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Feeling Nostalgic with new Play Doh finds

on June 25, 2013

Hey guys? Do you remember this ?!

The play doh barber shop


I have a passion for play doh, in fact it is one of those things that also functions as aromatherapy for me.

I guess all the fond memories of playing with this hair salon with my grandmother on the porch when I was a kid, has caused just the simple smell of play doh to take me to a happy place.

This play doh barber shop was one of my favorite things as a kid, filling them with dough and raising the chair, watching their hair grow and them pressing “the hair dryer” on their heads to give them very 70’s updos.

Well if you have fond memories of the barber shop like I do, you can now relive them in Disney Style with the Play Doh Scare Chair20130622_175257

It is just like the barber shop minus a few accessories but it is cooler because it is from Disney for Monsters University. You can create silly hairstyles for Sulley and Art. You get to press out wacky hair and shapes and it comes with four colors of play doh.

Also in the hair styling theme, if you have princesses that would rather not play with monsters, there is also a Rapunzel Hair Design set20130622_175307

You get Rapunzel bust that you can add dough braids, curls and hair accessories to and you can use the PLAY-DOH Sparkle compound to make them extra fancy. You can also create her crown and Pascal presses out the braids. Comes with three doughs with glitter.

Brings back memories but I really think these ones are awesome, I think I need both 🙂


One response to “Feeling Nostalgic with new Play Doh finds

  1. Kristofer says:

    You think you need both, LOL! I think we may want to wait for our kids so they can experience the fun that you remember. 🙂

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