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Introducing Disney’s newest Princess!

on February 15, 2013

Good morning, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day. I know I did and this is where the newest princess comes into play. I know some of you might have expected Anna from the upcoming movie Frozen but nope, its ME!!!

Yep that is right, I had my official coronation last night for Valentine’s day!

So as everyone read yesterday, my hubby had a card at my desk with the beginning of our fairytale in it sitting at my desk and in this card it said he would tell me more of the story later that night.

Later that night we get home and he sends me into the garage to work on this


a princess puzzle with an invisible ink flashlight (curious, huh?)puzzle

So away I go, starting the puzzlepuzzlefinished

Here is the completed puzzleink

I tried to get a shot of the invisible ink with the flashlight but the light just didn’t show up, you can see the indention where the writing is though.

On the puzzle it said, to come up stairs that my hubby and the princesses are anxiously awaiting my arrival! So Cute!!!!


This is what I walked into, a red carpet with hand cut white rose petals and all the princess (I always wanted the collection, now I have them) and hubby had the music from out wedding playing. I almost starting crying immediately, couldn’t help it with that music playing and having to walk an “aisle”. At the top of the stairs there was a toy Rapunzel crown and a drawing. He crowned me and then handed me the drawing, it is me in Disney Style as a Princess.

Here I am

me It is so super sweet and I think I am pretty cute 🙂 He even put my favorite colors and sunflowers in my dress.

Then I walked over to our table and there were these treats (he remembered my Target post) as well as pages of a typed out story. It was the continuation of our story, it made me laugh and cry, it was the fairytale version of how we met. Just amazing!treats

The night didn’t stop there, next was dinner! Now my Prince charming doesn’t enjoy cooking but he is amazing and cooks for me, but tonight he out did himself.


Strip steak with mushroom sauce

Creamy Parmesan Polenta



Pretzel Rolls (yum!!)

Here is my chef hard at work

hubbydinner dinner

Looks amazing and by now my mouth was watering!

Here is Dinner plated

dinnerplate food

Looks and was Delicious!!

For dessert he got us Marie Calendar Coconut Cream Pies, they were good but I forgot to take a pictures of these cute little mini pies!

Was just an amazing Valentine’s day, as usual hubby outdid himself.

Tomorrow is my turn to do my dinner, hope everything comes out just as well as his did! Wish me luck and enjoy your three-day weekend! I hope you enjoyed my coronation as much as I did!


One response to “Introducing Disney’s newest Princess!

  1. Kristofer says:

    I was just so glad I didn’t burn anything and that you didn’t trip in the aisle runner but my efforts were totally validated when you teared up. Absolutely worth it and here’s to another fun Valentines day together. :*

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