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Disney Here We Come- Shirts done!!

on March 5, 2013

Hi guys, counting down the days and the projects and this one is all about the cool tees we made for the trip this past weekend.

Bleached Mickey head shirts

mickeyshirt krismickey

For these I used some clear contact paper and cut out heads with the cricut, stuck them to the shirts and then sprayed them with bleach and then removed the contact paper.

Hubby wanted his to be a bit different so after he peeled of the contact paper he added more detail with a bleach pen and a sharpie. They turned out really cool. I am really happy with them.

Vanellope Von Schweetz Hoodie


For this one I found a shirt on Ebay that was the right color and had a hood and the kangaroo pocket. I string Fuchsia string through hood and through kangaroo pouch to give the stitching her hoodie had. To finish it off because I am not going to brave a skirt at a theme park all day, I added a pleated brown ribbon to bottom (hubby’s brilliant idea) to mimic her candy wrapper skirt.

Candy hair clipscandyhairclips

You can’t dress up like Vanellope without her candy sprinkle hair, so I ordered some resin gummy bears on esty and got some mini peppermint ornaments at Christmas and glued them on some hair clips I bought at Hobby Lobby and tada! Hair clips!!

Rapunzel Top


I am really thrilled with how this turned out. Again I bought a shirt on Ebay, then I used peel’nstick fabric adhesive and created the corset and added the ribbon on the sleeves. I also sewed on some lace to top to give more detailed look. So Happy with all our creations, can’t wait to wear them!


2 responses to “Disney Here We Come- Shirts done!!

  1. Kristofer says:

    Did you ever think you would be doing Disney cosplay? What am I saying, of course you did. you would wear Mickey Ears every day if you could. 🙂

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