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Surprise Adventure Book for hubby

on February 19, 2013

Our Adventure Book Tutorial


So here was my goal! To create our very own Up Adventure book!

My hubby and I are heading to Disney World in 24 days, for our One year Anniversary (we got engaged at Disneyland in front of Flynn and Rapunzel) and I thought what a great Valentine’s present to make us a book we can use on our trip to Disney. Up was such a touching movie and I just loved the idea of making our own book. I thought it would be perfect for this adventure.

My supplies

– a cereal box

– some faux leather scrapbook paper, I purchased two sheets of brown and two sheets that kinda look like a basket ball for the ends where the laces are strung through

– two pieces of printed scrapbook paper to line the inside

– some cardstock for the pages and letters

– a cricut, diecut letters or stickers

– a globe – I printed out an antique globe and cut it out to tape it on like the one in the movie

– some modge podge

– a paper cutter (especially for the cereal box)

– scissors

– a hole punch

– some string or leather

-a paper scorer (used the one that came with my cricut essentials pack)

Other additions you can  do –  stickers, photos, markers, etc. We are going to use this for our trip, so I going to leave the inside blank except one “you and me” page to start it

Here is how I made it

I wanted my book to have a fold flap for where the binding will go and the lacing will go through, so I measure my cereal box I wanted to part where the brown would be to be 7 inch by 10.5 so I had space for my paper to fold over to create the covering.

Then I cut the box with my cutter to get two pieces (the front and back of box, saving the bottom flap since it did not narrow in)

I took my brown “leather” flipped it over and traced the box onto the material, so I could score it to make it easier to fold over the cereal box.

Then I scored it and folded all three sides.

After I spread on my modge podge onto one side of box and laid my brown “leather” on box and smoothed it out, then laid something (happened to be photo paper) heavy on top so it would dry evenly and adhere to the box.

IMG_5467 IMG_5466

I used my cricut cutting room for the letters and the oval and square around them. cut them on the colors I wanted them on and set them aside.

I then punched my two holes in the cover (two on each side)

Then I cut this pretty purple paper (I saw on one of the many pictures of the adventure book that the lining was purplish, so that is what I used but use whatever you like) and punched the holes on it. Then I covered the exposed inside of each page to line the cover.


Next I worked with the basketball like material that will cover the folded flap on front of book. I folded and scored each line, then hole punched and glued onto covers. I tried hole punching after gluing first cover and was really hard to get through, so it is better to do ahead of time.


Folded and hole punchedfolding up the edges

Some of the holes still showed a small amount of cardboard through so I took a one inch punch and cut four circles (one for each hole) and the regular punch to punch out hole in center. I then glued onto original spot to cover cardboard.

After one inch punches were placed


I then took my cardstock which had been cut to size and hole punch and laced my leather through starting with the front cover and wrapping around to end at front cover again to tie bow.


This is book after lacing has been strung and tied, looking pretty awesome for my first bound book 🙂 cover

Next I got out the shapes I had set aside from the Cricut and glued them on the front coverbordercover

Then the letters and globe (just need a piece of masking tape to make it more authentic, which I did put on but I guess the picture is no where to be found), I also chose to use “our” instead of “my” for the title, since I made this specifically for Us, even though “my” was on the movie bookfront cover

I added Dug to the inside front cover just for fun. I printed him out on cardstock and cut him out and glued him in place.


I then took some of our pictures that were as close to the poses from the movie and printed them in sepia tone. I created our own image and up balloon (including tape) on photoshop and added caption to make it look like book page and then ripped it to mimic the Paradise falls page they tore out. Ours is Disney World though, since that is the goal. I made “you and me” die cut image with cricut.

Our First page


The pictures from the movie


Our next page, I did “Stuff we’ve Done” since this will be our scrapbook of our Adventures when we come home


Original movie page


Then to counterpart Dug, I added a…. SQUIRREL! On the inside of the back cover


For the back of the book I wanted The Up house with Balloons, so I printed three up houses on card stock cut various pieces and layers them to give the house a more 3d effect.


I cut the Balloons as Mickey Balloons since our destination is Disney world. I used a Mickey head punch and then glued one strand of string to each balloon. The adhered them to book to create the balloon effect.


Once they were all on, I added the banner I created on photoshop, that says, “Adventure is out there!”


There it is front to back, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I had fun making it!


34 responses to “Surprise Adventure Book for hubby

  1. Fay Michael says:

    A great Adventure Book what a super job of crafting. I know you both will enjoy all the memories and the fun of making them for your book. love nana

  2. Kristofer says:

    It is a very beautiful Adventure Book and baby do I have adventures in store for you in our future. I will always make sure to make your dreams come true over and over, over and over… lol… for the rest of our lives together.

  3. Winnie Wang says:

    hi, i just want to say… my adventure book came out wonderfully! i LOVE it. thank you SOOO MUCH 🙂

  4. Would you consider making and selling these?

    • Sure, I would, they are handmade and not store bought perfect but if handmade from the heart is what you are looking for, I’m your girl. I would have to tally up costs and would you like inside blank or with your pictures, like I did ours on first two pages. Email me at trissidaae@hotmail.com with all requests and we can go from there. Then what I could do is send you a paypal invoice if you would like for purchase. So glad you liked it

  5. Caitlin says:

    Hi! I want to make this for my boyfriend but I’m having a hard time understanding exactly how you made the binding (with the basketball material). Is it just folded from the back to the front? Thanks!

    • Hi, the binding is just folded to cover front and back of each piece on the cover, then hole punched to match the holes on the cover, so when glued on everything is already done. Hope this helps

      • caitlin says:

        thank you! when measuring the material out, were the folded parts of both the part on the cover of the book and the one one that ends up on the inside of the book the same? or was the part on the inside a bit shorter? And did you fold the material under itself on the front? sorry for so many questions!

      • It was same on both pieces but if it smaller inside it would be fine since it is inside

  6. Melody says:

    hi! Loved your Adventure book! Its amazing! Would you know where i could find the faux leather scrapbook paper (both the brown and the basket ball looking one?) Could i find it at a Target, Wal-mart or Michaels? or any online site? Thankies!

  7. areli says:

    i was wondering were did you get all these stuff ?

  8. Em says:

    Hi I am just wondering how long this took you to make?

  9. Starz says:

    Hi, I’m trying to make this for my sister for her birthday but I’m having a little difficulty with the binding part. I’m not too sure what I’m supposed to do and I know you use the bottom flap from the cereal box but what exactly do you do with it?

    • I just folded over the top part of the flap and used it to make the binding more sturdy. Punch the holes in the flap and the main part and your paper, where they touch and then put the ribbon or leather through to bind pages

  10. Hi! I was wondering if you could email me/ or publish the ‘earth’ picure and the selfmade wrapper? Love how it turned out!

    • I will look for the earth picture and see if I Have it. As for the “wrapper”, I purchased faux leather specialty paper and basketball paper at michaels. I will be redoing this post in the future to make sure I give the best tutorial. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Turns out I no longer have my original “earth” image, guess I lost it when I lost the rest of this template. I can make another one and post it if you still need one.

  11. Rebecca says:

    I’m actually having difficulty finding the paper as well, do you know exactly what it’s called?

  12. Earl says:

    Hi! I am also having difficulties on Michael’s website and in the store to locate the faux leather paper. Can you tell us what brand it is or post a link on here for us? Thank you.

  13. Ana says:

    This is super cute! I definitely want to do this!! but do I really need a circut?😁

    • No of course not, you can use whatever you want even stencils, stickers, hand cut letters, whatever you want. I just happened to have one but the sky is the limit. Have fun

  14. Kim says:

    Great! Thanks for posting this! The binding is confusing me though. Do you end up glueing down the flaps of the cereal box eventually and then just using one piece of the basketball material to bind the two covers together? That would mean you couldn’t really add additional pages later right? How did you know what width to cut the basketball material then? It looks like you were able to fit a good amount of pages in. Thanks!!

    • No, I didn’t glue them down, only glued it to surface. Just folded the flaps over. The basketball material is approximately 3 inches because it is folded over and covers inside and out of flap. If you want to add more pages you just untie the string holding the book together

  15. Danielle says:

    Do you have a picture of how the binding looks from the side?

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