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New Haunted Mansion Themed Items for Disney Parks

on February 28, 2013

Hi guys, I have some pretty exciting news, new Haunted Mansion Merch!!

Yep and just in time for our trip (at least some of it.) There are 9 pieces which I suppose is more manageable then making 999, oh but wouldn’t that be great 🙂

The Hourglass

It measures 7 1/2 inches tall and has the gargoyles from the stretching portrait room and the demon wall paper face on the top. Another great nod to the Mansion is the purple sand. It keeps time for about 30 mins.

The Candelabra

This Candelabra, which I think is  my favorite item of the set, also stars the stretching portrait room gargoyle. The base is also inspired by the paneling in that room.

Haunted Mansion Plaque Picture Frame

This 5×7 frame is a nod to the Haunted Mansion Plaque. It was said that the designers took several pictures of the attraction to ensure the authentic look of the items. I think we may have to get this one for our of our vacation pictures 🙂

The Music Box

This beautiful box mirrors Madame Leota’s epitaph from outside the Disney World Haunted Mansion and it plays “Grim Grinning Ghosts”, of course 🙂 This box is simply stunning and I would love it in our collection.

Coaster Set

This coaster set includes four epitaphs from the attraction, including Madame Leota and of course, Master Gracey.

                Bat Stanchion Bottle Stop

This is a beautiful bronzed likeness to the bat stanchions roping off the line inside the Mansion

Rest In Peace Throw Pillow

This pillow has a very simple nod to the Haunted Mansion on the front with with, “rest in peace” and the back of pillow portrays the famous demon wall paper. Which is also mimicked on the throw below.

Haunted Mansion Demon Wall Paper Throw

Soft throw with wallpaper image and black fringe, would love this for the couch!

Room for one more Candy Dish

This dish also used the famous wall paper and has “Room for One More” printed inside. A reference to the 999 ghosts and maybe for pieces of candy too 🙂

Tarot card Merchandise  Hang-tags

Even the hang- tags for the items have that Haunted Mansion vibe, resembling Madame Leota’s Tarot cards on front. On the back is a cute description of the merchandise, which resembles Madame Leota’s seance.

Items are being released as follows but dates are estimated:

– Frame
– Candelabra
– Hour Glass
– Coaster Set
– Throw

– Pillow
– Music Box
– Candy Dish

– Bottle Stopper

They will be at these stores at the Disney Parks:

Disneyland Resort
– Disney Clothiers, Ltd. and China Closet – Disneyland park
– Trolley Treats – Disney California Adventure Park
– World of Disney – Downtown Disney District

Walt Disney World
– Heritage House – Magic Kingdom Park
– Mouse Gear – Epcot
– Tower of Terror Shop – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
– Trend-D and World of Disney – Downtown Disney Marketplace

They will be sold online as well, but I have not heard when!!

Oh, I just can’t wait to add these to my collection!! I hope you are as excited as I am 🙂



2 responses to “New Haunted Mansion Themed Items for Disney Parks

  1. Kristofer says:

    Oh I see a few nice items that would definitely make a good gift for let’s say… someones Birthday. 🙂

  2. Actually I saw a preorder for them on magicalears, type that into browser, I just cant remember how much they were selling for

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