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Saturday Trip to Austin for THE LION KING & hopefully some yummy noms!

on February 8, 2013

For Christmas last year I did a Disney Themed 12 days of Christmas for Hubby and the 5th day instead of Five gold rings, it was two tickets to see The Lion King!

Now the Day is finally here and we are off to Austin to see this spectacular show!

The Lion King Musical is of course based on the Wonderful Disney Movie, The Lion King. The Musical debuted in 1997 and is now Broadway’s fifth longest running show.  Even in the United Kingdom, it is a hit. The show started running in 1999 and is still going.

The touring cast is here in Texas currently, last show for Austin is on Sunday.  I am very excited to see this with my prince Charming.

We are also trying a new restaurant, seeing as we don’t make it out to Austin very often and it is almost Valentine’s day, we wanted to try something somewhat romantic and new to us. So we are trying the Old Pecan Street Cafe.


The Menu looks great, especially the chicken dishes and the crepe desserts:)   I am anxious to try something new and different. Here is to one more day to date night, yay!!

I hope everyone gets out there and has a great weekend, try something new, have fun:)




5 responses to “Saturday Trip to Austin for THE LION KING & hopefully some yummy noms!

  1. mom says:

    Have a wonderful time, sounds amazing!

  2. Fay Michael says:

    Great planning Kris, I know you both will truly love the Lion King! The Old Pecan Street Cafe looks like a fabulous place. Have a great romantic dinner, and Happy Valentine to you both. Love you both, nana

  3. Kristofer says:

    I can’t wait and I know you will have to blog about how cool it is next week. Thank you sweetie for the tickets.

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