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One of Hubby’s new pieces was featured on Redbubble!

on May 31, 2013

Today we got an email and it was a pretty exciting email, it was from Redbubble, they had found one of Kris’ pieces and liked it so much that they decided to feature it today! Too cool!

Here is the piece, it is called, What lies Beneath and it is really stunning. I can see why Redbubble chose it.

It is digital art and a true Kris Floyd original!

Haven’t you ever wondered what was beneath those layers of blue, lurking right under us? I mean, I believe in Nessie, don’t know about Sasquatch, but yep, definitely Nessie, lol!

This Sea Dragon really seems to be commanding an audience. I love the little details most, like the jelly fish and the school of fish by the signature (click on picture for better view.)

I think Redbubble made a very wise choice picking this creation for their featured art, don’t you?!

If you want to leave a comment, check out more of Kris’ work, or purchase one check out redbubble.com

Art Gallery & Community – T-Shirts & Hoodies, iPhone Cases, Stickers, Posters, Prints, Cards & More | Redbubble.


2 responses to “One of Hubby’s new pieces was featured on Redbubble!

  1. Fay Michael says:

    Kris, the Sea Dragon is truly a work of art it looks so real. You have so many great pieces on redbubble. Keep up the amazing work. love you, nana

    • Kristofer says:

      Thank you so much Nana! I really appreciate it. I am trying really hard to make some great pieces so it’s really nice to be featured for one of them. 🙂

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