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Special birthday decor

on September 12, 2013

Hi everyone, sorry these last few weeks have been hectic but I am back with another birthday themed post for you.  I know how much everyone loves birthdays and this one is special, not just because it is mine but because this one was made by someone other than me. Heather and My wonderful husband are responsible for this birthday and as a bonus it is Disney!

“Monsters University”, to be exact!

I walked into work and the first thing I could see was this GIANT Mike Wazowski balloon, isn’t he cute!?


As I approached my desk I could see a nod to the original “Monsters Inc” movie with a adorable pink door reminiscent of Boo’s. Those are mine and hubby’s nicknames for each other, so I thought that was perfect.


There were also MU pennant everywhere and really awesome pictures from the movie.





          I also got special balloons.


I even received my own MU id card, so I can attend


After I was done admiring all the hard work from my friends and family, I got to open presents. I mean, who doesn’t love present?!


I received the coolest Pascal purse from Windy! I also got my very own play set with all the monsters from the movie, a roll and pop Sulley (he is SO cute) and Heather even crocheted the COOLEST Mike Wazowski I have EVER seen!
                     Check him out!


So yeah, I guess I am a little spoiled, but it was a WONDERFUL birthday! This was just the beginning; hubby planned more stuff for that evening and my actual birthday (which was the next day.) Stay tuned for the rest of the birthday fun  


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