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Disney on Ice

on June 10, 2013



Hi guys, a few months ago my prince took me to see a Disney on Ice show and in proper Disney fashion, we were not disappointed. It was called Disney Rocks and that it did, it truly rocked.

Disney on ice

Now I don’t know about you but when I think ice show, I think something like a mix of ballet and the hilarious comedy Death to Smoochy, well this was a little bit of both I guess, but fun and very well done.

Unfortunately I didn’t know we could bring cameras so these are from our phone, but I am hoping you will get the idea 🙂

The ice from where we were sitting

Mickey earsmickeywa

Us at the show, floor seats!


The show had four stories plus some sequences with Mickey and Friends conducting the show like a talent show.

The stories were The Little Mermaid

Under the sea sequence







Next up, Tangled

I have a dream!IhaveadreamRapunzel with Frying panfryingpan

Lantern Canvascanvas

Mother knows best!mothergothel

He just wants love rap1

Rapunzel’s towertower

They just can’t get Flynn’s nose right!flynnnose

Rapunzel and Maximus (really loved the Maximus costume)rapunzelrapunzelmax

Maximus playing keep away with the satchelflynnmax

The Lantern scene (made us both teary eyed since this is the song I walked the aisle to at our wedding)
Then was Beauty and The Beast

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!


Beast’s librarylibrary

Be our guestlumiere


Belle and Beastbeast The West wing

Beastbeast1 Lafou and Gaston formulating a plot

After Beauty and the Beast, Mickey came out and began to read Brave, then started the Brave storymickeystory

Meridiameridia meridia2

Meridia and her brothersmeridiaboys Meridiaandbous

Each sequence was really well done, but of course being kind of a Disney purist you notice, things are out of order or omitted due to having four stories to tell.

The Little Mermaid didn’t really have a battle between Ursula and the good guys, nor did it have her as a pretty woman trying to steal Eric.

Tangled started with the “I have a dream scene” and there was no boat in the river scene or the Stabbington brothers, however, I think this was the best of the stories and no not just because I have a soft spot for it. It just seemed to have the most complete wrap of a story.

Beauty and the Beast did not have the famous ballroom scene but the “To kill the beast” scene was awesome, with all the mob and their real fire torches, it was truly amazing.

The one I had a complaint with was Brave, the Mickey telling the story was fine, but when it got to the story there was no changing of fates, no bears, none of it. I am not even the biggest fan of Brave but I felt like they should have just left it out if they weren’t going to tell the brunt of the story.

All and all, I think it was awesome because if just so happens the first three stories happened to star my favorite princesses, so we lucked out on picking this as our first Disney on Ice show, I am hoping for more in the future.

Kris also got me a Tangled flag which said Disney on Ice and a really cute Pascal straw for my Tangled collection.


It was a very awesome show, if they come to your town you should go check it out, great fun for the whole family.


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