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Paris Et Disney Nous Viola – 149 Days

on May 3, 2013

Hi guys, sorry I was not around yesterday but I promise today will be fun! The title of this post is Paris Et Disney Nous Viola which is French for Paris & Disney here we come and it is only 149 days away! See fun, right?!  So today’s post is about my newest project.

A Disney Paris countdown chain!


 Mickey head out of card stock that  printed the French Flag is printed on

 blue, white and red card stock cut into 1inch wide 6inch long strips

plus for every fourth ring I printed a Disney Paris or Paris themed strip (I use these to keep count in case we forget to pull a ring)



Curl each strip into a ring and staple to secure, making sure to link the rings together before closing the next to create the chainchain

Every fourth ring had a picture like this- Remy in France (this is the #1 ring) I wrote the # on these rings to keep track of how many rings there arerata

Growing chainchain

Still growinglongchain

After I completed the chain, I started working on the Mickey head, I cut out things from France and some French Disney things like Remy and Mickey holding the French flag and used stickers and markers to write Paris & Disney here we come, in French.header

I then attached a string to the number one ring and attached in to the mickey head and secured it to our down stairs wall with our last countdown Mickey head

Here is the final projectDSC02081

Look how long it is DSC02082

149 days to go!DSC02080

Do you have anything you are looking forward to that you want to create your own chain for? Hope this helps give you some inspiration 🙂 Hope you all have a great weekend


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