp54376)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;966; 34;nu0mrj

Oh yeah, Day 2, Magic Kingdom. From the Haunted Mansion we wandered around Tomorrow land, then grabbed a quick bite to eat at Cosmic Ray’s

Angus Bacon and Cheeseburger and Fries

232323232%7Ffp54373)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 9(434;nu0mrj

Was a decent burger but nothing special, if I had my choice from now on, I will do only sit downs at Disney, the food is definitely far supreme and much more exciting, but a burger will always do in a pinch. We also had a cup of carrot cake which was good but the icing was kinda soft and not the best carrot cake of the trip.

Sonny Eclipse inside Cosmic Ray’s232323232%7Ffp543(2)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 9(534;nu0mrj

from there we ventured to the new Fantasyland to officially see Beast’s Castle 232323232%7Ffp54396)nu=363;);;2)5 3)272(;;269425 ot1lsi

Then we decided to go see Story time with Belle, which I had heard good things about232323232%7Ffp73487)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9947634;nu0mrj

Belle’s Cottage

Up close shot of Beast’s castle

232323232%7Ffp73496)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 9(634;nu0mrj

Shot of Castle from the line232323232%7Ffp734 2)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9947934;nu0mrj

Hubby doing his Gaston pose232323232%7Ffp73479)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 9(734;nu0mrj

Belle and her Mother232323232%7Ffp54366)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 9(834;nu0mrj

Maurice’s workshop, prototype of music box232323232%7Ffp734 3)nu=363;);;2)5 5)272(;;269625 ot1lsi

Shelves full of gadgets232323232%7Ffp54379)nu=363;);;2)5 7)272(;;269825 ot1lsi

Flying machine on ceiling232323232%7Ffp543(4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9948634;nu0mrj

Blue print of wood cutting machine from Beauty and The Beast232323232%7Ffp54356)nu=363;);;2)5 9)272(;;269 25 ot1lsi

Really cool chandilier designed for Belle’s reading232323232%7Ffp734 ;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9948 34;nu0mrj

Magic Mirror, that takes us back to when Belle and Beast first fell in love232323232%7Ffp54358)nu=363;);;2)5 ;)272(;;269(25 ot1lsi

After we walked through, we met Deb 232323232%7Ffp543 4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9949334;nu0mrj

Close up of Deb, she looked really impressive 232323232%7Ffp54394)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9949434;nu0mrjDeb is where the show starts, apparently the castle wants to surprise Belle with her own story, since she loves books so much and they enlist the audience to act as the cast. My Prince was picked for one of the Knights

232323232%7Ffp5436 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9949734;nu0mrj

Lumiere232323232%7Ffp54432)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 3;34;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp543;3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 4334;nu0mrj

Belle232323232%7Ffp734 7)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 4534;nu0mrj

I was really impressed with the animatronics and acting in this show, Belle was very pretty and her voice was great, and my hubby’s performance was spot on!

Some better shots of Lumiere232323232%7Ffp54379)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 5434;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54394)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 5534;nu0mrj

Best Knight Ever!knight

Hubby with Belle after the showbelleandknight

For being part of the show, Kris got this awesome book mark



And a keepsake photopass, since they take pictures of the whole show for the entire castDSC01928

It was really cute to watch all the little kids acting but even funnier to watch my husband and the other guy chosen to play the knights, march for half the show, turns out only Kris can follow orders, the other guy stopped after like 10 seconds, lol!

After the show we turned the corner and found this!

Gaston’s Tavern, too cool!232323232%7Ffp7347;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9499334;nu0mrj

Gaston Fountain

232323232%7Ffp54347)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9499534;nu0mrj

Given to Gaston by himself, love it!232323232%7Ffp54362)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 5734;nu0mrj

We stepped inside and decided to use our first snack credit and share Lefou’s brew (cannot use snack credit on souvenir glasses, though)
232323232%7Ffp73478)nu=363;);;2)5;9)272(;;26 25 ot1lsi

Lefou’s brew- Frozen Apple Juice with a hint of Toasted Marshmallow and topped with all Natural Passion fruit-mango foam

Foam Mustache’s are cool232323232%7Ffp54386)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 5;34;nu0mrj

and cold!232323232%7Ffp734 4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;949 234;nu0mrj

The drink was really good, but I think I gave myself brain freeze a million times. The marshmallow with the apple juice was really nice, one of my favorite drinks of the trip.

Gaston, framed in the Tavern. Everything in the space looked just like the movie. I was really amazed and how well the small space was used.232323232%7Ffp734 5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 6234;nu0mrj

The even had Gaston’s chair and I have to say, Hubby really does a great Gaston impression!232323232%7Ffp73493)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 6434;nu0mrj

Faux fireplace232323232%7Ffp54383)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;949 534;nu0mrj

I use antlers in all of my decorating!232323232%7Ffp734;5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 6634;nu0mrj

Next Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Eric’s seaside castle232323232%7Ffp54356)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 6734;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54368)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;949 ;34;nu0mrj

Sea Urchin Stanchion – I love the Patina232323232%7Ffp543 4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;949;334;nu0mrj

Water fall in the line area232323232%7Ffp5434;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 6934;nu0mrj

Barnacle and starfish detailing232323232%7Ffp54356)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(2;;34;nu0mrj

Beautiful lantern in line232323232%7Ffp54345)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 6;34;nu0mrj

Note for audience- regarding the crabs who help Scuttle sort the human stuff while you are waiting in line232323232%7Ffp543 ;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(2(234;nu0mrj

pieces of a ship in the grotto232323232%7Ffp543 5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7234;nu0mrj
Here is one of the crabs, the are projected in the glass through out the line and the do various things, they are pretty cute and definitely give you something to do while you wait232323232%7Ffp54434)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(2( 34;nu0mrj

Another crab232323232%7Ffp54393)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7334;nu0mrj

wreckage in the grotto232323232%7Ffp54346)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(33;34;nu0mrj

Glass floats and a possible hidden Mickey232323232%7Ffp54356)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7534;nu0mrj

Another crab232323232%7Ffp54386)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7634;nu0mrj

really looks like Ariel’s grotto232323232%7Ffp543(9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(34934;nu0mrj

I think that crab really likes that comb232323232%7Ffp7348;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7734;nu0mrj

The line was neat, however, the ride is identical to the one in Disneyland once you get in. You go through the story of the little mermaid very quickly, some parts are really cut out, however, on the way out you hear Scuttle say that is the story how he remembers it. So that makes it make more sense, since he wasn’t under the water and missed some stuff.

Ariel outside the ride as part of a ship232323232%7Ffp73492)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7834;nu0mrj

After going under the sea, we thought we would head back to Frontierland and check is Big Thunder Mountain was working, we wandered through Rapunzel’s Bathroom area on the way so we could experience it in the daylight

Rapunzel’s Tower

232323232%7Ffp73479)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 8634;nu0mrj

Bathroom area232323232%7Ffp54373)nu=3642)345)4;;)27333455 (25 ot1lsi

I found a mini Rapunzel232323232%7Ffp54368)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7934;nu0mrj

Hookhand’s Piano performance poster

232323232%7Ffp54399)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7 34;nu0mrj

Vladamir’s display of tiny ceramic unicorns 🙂 232323232%7Ffp73497)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(37834;nu0mrj

Stroller parking area232323232%7Ffp543;2)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 7;34;nu0mrj

Hubby232323232%7Ffp54388)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(37;34;nu0mrj

Beautiful lanterns232323232%7Ffp543;2)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 8234;nu0mrj

Lantern and Pennats

232323232%7Ffp734;4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(38634;nu0mrj

Sun Armor and Frying Pan232323232%7Ffp54348)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 8334;nu0mrj

Flynn’s Satchel232323232%7Ffp734 2)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(39534;nu0mrj

Look Closely232323232%7Ffp543;6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 8434;nu0mrj

Did you find Pascal?! 🙂

232323232%7Ffp54435)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2(;4634;nu0mrj

Beautiful Rapunzel painting on walls232323232%7Ffp54388)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 8534;nu0mrj

I am really happy we experienced the new area in the day, was so much we missed the night before and I loved the little details, especially Pascal, nice touch!

Once I was sufficiently certain there was no more little secrets in the area, we set on the quest of getting our first Dole Whip, for years I have heard about the wonders of the Dole whip and we were determined to check it out. So off to Aloha Isle we went and the line was a sign we had made it to our destination. Once we made it to the front of the line we were overwhelmed with what exactly a Dole Whip was, so we asked a cast member for her favorite and got that. It was the citrus swirl (orange and vanilla soft serve) with pineapple juice floater.

232323232%7Ffp54348)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(3 934;nu0mrj

It was delicious but now I am curious about all the other varieties. The ice cream reminded me of an Orange Julius and the pineapple juice made a nice compliment to the sweetness.

When we finished our  snack, we headed to big Thunder where they let us use our fast pass since the ride was finally working! we moved on to check out the new Sorcerer’s of The Magic Kingdom game.

We found the area in Liberty Square (behind the Christmas shoppe and next to Tiana’s garden) to enlist in Merlin’s Army and become apprentice sorcerers, sorcerer Mickey hat optional (like Dumbledore’s Army but with cards instead of wands, lol!)

232323232%7Ffp54393)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2 55634;nu0mrj

The goal is to help the wizard Merlin fight the forces of evil in this interactive role-playing game.

Hades, god of the Underworld, is looking to make the Magic Kingdom  his new home. However in order to do so, he must reassemble the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom, whose 4 shards are  hidden throughout the park. Also, the other Disney villains are helping him retrieve the pieces, and it’s up to us to stop them!

Once we enlisted (gave the cast member our keys to the kingdom to get us into the system and ensure we only got one pack of cards) we were given a key, a really cool map and a set of cards each. Then we were taken to a portal to be shown how to cast spells and open portals throughout the park.


Once we had been trained off we went to the first place on our map which was on Main Street USA, we were fighting Cruella Deville this round

So we headed to Main Street and after searching the area found our marker, placed our key against the key hole and the portal opened

Pongo filling us in on Cruella’s plot to steal the puppies and take the crystal
232323232%7Ffp543 ;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(35 3734;nu0mrj

Cruella before we cast a spell232323232%7Ffp543 9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2(;4734;nu0mrj

From there we moved to this portal232323232%7Ffp54394)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 8734;nu0mrj

They are in really clever spots, like a window display in the Emporium232323232%7Ffp543 3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(3; 34;nu0mrjWe continued going from portal to portal throughout Main Street Usa, including in a shop and the train station,  switching off from our spells and eventually we defeated Cruella. Our next mission was in Fantasyland if we chose to accept it.

We never did find the time on the trip to continue to Fantasyland and find out who our next Villain would be but we did enjoy the adventure. We also loved the cards, which we found out you could come back every day of your trip and get a new pack, which we did on most days, makes for a fun souvenir.

There are two places in the Magic Kingdom to join the fight, behind the Christmas shoppe like we did and the Fire station in Main Street USA, hope you check it out when you are at the park.

232323232%7Ffp54362)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(3;87234;nu0mrj

 I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, tomorrow we will finish our Second day of the trip and venture inside Beast’s Castle for Dinner

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Disney Anniversary Trip- Day 1- Night Time Magic at The Magic Kingdom and Cake

Good morning everyone, hope you all are enjoying the trip report as much as I am enjoying writing it. Today we are going to finally finish day one of our trip. Like I said yesterday, we will be riding some rides, seeing some fireworks and enjoying the Electric light parade and then finishing the evening with CAKE!!

I know yesterdays post was super long, so today will be a much smaller posting.

Once we made our way to future world, Space Mountain wasn’t working, booo! So we rode the Astro Orbiter, it is pretty neat, it sits atop the people mover and you have to take an elevator to get there. Once you do you board a rocket and go even higher, from below this looks like a kiddie ride, but that thing moves fast! From above we got to see the first showing of the Electric light parade but we were going so fast I was afraid to take the camera out.232323232%7Ffp5439 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(258 234;nu0mrj

Then we headed over to be recruited by Buzz Lightyear to defeat Zurg!

232323232%7Ffp543(5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 9634;nu0mrj

Buzz, you look a little pale232323232%7Ffp73479)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(; 34;nu0mrjLoved the use of the giant View Master

Buzz’s Space Rangers was fun, I lost this round and we got stuck in the room where Zurg is shooting (where your pictures get taken) so I was blind by the end, but always a good time spinning in circles and shooting 🙂

Next up, Stitch’s Great Escape

232323232%7Ffp73487)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(258 334;nu0mrj
232323232%7Ffp54378)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 9734;nu0mrj

I enjoy this experience, I know some think it is a waste of time and yes, the chili dog smell is disgusting but I think it is fun.  The premise is that you are new recruits to the prisoner and you are going to do training today on level one transfers, when all of a sudden a level three prisoner (Stitch) gets captured and needs to be transferred. He is brought in and havoc in sues as he tries to escape the prison. Good times!

232323232%7Ffp7349;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;;234;nu0mrj

Level one prisoner

232323232%7Ffp54359)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;;534;nu0mrj

Orientation Debriefing232323232%7Ffp734;3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 9834;nu0mrj

Once inside things get dark and Stitch moves fast when you do see him. He spits, jumps on seats and yep, burps chili dogs. I think it is worth a go, so if you want to try something silly and kinda gross, check it out.

Once we got out we heard the first fireworks, so we found a seat in Future World over looking the Castle and enjoyed Wishes.

Here are some shots

232323232%7Ffp54363)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 9534;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp73492)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;9;34;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54368)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 9234;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54377)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;9534;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp73486)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(; 834;nu0mrj

After the show we headed back to Space Mountain hoping it was fixed and it was! And what was even better was someone was leaving and gave us their fast passes to go right then, so off we went!

Space Mountain is always fun, now that I overcame my childhood fear of it. I think we rode it three times this trip and got ride pics twice with our photopass + (will show those later.)

After we rode Space Mountain we started to make our way to the front of the park to leave when we found we were just in time for the Electrical Light Parade, so we stayed to watch since I hadn’t seen it since I was a child and hubby had never seen it.

On the way, we took some beautiful shots of Cinderella’s castle as it was changing colors

232323232%7Ffp73483)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(258 434;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp5435;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;8834;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp73492)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;8;34;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp73499)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;952(234;nu0mrj

Main Street, USA just before the Parade232323232%7Ffp54362)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;952(434;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp543;4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;952( 34;nu0mrj

Disney’s Electrical Light Parade


232323232%7Ffp734 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9533734;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54373)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9533934;nu0mrj

Disney Train232323232%7Ffp54358)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 334;nu0mrj

Goofy as conductor232323232%7Ffp543 8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9533 34;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54386)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9533;34;nu0mrj

Heading to Wonderland232323232%7Ffp734 ;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9534334;nu0mrj

Cheshire cat232323232%7Ffp543(7)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 834;nu0mrj

Who R U? Why, the Caterpillar of course 🙂 232323232%7Ffp7349 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9534734;nu0mrj

A hungry frog232323232%7Ffp73478)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 34;nu0mrj

Big Ben on the way to Neverland232323232%7Ffp73497)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 ;334;nu0mrj

Captain Hook’s ship232323232%7Ffp734;6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9535234;nu0mrj

Pete (he is on top but I am not sure you can see him) and Elliot232323232%7Ffp54433)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 ;734;nu0mrj

Patriotic Finale float232323232%7Ffp54387)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9535;34;nu0mrj

It was a really pretty parade but I am not the biggest fan of them, so now that I have seen it, I am ok until we have kids to show it to.

After that we did a little shopping, I got two scarves (Mickey and Maleficent) and the Fantasia flamingo wearing Mickey ears for my car antennae 🙂 Then headed back to the hotel via the bus.

On our way back to our room we spotted

A Dinglehopper232323232%7Ffp54349)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 ;934;nu0mrj

A Snarfblat232323232%7Ffp54346)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 ; 34;nu0mrj

and my precious!! Treasure 🙂 232323232%7Ffp73474)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;964;;34;nu0mrj

Do you like my hair up?232323232%7Ffp54358)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;964(234;nu0mrj

Or Down?232323232%7Ffp73482)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;964(334;nu0mrj

Or possibly?!

Where have you been? You are past curfew!232323232%7Ffp5437;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;964(434;nu0mrj

Oops, after sneaking past Triton we made our way back to our room and hubby found this.

232323232%7Ffp54436)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;964(534;nu0mrj

The Anniversary cake I had special made for our trip, it was a little melty, seeing as I had it delivered at 8:30 thinking we wouldn’t be out so late on our first day, HA!

 The cake was still pretty and tasted delicious (our wedding cake flavor, white cake and Bavarian cream) even though it turned my whole mouth purple!

We had a Tangled theme wedding and seeing as we were at Disney, we would be unable to do the traditional top-tier until after the trip, so I contacted the Art of Animation and got in touch with the baker at the Yacht Club (since they do the baking for the AoA) and had them created a Tangled themed mini cake for us to enjoy, complete with Tiara and a braid with flowers (I kept the sign, Tiara and flowers.)

Hubby’s artsy cake shot

232323232%7Ffp543(8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;964(834;nu0mrj

If you are staying on Disney property and want to order a cake call this number

407-827-2253.  It is Disney’s cake ordering hotline but to get an idea of what you want and what you can do check out this disboard forum, Cake Chatter. It really helped me get an idea of what could be done, prices and who best to contact.

So finally we are at the end of Day one, I told you this trip was a whirlwind of fun! I hope you enjoyed!

Tomorrow we start Day 2, a full day at the Magic Kingdom!

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Disney Anniversary Trip- Day 1- Ohana and Magic Kingdom

Hi guys, so this morning takes us to dinner. Well not dinner this morning but dinner on our first day of our trip at Ohana (means family) at the Polynesian Resort near the Magic Kingdom.

This is one of my favorite places, maybe because my family has always been fond of it, I am not sure. But I do love the laid back feel and the food is always great.

As you read last post to get to the Polynesian Resort we took the monorail from Epcot, this is a great option for this Epcot and Magic Kingdom because they are the only ones that you can utilize the monorail and just sit back and enjoy.

From the Epcot monorail you go to the ticketing area and can hop aboard another monorail straight to the Polynesian or you can walk which is what we did.

The really pretty walk from Ticketing to the Polynesian

First view of the Magic Kingdom

232323232%7Ffp7347;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;6(8;434;nu0mrj

Can you tell that we are in Florida
232323232%7Ffp73477)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2588534;nu0mrj

Trail into Hotel area232323232%7Ffp5437 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2588734;nu0mrj

bubbling water feature at Polynesian
232323232%7Ffp54378)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;6(8;934;nu0mrj

Remember I said that the buses go from hotel to park and park to hotel, well we could have taken the bus in this case since we were at Epcot and going to a hotel. However, the monorail is faster and only available between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, so we opted for it.

We will be showing many of the various ways around the parks throughout this trip. So hopefully you will get a good idea of how to get around. Now off to dinner.

232323232%7Ffp5438 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(7(834;nu0mrj

This little Tiki is all over the Polynesian hotel, even on the trash cans, he just makes me smile232323232%7Ffp543 7)nu=3642)267)8(3)27332679;425 ot1lsi

Our reservation was at 6 and I think we got there right at 6, they gave us a pager and we walked around looking at Kona Cafe and checking out some fun sushi on display at Kona Island.

Check this beautiful presentations

Not sure which one this is but the flowers really make the plate look happy

232323232%7Ffp7347 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(7(934;nu0mrj

Caterpillar roll, this one is too cute232323232%7Ffp5436;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8( ;;34;nu0mrj

Shortly after checking out this pretty displays our pager buzzed and we were off!

Here is the gorgeous view from our table

You can see all the way to Thunder Mountain

232323232%7Ffp54397)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8( (634;nu0mrj

These yellow flowers in this tree are so pretty, I couldn’t stop staring at them232323232%7Ffp54392)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8( (434;nu0mrj

Grand Floridian from our seats232323232%7Ffp54355)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(7( 34;nu0mrj

Now I know you have all been waiting for the real highlights, the food!

Ohana is a family style buffet, since Ohana does mean family, everyone calls you cousin and all the food you want is brought out on platters, so no having to get up for more 🙂

First up

Mixed Greens Salad with a Honey-Lime Dressing

232323232%7Ffp5439;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(7(;34;nu0mrj

It was pretty good, had bits of fruit and the dressing was nice

Pork Dumplings with Sweet-n-Sour Sauce & Honey-Coriander Chicken Wings

232323232%7Ffp7349;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(83234;nu0mrj

The dumplings had a nice flavor but were kinda too crunchy for me, but hubby liked the crunch. The wings however are one of my favorites and I do not like wings really. In fact I have replicated this sauce at home several times for drumsticks and chicken breasts, yum!

Here is the recipe for the honey coriander sauce


1/2 cup honey

1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce

1 tablespoon cornstarch

1/2 tablespoon chili powder

1/2 tablespoon fresh lime juice

1/2 tablespoon ground coriander

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger



Place all ingredients in a sauce pan.

Heat until hot.

Remove from heat and let cool. Serve with chicken wings.

Noodles, tossed in a Teriyaki Sauce with Fresh Vegetables Stir-fried Vegetables

232323232%7Ffp73496)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8( (834;nu0mrj

We truly LOVED these noodles, they were well seasoned and slightly sticky, yum! Will be looking for this recipe soon. Plus the veggies were nicely cooked and still had a crunch to them.

Grilled Chicken Skewer

232323232%7Ffp54385)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(83334;nu0mrj

These were nice, flavorful and tender

Char-Sui Pork Loin, Marinated Sirloin Steak, and Spicy Grilled Peel-n-Eat Shrimp
232323232%7Ffp73485)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8( ( 34;nu0mrj
The steak and the shrimp were really good, in fact I normally steer away from peel and eat cause they are so messy, but these were delish.
The Pork loin was not my cup of tea though, the sweet glaze seemed more like a separate component then a compliment to the pork.
Kris digging in to his steak, seems shocked by all this food!
232323232%7Ffp54372)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(83434;nu0mrj
Now on to my favorite part of Ohana, Dessert

‘Ohana Bread Pudding à la mode with Bananas Caramel Sauce
232323232%7Ffp734 ;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;3334;nu0mrj

I mean come on, look at this, doesn’t just make your mouth water?! Yum!
232323232%7Ffp54397)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(83534;nu0mrj
This is something that I have made at home and man, I thought mine was good until I tried this one and remembered just how much I love it.
Here is the recipe if you want to try it at home
5 eggs
3 cups whole milk
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 1/2 cup sugar
8 cups french bread
1. In bowl mix eggs, milk, salt, sugar, and nutmeg. Set aside.
2. Cut bread in medium (usually 2-inch) pieces and place on cookie sheet pan. Put in 350 degree oven.
3. Bake bread until lightly toasted: about 15 minutes. Remove bread and place in egg and milk mixture.
4. Place mixture in a greased 10-inch cake pan, and bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour.
5. Let stand 5 minutes; serve hot with ice cream.BANANAS FOSTER SAUCE
4 oz sugar
4 oz brown sugar
4 oz corn syrup
4 oz unsalted butter
1 cup heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup spiced rum
1 cup banana slices1. Combine sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, butter, and half of heavy cream in a large pan. Bring to a boil and slowly add remaining heavy cream keeping mixture at a steady boil.2. Add spiced rum and flambe.

3. Candy will brown slightly; cook 3 minutes until candy forms into a firm ball in cold water. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Add sliced bananas. Serve warm.

I hope you love it as much as we do 🙂

The bread pudding was just the right temp. and texture and the ice cream was great, but that sauce, oh my (as voiced by George Takei!) That sauce seemed to be magic, hubby kept pouring it on and it seemed like that little carafe would never empty. It was the clown car of the condiment world.
I have to say Ohana never disappoints which is great cause we had reservations to do it again for breakfast to try out the character dining with Lilo and Stitch!
So who is up for the Magic Kingdom?!
With full bellies (probably more full than should be allowed since we had just had a full meal in Italy only hours before dinner) we waddled our way back on the monorail to head to the Magic Kingdom.
We got there just after sunset with the hopes of enjoying the Haunted Mansion and maybe the fireworks. As with everything on this trip, we made every moment count.
Let the memories begin!
232323232%7Ffp54388)nu=3642)77;)595)273377;68625 ot1lsi
I am actually amazed these pictures were posed for truly, seeing I was so excited I could burst, oh wait, maybe that was just cause of dinner!232323232%7Ffp543 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(33 ;734;nu0mrj Main street usa Theater, this is where you can meet Rapunzel and some of the other Princess and Mickey (separate lines)
232323232%7Ffp5439;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(33 ;934;nu0mrj
Main Street, USA just after sunset
232323232%7Ffp54364)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2589234;nu0mrj
We ran through the park to get to my highly anticipated favorite ride of all the Haunted Mansion, I had heard about the new interactive line and had forbid myself from looking at any pictures, so it would be all new to me and I couldn’t wait.
Welcome Foolish Mortals, to the Haunted Mansion
 232323232%7Ffp73485)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;3;34;nu0mrj
And as I look at the beautiful mansion, I notice something in the distance shining, oh my goodness! It is Rapunzel’s tower! Eek! I know I must have squealed at this first glance, I was so excited. My two favorite things right next to each other (but you will get to see plenty of that in a bit, I promise.) Let me get back on track, lol!
232323232%7Ffp54436)nu=3642)77;)5 5)273377;69625 ot1lsi
Pet cemetary
232323232%7Ffp734;5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;4334;nu0mrj
The Interactive Queue
232323232%7Ffp54379)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;4834;nu0mrj
The five newest additions to the house, this new murder mystery
232323232%7Ffp543;4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;4534;nu0mrj
The new ghosts are

Bertie – Avid hunter and expert shot, in the end that’s what he got.

Aunt Florence – Never did a dishonorable deed. Yet found face down in canary seed.

Uncle Jacob – Greed was the poison he had swallowed. He went first, the others followed. His killer’s face he surely knew, now try to discover who killed who.

The Twins, Wellington & Forsythia – Departed life while in their beds, with identical bumps on identical heads.

Cousin Maude – Our sleeping beauty, who never awoke the night her dreams went up in smoke.

I was unable to get great pictures of them the first night, but I promise there are more later in our trip.

Supposedly this busts will whisper to guests about who killed them and let us help solve the mystery. Should be pretty neat. I liked their presence but as an avid Haunted Mansion fan, I would have preferred more new story lines with our more familiar ghosts.

That being said, I was THRILLED by the addition of a Tombstone for the Organist!

This piece is a work of art and when you touch the keys the organ plays, grim grinning, ghosts!!

232323232%7Ffp54389)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 7 34;nu0mrj232323232%7Ffp543 3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2589734;nu0mrj
Another very exciting modification is Master Gracey’s grave has been relocated from the yard to inside the queue for a much closer look for those who wish to pay their respects.232323232%7Ffp7347 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;5434;nu0mrj
Another fun addition is the Captain, which is a nod to the original concept of the house being owned by a sea captain232323232%7Ffp5439 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 8234;nu0mrj
Detail on the Captain’s grave232323232%7Ffp54372)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2589834;nu0mrj
Another fun thing about the Captain’s grave is every few minutes you hear a sneeze and water and bubbles shoot out the top of the tomb, frightening and dampening unsuspecting guests.
There is also  Prudence Pock, the “poetess” of the Haunted Mansion, she is working on her poetry. A glowing animated book resides inside, adorned with some decaying flowers.
232323232%7Ffp73478)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(348(734;nu0mrj
She can be overheard working on her poems and asks guests for rhyming suggestions and other questions if you speak to her.
Along with the new additions all the old tombs can be seen, some have also been moved closer for better viewing
232323232%7Ffp734 3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(348(634;nu0mrj Good Old Fred
232323232%7Ffp54383)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2589934;nu0mrj
There are also more interactive spaces which I just couldn’t get great shots of with the crowds, they are…

Two tombstones in the crypt are for the musicians of the Haunted Mansion. They have interactive wall plaques featuring numerous instruments that act as buttons. When guests press these instruments, the melody of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” can be heard playing from the crypt in that instrument’s sound. Guests pressing multiple instruments will hear all of them harmonize together.

Also a large new crypt area which represents the library scene. The two sides of this library crypt feature stone books that push in and out by themselves, much like in the actual library scene inside the Haunted Mansion.

The books on either side of the library crypt feature familiar Haunted Mansion images which include a dynamite barrel and a bust with an axe in its head. Supposedly these make up a “cryptogram” to be solved. Can’t wait to go back and figure that out.

As you finish going through the new area, you make your way towards the front doors and encounter the best tomb of all
Madame Leota
232323232%7Ffp54392)nu=363;);;2)569)272(;;265 25 ot1lsi
Dear Sweet Leota
Beloved by all
In Regions beyond now,
But having a ball
232323232%7Ffp54376)nu=363;);;2)567)272(;;265825 ot1lsi
By far my favorite tomb, she is animatronic and can be seen on occasion looking around with her beautiful green eyes.
Once inside I took one picture of my favorite parasol girl and decided to absorb the ride and atmosphere with hubby in our doom buggy
232323232%7Ffp543(9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;68 8834;nu0mrj
The wonderful parasol girl before her chilling transformation
The ride was better than I imagined, seeing as the last time I was there was over 5 years ago.
New art has been placed in the house, including the Hatchet man, whom some claim is the ghost host.
My Favorite addition to the attraction is the new hitch hiking ghost scene!
 After the ghost host warns you of their intent to follow you home, you see the gruesome trio standing just outside your doom buggy, then, you travel into the room of mirrors while Phineas, Ezra or Gus boarded your buggie and now they are much more active, we had our heads  swapped and are spirits pulled out playfully by Ezra and Gus throughout our trip, never got Phineas. Was really funny and such an improvement to the previous interaction where Gus for some reason was always sitting in my lap!
Was so exciting, but what was just around the corner was just as magical and maybe a little more magical to us because it was a Tangled area!
Look Rapunzel’s Tower!!!
232323232%7Ffp73475)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;7234;nu0mrj
I am not sure if you can see the huge grin here, but believe me, it is there!232323232%7Ffp54347)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;7434;nu0mrj
I was simply in awe, I mean we were just making our way to Space Mountain and figured we would check out Fantasyland the next day when we had our Anniversary dinner at Be Our Guest but Wham! We walked right in to paradise!
232323232%7Ffp73488)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;7534;nu0mrj
What is so funny about this area, is that it is restrooms and seating area, by far the best themed restrooms in all the parks.
Sending a lantern into the sky232323232%7Ffp5434 )nu=363;);;2)56;)272(;;265(25 ot1lsi
I wonder if Disney would let us do a vow renewal right here, it is just amazing and wait until you see it in the day time!
232323232%7Ffp543 )nu=3642)77;)5 ;)273377;69(25 ot1lsi
Check out these bathrooms232323232%7Ffp73486)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;8734;nu0mrj
Rapunzel hair on the traditional bathroom women’s sign232323232%7Ffp7347 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;7834;nu0mrj
Entry to the women’s room232323232%7Ffp543 5)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;7 34;nu0mrj
The walls232323232%7Ffp543 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;7;34;nu0mrj
The ceiling232323232%7Ffp7349 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;8234;nu0mrj
The sink area232323232%7Ffp54378)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;8434;nu0mrj
Book and Knick-knacks on a shelf232323232%7Ffp54396)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8(;8534;nu0mrj
Paint supplies
I also sent my prince to scope out the Guys side
232323232%7Ffp5435;)nu=3642)77;)5 9)273377;69 25 ot1lsi
Wanted posters and they are too cute, has that Flynn was pardoned and his nose is still not right!232323232%7Ffp54372)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2589 34;nu0mrj
And Frying pans, who knew?!
Wow, I have never been so awe-struck by a bathroom before, but these are really amazing.
Phew, I know this post has been long, so I will finish the Magic Kingdom tomorrow, complete with fireworks, The Electric Light parade and a surprise cake (yes, we really could eat more in one day!)

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Disney- See Ya Real Soon!!

The time has come! Tomorrow morning we are off to the promise land! Disney World!!! I cannot believe it is finally here.

Woke up this morning and this is what the countdown chain looks like

mickeyseeyaAs some of you may remember I started this chain at 180 days, this is what it looked like then

countdownlongIt nearly took up our entire stairwell and now, we have one little ring between us and the promise land!!

This is our first trip to Disney World together, our first wedding anniversary and our first Disney Vacation as husband and wife. Our first Disney trip was to Disneyland and that was where hubby proposed. So I get misty thinking back to that and now we are married and get to add some more misty memories to Disney, this time it is off to Disney World in Florida. Time for a fun and food filled week!

So I hope you guys can make it without me for a week, I will have months of Disney to share with you when we get home.

We have our ears all packed and we are off!

The Ears

Hubby in his Fedora ears I made

My Haunted Mansion Maid inspired head band, complete with Bat Stanchion as bow piecehauntedmansionears

My Rapunzel inspired Mickey Ear headband for breakfast with Princesses Friday!


So Disney,