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If one bad apple spoils the bunch, what about two?

New Poison Apple pieces for sale and Art by Kris Floyd

 Halloween is almost upon us and the thoughts of fairytales and fantasies start to turn a bit dark and tumultuous this time of year, so what better to time to share some villainous art and home décor with you.

Carved by Dan Szczepanski's

Carved by Dan Szczepanski’s

It is pretty well known here on the blog that hubby and I are big fans of the Disney villains. The one thing about the villains is that their props are just as infamous as they are, for example; Maleficent’s spinning wheel, Captain Hook’s hook, or the Evil Queen Grimhilde’s apple. You can’t think about them without picturing the villain they belong to and what part they will play in the story. That very premise is the idea behind this post.


Today’s star is the poison apple, with just one bite, Snow White will have eternal sleep and the Queen will reign supreme as the fairest in the land. The apple itself is just as transformative as the queen herself, an apple the symbol of health turned awry. That thought inspired our newest creations, my poisoned apple prop and Kris’ art piece “One Bad Apple”

“One Bad Apple”


Still life gone wrong when one poisoned apple ruins the bunch

To make this part of your collection click here

As for the prop.


Flash back to last year, I decided to go with the dark fairytales for Halloween. In order to tell my Evil Queen story, I needed my own Poisoned apple. I created this beauty and this year you can also have your very own by checking out my ebay l(click apple for link) shop, contact me  here or visit  Rapunzel’s Crafts Facebook Store here.

Poison AppleApples starting at $6.99 plus $4.50 shipping(paypal only.)

Each piece is lovingly made by me and designs will vary.

If interested in custom apples please contact me.

I hope this helps get you in touch with your villainous side in time for Halloween.

Until next time, Boo to you 🙂

Photo by Dave Kliment

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One little Spark- The newest “Figments” of Kris’ imagination


 If you love Walt Disney’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow aka Epcot as much as I do, you probably recognize this song (I am sorry if it is now stuck in your head for the rest of the day) and hopefully you are as big of a fan of Figment as I am.

When I was a kid, Epcot was one of my favorite parks because of all the imagination it invoked in me. From The Kitchen Cabaret and Horizons to The Journey into Imagination, I was truly inspired. That little purple dragon spoke to me and I shared my love of Figment with my husband on our first Disney world vacation. That love has influenced some imagination today. I am pleased to present two new renditions of Figment from my husband Kris Floyd.

The first piece is entitled “Head in the Clouds”

Figment's imagination is soaring

                                               Figment’s imagination is soaring

The second in this set is “Hats off to you”

Figment's nod to his dear friend the Dreamfinder

                                          Figment’s nod to his dear friend the Dreamfinder

 These new pieces can be part of your Figment collection too just head to redbubble to get yours. Figment can even go where you go now in the form of a shirt, phone case or tote bag. Prints and pillow are also available. The choices are immense, just use your imagination!


Also for those of you who just can’t get enough Figment check out Marvel’s new Figment comics.

Disney Marvel - Spark - Figment Dreamfinder

They follow the Dream Finder and Figment through an amazing journey into Imagination with a very fun and steam punk vibe. Check them out here.

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This Just in! New Disney Fan Art Releases from Kris Floyd

I have some news for you all and it is too exciting! Everyone needs to know, my husband Kris Floyd has been a very busy bee and has created some new AMAZING Disney Fan art and now you too can bring it home as a tote bag or a throw pillow and of course posters and prints. The new line is a Disney Villains theme with a new perspective.  These aren’t your typical villains but more a show case of the side kicks in a fresh new light. They celebrate hero side kicks all the time but it is time for the villainous side kicks to shine. And shine they do in this spectacular collection.

On with the show…

First on my newly released list is “Hook’s Dinnertime Nightmare”

Hook's reoccurring nightmare of being Tick Tock's main course

Hook’s reoccurring nightmare of being Tick Tock’s main course

Next up From “Hercules” are Pain and Panic in “A Simple Mission”

Pain and Panic have been given a simple mission to make sure baby Hercules becomes a mortal.

Pain and Panic have been given a simple mission to make sure baby Hercules becomes a mortal.

In this piece Flotsam and Jetsam take center stage or canvas as you will with “Pure Eve-Eel”

Ursula's side kicks Flotsam and Jetsam tormented a poor unfortunate soul

Ursula’s side kicks Flotsam and Jetsam torment a poor unfortunate soul

And my favorite in this collection is “Prince John’s portrait”

Prince John from "Robin Hood" desperately wants his mommy to the chagrin of Sir Hiss

Prince John from “Robin Hood” desperately wants his mommy to the chagrin of Sir Hiss

If you love Disney Villains as much as we do, I know you will be eager to make these part of your collection. All his new pieces are currently on Redbubble and I heard a rumor that a new one should be out soon, shhh!Be sure to check them all out here.