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Disney Anniversary Trip- Day 4- Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

on April 12, 2013

Good morning everyone, today we are heading off for some wet and wild fun at Disney’s two water parks, yep that is right, both in the same day!We are crazy like that 🙂

But first, you can’t start the day without breakfast, ok not the healthiest breakfast, but it is something.

We got a Pecan pumpkin tart and a Mickey Ganache when we got back to the hotel Monday night but were too tired to eat them, so we had them for breakfast.

232323232%7Ffp543 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;5(7;634;nu0mrj

They were both really good, the pumpkin kept the tart nice and moist and the Mickey ganache had been on the Disney Food Blog and it did not disappoint. The shortbread was a nice holder for the ganache and helped balance the flavor, plus it was so cute. I mean look at Mickey, don’t you just want to bite his ears off?!

We ate our breakfast and hopped on the Typhoon Lagoon and Downtown Disney bus, we were the first stop and we went running!

Welcome to Typhoon Lagoon232323232%7Ffp7348 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;5(7;734;nu0mrj

At Disney World, everything is themed, the water parks are no exception, Typhoon Lagoon is themed as a tropical island after a Typhoon and other storms hit.

There is wreckage everywhere and a ship stuck on the mountain peak in the distance.

Mount Tilly
232323232%7Ffp543 4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;5(7;934;nu0mrj

During the Typhoon wave (our favorite thing at the park) a 50 ft jet of water shoots out the top of the boat232323232%7Ffp54386)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;7(5;834;nu0mrj

Map is on a flag232323232%7Ffp73475)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;7(5;934;nu0mrj

First Stop 232323232%7Ffp5434;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;5(7; 34;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54355)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;7(5; 34;nu0mrj

Was a really awesome set of tubes, there is the Pineapple, Coconut and The Banana, I truly couldn’t decide which water coaster was my favorite. They were all double rider and very smooth, win win for us!

Fun colorful sign232323232%7Ffp54385)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;878;;34;nu0mrj

Next up Shark Reef232323232%7Ffp5434;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;877(234;nu0mrj

This was something I was looking forward to, we get to snorkel without all the headache we had in Jamaica with the vests and the brutal waves.

We got our snorkels and were instructed to just swim forward slowly and enjoy. So that is what we did and here is what we saw

Some wreckage and a blue fish232323232%7Ffp54354)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;877(334;nu0mrj

a neat cliff232323232%7Ffp54373)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;878(434;nu0mrj

look a shark!232323232%7Ffp73479)nu=363;);;2)539)272(;;262 25 ot1lsi

fish and some reef stuff232323232%7Ffp543 2)nu=363;);;2)53;)272(;;262(25 ot1lsi

Look, found Dory!232323232%7Ffp54374)nu=363;);;2)543)272(;;263425 ot1lsi

A whole bunch of fish232323232%7Ffp543( )nu=363;);;2)535)272(;;262625 ot1lsi

More yellow fish232323232%7Ffp73485)nu=363;);;2)537)272(;;262825 ot1lsi

another shark232323232%7Ffp543( )nu=363;);;2)547)272(;;263825 ot1lsi

same shark? 232323232%7Ffp543 5)nu=363;);;2)549)272(;;263 25 ot1lsi

a fish coming to say hi!232323232%7Ffp54349)nu=363;);;2)555)272(;;264625 ot1lsi

Some of the fish we saw232323232%7Ffp54435)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8783334;nu0mrj

It was really neat, the salt water makes you really buoyant, so you can pretty much float from beginning to end and really enjoy the view. Was really happy we got to do that 🙂

So many stairs, lol! 232323232%7Ffp5437 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8793534;nu0mrj

Yep, see this, we are married! 232323232%7Ffp543( )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8783434;nu0mrj

Under the water fall232323232%7Ffp54398)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8783;34;nu0mrj

That is alot of water!232323232%7Ffp54366)nu=363;);;2)557)272(;;264825 ot1lsi

Right before the Typhoon wave232323232%7Ffp54362)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8784234;nu0mrj

Beginning of Typhoon Wave232323232%7Ffp54355)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8784334;nu0mrj

The Typhoon wave is HUGE, 10 feet, they happen around every 30 minutes or so. Very unique to this park. Loved it. We also did a body slide, which even at Disney we don’t care for, played in the lazy river and tried to do the last ride, the Gang Plank but it was closed. So we headed to the bus stop to find a resort close to us to get over to Blizzard Beach.

We ended up at the Animal Kingdom lodge but I think we will choose somewhere else next time. The ride there was long and cold, then to get the bus to Blizzard beach took forever, seems like no one gets buses from the Jambo house.

Entrance to Blizzard Beach

232323232%7Ffp543;4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8799334;nu0mrj

Across the way is the mini golf course, Winter/Summerland232323232%7Ffp543;4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;879 634;nu0mrj

Yep, even the gators in Florida ski 🙂 232323232%7Ffp543 8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8785634;nu0mrj

The theme for Blizzard beach is freak heatwave at Christmas somewhere cold or maybe the other way around, not too sure. Either way, there is Christmas music playing, melting snow men and even a ski lift

Icicles232323232%7Ffp543(6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;879 34;nu0mrj

Summit Plummet

232323232%7Ffp543 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8785834;nu0mrj

Ski lift232323232%7Ffp73489)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;897(434;nu0mrj

Up we go!232323232%7Ffp54347)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8785 34;nu0mrj

Look, they even gave us skis 🙂 232323232%7Ffp54368)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8785;34;nu0mrj

Summit plummet from the ski lift, looks scary, 12 story drop!232323232%7Ffp54363)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8983634;nu0mrj

We did a group tube ride, which was my favorite at Blizzard beach and then we found a not so hidden Mickey! 232323232%7Ffp734;3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8984234;nu0mrj

And here we go up a million more stairs232323232%7Ffp54396)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8786334;nu0mrj

This snake has had enough of the stairs too!232323232%7Ffp5438;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8985534;nu0mrj

We may walk a ton every week, but I really need to add stairs to my every day to get prepared for water parks now on! But at least we are burning off some of the delicious food we have been eating this trip.

Ok, I guess the gators don’t really know how to ski! 232323232%7Ffp54436)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8786434;nu0mrj

We did a few other rides minus the summit plummet and then played in their lazy river, theirs is way too shallow! We did it! We conquered the Disney Water parks and in our opinion there was a definite winner of our favorite park and that was….

Typhoon Lagoon!

Hands down, between the Typhoon waves, Shark reef and the Crushin Gusher, it was just a great time. One we will definitely do again!

After Blizzard Beach we decided to see about Boma for lunch at the Animal Kingdom, so we hopped on the Animal Kingdom bus for the 2nd time, didn’t freeze too badly this time, and made it back to the Jambo House, checked out some animals, did some pin trading, had an awesome deluxe brownie from Mara (didn’t remember to take a picture, oops) while we waited for 4:30 to come around for dining at Boma. The good thing was by then, we were almost dry:)

Jambo House

232323232%7Ffp54399)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8986234;nu0mrj

Giraffe232323232%7Ffp734 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8786534;nu0mrj

Dessert at Boma232323232%7Ffp543 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;8786634;nu0mrj

Boma is an African themed buffet and since we are foodies, we decided to try it. There are some foods here, I truly enjoyed and others like the passion fruit (the yellow one above) Panna cotta that I never ever want to put on my plate again.

We loved the soups, the corn chowder was awesome, the squash soup tasted like pumpkin pie (my favorite), the pork shoulder was yummy and the zebra domes (even though they contained alcohol) were my favorite!

After our adventurous late lunch we decided to head over to the Magic Kingdom to pick up our Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom cards for the day, as I mentioned in the Day 2 post of the cards, you are able to get a new pack everyday of your trip.  Since there are 70 different cards to collect, we thought we would try to take advantage of this as many days as we were able to.

Tomorrow quick jaunt to Magic kingdom, Ferry to Wilderness resort and hotel pizza


3 responses to “Disney Anniversary Trip- Day 4- Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

  1. Kristofer says:

    I loved your snake comment. 🙂 And yeppers, Boma was mostly a bust. The food was kinda bland to me. 😛 However, like you said the Zebra balls were pretty good though.

  2. fiammisday says:

    Lovely pics and blog darling!!! I’m a new follower from Italy!!! Kissesssssssssssss

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