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Adventure in Auntie Anne’s Home Pretzels

on January 28, 2013

Good morning everyone! Hope the weekend was great! Mine was full of crafting, Dr Who Marathons, naps (yay naps!!!) and some delicious food. As you know our Disney trip is coming up (47 days in fact) so I decided to start eating better, so I will look as good as my prince in our vacation photos (he has actually been putting in the effort as I sit on the couch and watch, lol) and start eating better on Monday (Today and doing good so far.) So as my last hurrah, we had all sorts of noms and one of the things I love almost as much as Disney is a good soft pretzel or pretzel dog (We even had mini pretzel dogs at our wedding!) I found a at home Auntie Anne’s pretzel kit a while back and wanted to see how they held up to the ones you get at the mall. So Sunday morning I created Pretzel heaven in my itty bitty kitchen!

Here is the box, it says it make 8-10 large pretzels and it gives you salt or cinnamon sugar to make them as you choose. I love Salty but I made a variety including 6 beautiful pretzel dogs!!


After opening the box, I was a little leery, me and yeast never have a good time together. But I am happy to say the dough rose, here it is after being kneaded and left to rise, it doubled in size. Probably would have been better if kneaded in a machine but I was happy.


Then it says to cut them into strips and start shaping your pretzels. Here is the first pretzel being pulled to the 36inch length. Had some fun doing this, pretending to be a pro! lol! pretzel strips

Here is my first pretzel, pretty cute, huh?!pretzel

After this you dip them in the baking soda water (make sure the baking soda is dissolved or you won’t get the pretzel coloring, happened on my first ones) made with the provided baking soda pack, then I sprinkled the salt on the ones I wanted salted and off to the oven! preztels

Here is one of the gorgeous salty pretzels, isn’t it just beautiful?!finished preztelNext was the pretzel dogs but first, let’s almost catch the house on fire, oops (please don’t do this)! This was not on purpose but the plastic fork I was using to stir my baking soda water fell into the 425 degree oven as I was preparing to stick in the pretzel dogs and it caught fire immediately! Eek!! We turned off the oven and just let the flames burn out, there was nothing left of the fork, poor, poor plastic fork.  Lol!! Well that was fun! Once the oven was cleaned and the stove top and the microwave, lol,  I stuck the pretzel dogs in the oven.

Here they are after being dipped in the baking soda

Finished Pretzel dogs, yum!!


They all turned out delicious and the itty bitty Kitchen is still in one piece. Verdict: Pretty good, a bit of work and probably would have been better in kneaded in a dough machine but I would make them again ( minus the plastic fork incident) and hubby seemed to like them too!

So check them out, I found them at Walmart but I am sure any grocery store will have them and the little ones would love helping shape the pretzels 🙂


2 responses to “Adventure in Auntie Anne’s Home Pretzels

  1. stephshock says:

    Yum! I wanna try some out! I will have to keep my eyes open next time I’m at Walmart!

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