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An Easy Saturday Date Night

on June 11, 2013

A few weeks ago hubby and I did something fun that I know alot of us haven’t done since we were kids…


It was a very impromptu date night and it turned out to be great.

Yep, that is right, we laced up some skates and went out there with all the kids and had a blast!


Our old school bulky skates!skates

We skated for over an hour and even played one of the rink games, didn’t win but had fun! I forgot how much of a workout it can be. We were so sore after and decided to treat ourselves to some well deserved frozen yogurt, I mean we did just burn a ton of calories, why not?!

So we headed to Orange Leaf.

Orange Leaf is a self serve frozen yogurt shop that has healthy and decadent ways to enjoy your yogurt. For Example, I got coconut, pistachio and oatmeal cookie (semi good for you) yogurt topped with fresh fruit, nuts and shredded coconut (It also had the coolest gummy frog but I ate him before taking the pic, oops.) While hubby got snicker-doodle and topped his with chocolate, cheesecake (thought it was cookie dough) and reeses. Orange leaf gives you the ability to pick your own style and they charge by the weight instead of cup, so you can get a lot or a little, ultimate freedom in dessert form.orangeleaf

It was a great date night and pretty cheap considering the cost of dinner and a movie, plus,  we got some fun exercise in without even thinking about it.

Been roller skating lately? What is your idea of a fun night out?


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