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Disney Anniversary Trip- Day 2- Magic Kingdom- Character meet n greet, Be Our Guest Restaurant and Celebrations

on April 9, 2013

Good morning to all, so yesterday we left off after conquering Cruella Deville during our Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom experience. Today we are going to finish our 2nd day of  the Magic Kingdom with a bang, we got to meet some awesome characters and see some truly amazing things. Starting off with these topiaries.

Sea Monster- I really love the use of the blue flowers for water

232323232%7Ffp5437;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 8934;nu0mrj

Mickey and his girl Minnie in front of Cinderella’s Castle
232323232%7Ffp54354)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;5734;nu0mrj

Cinderella’s Castle232323232%7Ffp54392)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9 9234;nu0mrj

The amazing mosaics depicting Cinderella’s story

Lady Tremaine and step sisters with poor Cinderella cleaning and cooking

232323232%7Ffp54399)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2(;4834;nu0mrj

Fairy Godmother232323232%7Ffp54382)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;6234;nu0mrj
Cinderella running away at Midnight
232323232%7Ffp543 8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2(;4934;nu0mrj

Finding out the shoe fits Cinderella232323232%7Ffp7348;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(35 3;34;nu0mrj

Prince Charming taking Cinderella away as his wife232323232%7Ffp73496)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(2(;4 34;nu0mrj

Then we went and checked out Mike Wazowski’s Laugh Floor, you can text in jokes and they chose some and read them, ours didn’t get picked but some were cute

232323232%7Ffp54353)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;3634;nu0mrj

What the critics are saying, cute board with little news paper clippings and quotes from Mike’s parents about the show

232323232%7Ffp73496)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(35 3834;nu0mrj

The show is fun, there are three acts and the first one seems to vary from a male/male Siamese monster to a male/female one and their act was different both times we went. The second is Barry Boyle and he was funny both times, but the guy doing his part the second time around was absolutely hysterical, we still talk about it… ASHLEY!!! Lol!

The last act is Marty, Mike’s nephew and he reads the audience’s jokes. That is the end of the show, the canister is filled with laughter, so the monsters get power, we get entertained, and everyone wins.

Then we headed over to Buzz’s Space Rangers again where I found this hidden Mickey, we did pretty good this time too, but sadly still not Galactic Heroes. One Day!

232323232%7Ffp73489)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;4334;nu0mrj

After we beat up Emperor Zurg, we realized we should probably start heading back to Fantasyland for our Anniversary dinner at Be Our Guest and on our way there we found out that Gaston was in front of his tavern, so we ran over there to meet him.

Gaston giving Kris tips on his hair.  He said that he really should wear a ponytail, like he does if he wants to get the most of his hair, lol!!


Gaston got his own page since we didn’t know we could meet him and he took advantage of that pageDSC01945

Check out these manly men!Aren’t I lucky!?! 🙂 gastonpose

Once we were done hanging out with Gaston, we checked in for our reservation at Be Our Guest and were told it would be a few minutes and the waiting area is on the bridge of the castle, so we walked around and took some pictures of the beautiful area.

Be our Guest sign

232323232%7Ffp54397)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;6 34;nu0mrj

Gargoyle lamp posts on bring, referencing the gargoyles on the building232323232%7Ffp54392)nu=3642)345)4(5)27333455;625 ot1lsi

Beast Castle at Dusk, looks creepy and cold232323232%7Ffp543 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;7534;nu0mrj

Under the bridge232323232%7Ffp7348 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;75 34;nu0mrj

Close up of the gargoyle232323232%7Ffp54393)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;76234;nu0mrj

Entrance to the castle, once it is your time to be seated, the host/hostess comes out and announces that Beast requests your parties’ presence and you are escorted inside.232323232%7Ffp54354)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;7;34;nu0mrjMosaic depicting Beast’s trail with the Sorceress

232323232%7Ffp54345)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;(35 4234;nu0mrj

Inside Beast’s ballroom

The ballroom ceiling, it looks just like the movie, was breath-taking

232323232%7Ffp73494)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;76434;nu0mrj

View from our table, it appears to be snowing outside232323232%7Ffp5437;)nu=3642)345)4(9)27333455; 25 ot1lsi

My Prince with a rose just for me (It is actually our napkins, wrapped like roses, so cute!)232323232%7Ffp734 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;76734;nu0mrj

Better view of the snow out the window232323232%7Ffp54369)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;9334;nu0mrj As I went walking around to check out the windows, I found the dessert carts
232323232%7Ffp543(8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;9934;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp543;2)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;76 34;nu0mrj

Really cool view of the “outside” 232323232%7Ffp543(4)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;9;34;nu0mrj

The snow232323232%7Ffp54382)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 234;nu0mrjView of the Ballroom from the window area

232323232%7Ffp543;6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 434;nu0mrj

So as I was wondering I got lost and stumbled into the west wing, alone! I know, like something straight out of Beauty and the Beast.  I was so excited to have discovered this that, I foolishly went in without hubby, wasn’t think, whoops! Later it became the joke, that hubby was beast and I was not to go to the west wing, lol!

Anyways, here are the pictures of the forbidden west wing!

Prince’s picture with claw marks232323232%7Ffp5437 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 634;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp54348)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 834;nu0mrj

Enchanted Rose232323232%7Ffp54353)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;77334;nu0mrj

Window where rose pedestal sits232323232%7Ffp734 7)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; 34;nu0mrj

View of entire room232323232%7Ffp54385)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(; ;34;nu0mrj

The Food

Kris got the French Onion soup232323232%7Ffp73479)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;;234;nu0mrj

I got the mussels232323232%7Ffp734 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;;434;nu0mrj

Some gooey cheese on the top of that soup232323232%7Ffp543;9)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;;534;nu0mrj

The soup was good, had a nice amount of cheese, the mussels were pretty good, but hubby thought mine were better. 🙂


Kris got the Thyme-scented Pork Rack Chop with Au Gratin Macaroni, Seasonal Vegetables, and Red Wine Jus.232323232%7Ffp54375)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;77434;nu0mrj

I got the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops with Seasonal Vegetables served in Puff Pastry with a Creamy Lobster Sauce.232323232%7Ffp734;6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9(;;734;nu0mrj

Truthfully both entrees were just ok, I liked Kris’ macaroni gratin but the pork was ok and the veggies were just eh, my dish was ok, the shrimp and scallops were cooked nicely but the puff pastry was boring and there was so much of it.

Now time for dessert

I ordered Strawberry-Cream Cheese Cupcake232323232%7Ffp54376)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;77634;nu0mrj

Hubby got Lemon-Raspberry Cream Puff232323232%7Ffp5434;)nu=3642)4(2);(3)27334(2(;425 ot1lsi

The strawberry cupcake was awesome, we really enjoyed it, both dishes were really pretty too, mine had a pink colored chocolate sliver and the little chocolate caviar balls. The puff had a piece of chocolate with be our guest written on it. The custard inside was nice.

We were on our anniversary for this trip and even made sure it was known on all our dinner reservations and I checked our slip at Be Our Guest and it said anniversary, but our server never even mentioned it. We saw tons of table around us with the grey stuff (which I saw and had to try) so when our server tried to rush us out with the check, we asked and she brought it over.

The Grey Stuff232323232%7Ffp543(9)nu=3642)4(2);(7)27334(2(;825 ot1lsi

You know like in the movie, Lumiere says, “Try the Grey stuff, it delicious. Don’t believe us ask the dishes.”

Well we tried it and it was delicious, it is a cookie and cream panna cotta with the chocolate caviar. So glad Kris asked 🙂

The dining experience itself was probably one of our least favorite of the trip but that was mostly due to the service, I am guessing since the restaurant is new and highly sought after the wait staff hasn’t got the kinks out yet.  I know we will definitely give them another shot to impress, even if it is just to sit in the west wing and eat grey stuff for our meal 🙂

Once we were done eating I took hubby to the West Wing, so he could see it for himself, since I was silly and went alone.

Another view of the enchanted rose232323232%7Ffp54387)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 3;(834;nu0mrj

Shredded Tapestry232323232%7Ffp54359)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 3;(;34;nu0mrj

The Enchanted Mirror232323232%7Ffp543;;)nu=3642)4;;)3(;)27334;;4;(25 ot1lsi

Really awesome Griffin232323232%7Ffp734;3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 3;( 34;nu0mrj

Another destroyed Tapestry232323232%7Ffp7348 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;77;34;nu0mrj

From there, we got to seek audience with the beast

beastHe is huge and that being said, does not sign autographs, I don’t think they make pens big enough for him anywhere.

From there we went through the  hall with the suits of armor and it was really cool, one was snoring and the other woke him up and they had a conversation while we were there, was a fun detail

232323232%7Ffp54434)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;78234;nu0mrj

Suit of Armor232323232%7Ffp543 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423234;nu0mrj

Hidden Mickey on the Axe232323232%7Ffp543; )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;78334;nu0mrj

Another really neat suit of Armor
232323232%7Ffp54399)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;78434;nu0mrj

The entrance to the ballroom232323232%7Ffp54365)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423434;nu0mrj

The minotaur holding up the pillar232323232%7Ffp7348 )nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423634;nu0mrj

Another wonderfully detailed mosaic by the bathrooms232323232%7Ffp543;4)nu=3642)4(2);(;)27334(2(;(25 ot1lsi

The decor and detail were truly magical, I was really impressed, one of the prettiest restaurants on Disney property in my opinion.

So to sum it up, food was good but nothing truly outstanding (with exception of the cupcake and grey stuff) and the service could have been better but it was a really beautiful restaurant and you have to try it, if only to be wowed by the view and the details.

After dinner we rode some rides and did some pin trading (more on that after the trip report.) I remembered I got glow bracelets while we were waiting to ride space mountain, now the party can start, lol!

232323232%7Ffp7349;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423934;nu0mrj

The roof on the little shop by were the 7 dwarves mine cart with be, loved it:) 232323232%7Ffp54395)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 423 34;nu0mrj

Cinderella’s fountain positioned so the crown is on Cinderella’s head232323232%7Ffp73487)nu=3642)4(3)233)27334(332425 ot1lsi

Aurora’s dress232323232%7Ffp543(3)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424234;nu0mrj

In the store you can hear the fairies bickering about the color and the dress does change from pink to blue, but I only caught the pink232323232%7Ffp734 4)nu=3642)4(3)235)27334(332625 ot1lsi

Really perfect book we saw in the store232323232%7Ffp734 8)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424434;nu0mrj

Had Rapunzel and Flynn’s Tangled Ever After Story232323232%7Ffp73475)nu=3642)4(3)237)27334(332825 ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp54375)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424534;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp543(6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424634;nu0mrj

Cinderella’s Original dress in the boutique232323232%7Ffp543 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424834;nu0mrj

Really neat window on Mickey’s store232323232%7Ffp7348;)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424934;nu0mrj

We stopped at Cinderella’s fountain to take some pictures on our way out, but noticed something was happening on the castle. 232323232%7Ffp73477)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;79234;nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp734 6)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 424;34;nu0mrj

Was the coolest show ever, found out after it was called Celebrations232323232%7Ffp543;7)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;79534;nu0mrj

Beauty and the Beast projected on the castle232323232%7Ffp73489)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 425334;nu0mrj

And what a perfect ending to our anniversary night, the Tangled Lanterns floating up the castle, was so beautiful, I teared up a bit. 232323232%7Ffp54352)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;; 425434;nu0mrj

On our way out I snapped this pic of the window on the Emporium (I told you they had pretty window) of beauty and the beast in the ballroom dancing. I thought it was the perfect ending shot to a great day.232323232%7Ffp54434)nu=965;);59)25 )WSNRCG=363;;9;79934;nu0mrj

So that is it for day 2, tomorrow is Hollywood Studios.


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  1. Kristofer says:

    Great post! I also just wanted to let you know that you put that I went with you into the west wing when you went alone. Just thought you may want to correct that.

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