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Sneak Peek at a Friday Disney Event

on April 26, 2013

Happy Friday guys, I decided since it is Friday, I would share a sneak peek of something happening on a Friday at  Disney in the not so distant future.

September 13, 2013 to be exact, it  happens to be a Friday the 13th and this means good news for us, the Disney Villain fans.

This Friday in September will bring the Reflections of Evil Trading Event.

This is how the Disney Blog tells the Story

“In a far away land there lived a wicked and vain Queen who wanted more power. While pouring over ancient spell books, she discovered an incantation that, when performed on the darkest of days – Friday the 13th – could bring together thirteen of the most evil Disney villains known only as “The 13.” To cast this spell, the Queen must use a powerful, supernatural object – a magic mirror – to transport “The 13” from across time to the present day. As luck would have it, Friday the 13th will take place in September this year! The Queen decided this would be the perfect day to cast the spell.

Let’s fast forward to September. As the newly assembled Villains are hashing out their nefarious plans, the Villains intentionally break the mirror and hide the thirteen shards. Now the mirror can never be used against them, as it is the only object that can send them home. Lucky for us, an imaginative purple dragon named Figment overheard their plotting and asks Mickey Mouse for help. Along with five of their trusted friends known as the “Lucky 7,” Mickey Mouse and Figment devise a plan to stop “The 13.” They must reassemble the broken shards to send the villains back to their rightful places in time.”

This will be a huge battle and not only does it have the big 13 villains, but they included Figment, super exciting. Of course, with Disney, a huge battle means huge merchandising 🙂

Here is a peek at some of the items they will be offering.

Evil Queen 13 pin


Villain Sidekick pins


Mirror pins- these are my favorite, they have each villain’s alter ego inside the pin (really love the Malficient pin!)


Hero pin- Believe (lucky 7) outside

believe Inside


Villain pin- (Evil 13) Outside

beware Inside



There are even a few Vinylmations including Malificient

millifcent And Mad Madame Mim


Tickets for the event will go on sale May 8th on DisneyParksMerchandise.com


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