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Farewell to ‘The Office’

on May 17, 2013


Last night NBC aired the final episode for the series of ‘The Office’, along with a hour long retrospective before and needless to say, I cried for two hours.

It has been a long road for these Dunder Mifflin employees and I have to say, I am glad I stuck it out with them.

When the show first started, I saw the pilot and the very awkward dinner party episode with Jan, Pam, Jim and Michael and truly disliked the show, however, when I met my husband that all changed.

He really enjoyed ‘The Office’ and convinced me to give it another try, I did and a relationship grew, between me and my husband and between me and these very unique characters which I grew to love. The parallels between their lives and ours were very impactful and kept us watching.

Our life was very much like Jim’s and Pam’s, growing from an office friendship, to best friends then love and marriage. We were always glued to them, seeing what would happen.

Then this last season, things took a turn and I was ready to stop watching (as I know much of the world thought about doing and some actually did) but knowing this was the last season, we hung on and I was truly happy last night that we did.

Last nights retrospective put all the emotions in place, seeing Jim and Pam from the beginning or seeing good old Michael Scott, saying the wrong things, just brought back so many fond memories and really made me want to see what would happen as we send the Dunder Mifflin crew onto bigger and better things.

The finale was touching and very emotional for us, both needing tissues throughout the whole episode. The series ending was well done and left us with happy and sad feelings for everyone involved. It was neatly done, leaving nothing unresolved, giving us the viewers closure that sometimes a series never gets to give us.

So to ‘The Office’ cast and crew, good luck on all your endeavors and thank you so much for the memories.


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