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The Day has ARRIVED!!! Happy Valentine’s day

on February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!! It is here! I know I am a bit of a girl to love such a fru fru “holiday” but I can’t help it. I never really had them before and know I have people who love me and who I love so much that I can’t help but love a holiday that gives me an excuse to shower them with love 🙂

I gave hubby some of his presents this morning


This shirt is for our Disney Trip, I thought it was perfect for my prince!


                         “I ♥ U So Beary much” Gift – Made the label with my cricut think it turned out super cute and of course there are gummy bears in the package 🙂

I thought I was the only one with a game plan for work (since me, hubby, my bestie and all our friends all work in the same building) but wow was I wrong! Lol!

I was ambushed!

This is what I walked into balloon

I adore this big Mickey and Minnie Balloon! I just LOVE mylar balloons!! desk

My hubby gave my bff free reign of the decorating and she said she wanted it to look like she “threw up Valentine’s” on my desk and yep. Looks like someone went crazy, had to remove half of the beautiful mess just to work this morning, lol!


Oh and notice the awesome heart-shaped bamboo she got me, awwww!

And there was this box (the porcelain one was inside) from my bestie

So as you know I am a Disney girl and it would be fitting that so is my bestie (I got her a dinglehopper brush, lol.)


My four favorite princesses are Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel and Snow White. Snow White being the original Disney princess has always had a spot near and dear in my heart and now with ABC’s Once Upon a Timethat love has been rekindled.

So bestie got me a Disney Couture Snow White Ring, so pretty!



Inside it says “make a wish and take a bite”, love it! Thanks, Steph!

Onto hubby, which is keeping me on pins and needles which I suppose is his plan, lol!! I guess I will have to post about it tomorrow since I have to wait until tonight.


What he gave me so far is a fun chocolate rose and a Hoops and Yoyo Card (he knows I love them!)

When we got engaged, we did a wedding website and my prince, created this amazing fairytale about us for it (if you would like to read it click here ) Inside the card he wrote something similar to give me an idea of what tonight’s theme is. So needless to say I am excited, since everyday with my husband is like a fairytale 🙂

So since I can’t tell you what hasn’t happened, I can show you all the awesome cricut projects I made for the special day.

Cricut gift bag tags for my special girls 🙂

(all made with the cricut create a critter cartridge which was the free cut this week)


You are O”fish”ally “fin”tasticberry

You R “Berry” sweetsmores

I need “SMORE” friends like u



R ♥ ARwinter

Winter is coming! My take on GOT Ghost 🙂

Then there is hubby’s desk! I went with…. SURPRISE!!

Doctor Who

(also all aided by the cricut)


Tardis Valentine’s box, I filled it with hugs and kisses and reeses hearts

I did this one as the older Tardis. Also the sign on the front has been modified for Valentine’s daytardiscard

The newer Tardis card (forgot the st john’s ambulance though) , inside says “I will love you until the end of Time”. I thought that worked with the time lord thing 🙂 bowties

Bowties are cool, The 11th doctor may not be my favorite but I do love when he says this!


“I love you more the the Doctor” sign. I really like this, used a penguin on my cricut to make the Adipose and made the tardis with just random shapes. My first big project!


Blue anemones and red lilies in red vase with bowtie to complete the theme!!

A very successful Valentine’s day and a whole bunch of projects finally got to be given! Hope everyone is having a truly Magical Valentine’s day! Hope you enjoyed this post!!


3 responses to “The Day has ARRIVED!!! Happy Valentine’s day

  1. Kristofer says:

    You have no idea what I have in store for you. You just be ready. 🙂 I love you and happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am so glad you loved your gifts! I had fun decorating your desk! Yes I went a tad crazy but it was all for love! 🙂 You deserved everything and more! I couldn’t of asked for a better best friend! You are the sweetest! I loved my gifts! And my dinglehopper brush!! Love love loved it! And I ♥ u guys so much! Thanks for always being there for me! 🙂

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