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Disney Here We Come- Countdown

on January 31, 2013

keep-calm-and-think-disneyWhen all else fails, this is my motto. Plus the closer the trip gets the more my mind visits the wonderful land without me. Today is day 44! That is what my calendar, the Disney website and my awesome countdown chain on our stairs tells me.

Ok, I am a little obsessed and since that has been said I will show you what I mean. Since day 180 of the countdown (well technically before to plan for 180) we have been counting down on a chain of Mickeys.

Some people create these for their kids like  a month before the trip to get them excited and ready for Disney but yeah me, no kids, did a full 180 day chain, lol!!

I figured you have to plan your ADR 180 days in advance, why not countdown from there.

So I took four different colored papers, the Mickey classic red, yellow and black (lined inside with white paper) and added our favorite color to the mix, green. The black, yellow and red ones had fun facts and trivia pertaining to Disney and the Green ones were Disney themed activities, like cooking Disney recipes or watching Tangled. I knew I couldn’t keep up with 180 days or activities and I love information, especially about Disney and thought it would be a fun way to share what I learned with Hubby.

I compiled lists of info from books, websites and blogs about Disney printed them out of the colored paper and cut and assembled rings, making the black ones have ears. So we would have Mickeys and then stretched the assembled chain down our entry way stairs, so we can see it each morning and night when we are coming or going.

Here was the chain in the beginning, it was huge!!  countdownlong

See Ya Real Sooncountdown

You can see the white paper lining the black ones other wise they wouldn’t have been seen printed on black, Plus day zero is the Big Mickey head with see ya real soon with Mickeys and Mickey Gloves holding the chain together 🙂 Pretty cute and a great way to count down till our trip! 44 days left, the chain is getting smaller, I can’t wait!


One response to “Disney Here We Come- Countdown

  1. Kristofer says:

    When the chain was started, at full extension, it was about two times the length of our stairs. Now it is merely 1/2 the length of one set of our stairs. That just means the trip is definitely getting closer. I can’t wait!

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