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Doctor Who Wednesday- Tardis Heel Tutorial

on July 17, 2013

For hubby’s Doctor Who Birthday, I needed to look the part and what girl doesn’t enjoy some fun shoes, right?!

Today I will show you how to turn some boring pumps into some amazing Tardis shoes fit for any time traveling companion.

First get your supplies:

  • Blue heels
  • masking or painters tape
  • black & White acrylic paint
  • white paint pen
  • paint brush
  • nail polish remover (non acetone)
  • q-tips
  • clear sealant

I got these navy blue heels at Payless for $19.99 plus I had a bogo so actually $10, SCORE!


I took them home and lined them up on the coffee table and placed two pieces of masking  tape across them leaving a blank line about 1/2 inch in betweenDSC02074

Then I took the black acrylic and painted that blank space with the black forming the base of the police box sign.DSC02075

Once that dried I wrote “POLICE Public call BOX” across the black area, then remove tape when dry


Note: The  shoe actually shows “Police BOX” across both shoes in rest of the tutorial but I changed it. Now instead of the shoes being two Tardis, it is one Tardis across the shoes. I decided that looked better in my opinion but you can do it either wayDSC02077

Next for the windows of the Tardis, I took pieces of tape and went vertically across the shoe under the police box sign, then took more tape and went across horizontally to create window panesDSC02078

After the tape is in place, paint open areas with white acrylic paint and let dryDSC02079

The remove masking tape and clean up any area that seeped through the tape with q-tip and nail polish remover, being careful to only remove undesired paint.

Then spray with sealant,  let dry and prepare for your next adventure!


There you go, you are now ready to wear your Tardis heels out on the town at any time!


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