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Lion King and Review for Old Pecan Street Cafe

on February 11, 2013

Hi guys! Saturday was our Lion King show and trip to Austin.

Here we are heading out, hubby looking dapper in his Fedora, love it!

uslionking melionking

Here I am in the final outfit, weather was cold and wet so had to rethink my attire, think I am looking very art student-esque! I think it works for Lion King, was pretty warm in the theater so thankful I opted for layers.

Dinner at Old Pecan Street Cafe


Let me just say, I don’t travel to Austin very often, I lived there for 10 years and was happy to leave. I know some people love it, but it is too busy and very crowded to me. So seeing as we don’t go often, I forgot about parking downtown, eek!! No businesses have parking and now it seems like the free parking after 5 and on weekends is no more. After driving in circles we caved and paid for parking at a meter about three blocks from the restaurant. Got there early and there wasn’t a soul in the place, good thing I got reservations, lol! Found out later it was Mardi Gras downtown, so it makes sense.


The restaurant was cute. flowers on all the tables, exposed brick, ambient lighting. Very Quaint.

Since the restaurant was empty or server Kamran greeted us at the door and let us sit where ever. We chose a close to the window by the back and enjoyed the little led flicker candle on our table as we ordered.

We ordered dinner

they came with a salad and sautéed veggies with rice

Here is a pic of the Salad


Salad was decent, had tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and parmesan. The bread was good but nothing that I felt I had to keep eating.

The Chicken Poppicotti


The Old Pecan street chicken plate looked very similar so I only took this picture, but the taste was very different.  The Old Pecan Street Chicken was very savory and the pesto and pecan was nice but the stuffing was a little dry compared to the other dish. Our favorite was the Poppicotti, the creamy filling was so good and the sauce was divine 🙂 Yum!!

The veggies were cooked well and the rice was well seasoned. All and all a very nice dinner. Onto the best part, Dessert!!


These were delicious!! Best part of the meal! I do like really thin pancakes, lol!

Dinner cost about $56, more than I would spend on a normal night but for a date night and the food, it was totally worth it. Now onto the show 🙂


The Lion King at Basse Concert hall

Once we again paid for parking after driving around and finding out once again they have removed the free parking (paid $15 in total for the night). We walked our way up, this is the outside of the theater.


Our seats and the stage before the show.

Of course there is no photography allowed during the show, so now I will paint the picture for you 🙂

Our seats were pretty good, when the animals come out of center stage we were able to see them pretty well. However, the seats at this theater do not seem to really be stadium seating and even though these were good people sitting in front could still leads to problems.  Luckily we had a very nice family sitting next to me and we got to use their child’s seat (If you read this, thank you!!)

The show was pretty similar to the movie, however, there is a much more African feel to it and it is about twice the length of the movie. That being said, these aren’t the character straight from the movie, wearing Simba and Mufasa suits.  These characters are stylized versions with a very specific look, there are people wearing mask headdresses, amazing puppets and welding kites.

There is also more of the African feel in the music, with several scenes of beautiful chanting by Rafiki (a woman) and the lionesses. The stage props were beautiful, my favorite being the elephant graveyard. There was many different effects used to create the show, strobes, fog, projectors and scenery. All and all was a very unique show and a good reason to go on a date, just remember to find out about parking first before heading to Austin. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my reviews, I enjoyed writing them!


2 responses to “Lion King and Review for Old Pecan Street Cafe

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds amazing!! Glad u had a good time!!!

  2. Kristofer says:

    It really was a great time… parking aside 😉 and those crepes were very tasty. But none of it would be as fun without you.

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