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Van Gogh/Who Mash Up

on February 6, 2013

Hi, welcome to the middle of the week, only 2 more days to go till the weekend and Lion King in Austin, woo hoo!! So since it is the middle of the week, seemed like the perfect time to go and talk about something random that I love, another mash-up per se. The Doctor and Vincent Van Gogh, that is what this wonderful episode of Dr Who was called that we watched last night.

Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE Vincent Van Gogh. Starry Night and Sunflowers are just amazing, as well as his other pieces.  In fact my husband made me the cutest replica of Starry night on a post it note when we first started dating and found me a 3d version of the Sunflowers for my birthday. I think he is just fascinating as do many, even Christopher Moore (on of my favorite authors) wrote a fictional book with him as the subject. So why wouldn’t Dr Who?

This episode was wonderful in its depiction of Vincent Van Gogh and the story was fun. But what I love most is what this episode inspired. Art. Lots of amazing beautiful art, just what Van Gogh would have loved.

Here are some of the amazing pieces I have found (Click on image for source)


I love this one, someone commissioned this piece for their loved one, has the mashup of starry night, the church (intact with Krayfis) and The Tardis flying, beautiful!


Starry Night, The Doctor and the  Tardis with Vincent Van Gogh and the last painting he createdwho_gogh

The Dr with the Church and The Tardistardis_vincent_van_gogh_doctor_who_starry_night_desktop_1280x1031_hd-wallpaper-915771

Starry Night and The Tardis (one of my favorites)the_song_of_your_sadness_by_alicexz-d5gshsp

This one is my favorite, it was a scene from the episode and it has been turned into a simply gorgeous piece. I love it!

Hope you enjoyed this mash-up  Wednesday, may it inspire you as much as it did me 🙂


One response to “Van Gogh/Who Mash Up

  1. Kristofer says:

    Just a thought, Did you correlate the fact that the Christopher Moore book, Sacre Blue, was about the color blue and the Tardis is also blue? Hmmm…. Really makes you wonder if the blue was actually a side effect of the Tardis and not of the color man. lol

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