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Who Wednesday – Don’t Blink

on March 13, 2013

Hi guys, this is the final edition of Who Wednesday til we return from DISNEY WORLD!! Can you tell I am excited, I am going to be like that Disney World commercial, “I’m too excited to sleep!” for the next 3 days, did you see that?! 3 DAYS!!! OMG!!!

Anyways back to Whovian things, like I don’t know, Weeping Angels, how does that sound?! Or how about a Peeping Angel?! Intrigued?!

Good, today is one of my favorite of the Doctor Who Aliens, The Weeping Angel as portrayed by my wonderful hubby, Kristofer Floyd.

Here she is, “Peeping Angel”

Peeking Weeping AngelsIsn’t she beautiful?! I think she is one of my favorites from his Doctor Who series so far, I truly love the Weeping Angels and I adore this playful rendition of her trying to sneak a peek. I also really enjoy the lighting and the cracks on her skin.

I hope you like her as much as I do. If you want to see more of Kris’ work, leave him a comment, or order a print please visit DeviantArt or RedBubble

Now I did warn you not to blink but I forgot to warn you about an image of an Angel becoming an Angel, so don’t blink and good luck!


Sincerely, The Doctor (or Riddick posed as the doctor, cause “Bowties are Cool!”:) )

Have a great day, guys!


2 responses to “Who Wednesday – Don’t Blink

  1. Fay Michael says:

    Absolutely great Kristofer, love the peeping angel! Also have a soft spot in my heart for a little black Pomeranian wearing cool bow ties. Continue the fantastic art work. love Nana

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