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Disney here we come- Inexpensive Souvenir/Activity Edition 2

on January 25, 2013

It’s Friday again, don’t you love a short week?! I know I wish all work weeks were only 3 Days long, but don’t we all, lol!

Since it is Friday it is time for another edition in My Disney,  Inexpensive Souvenir Series. Today I want to show you my book, it started as just our autograph book.  It has now evolved into a place for our Itinerary for the trip, journaling for our scrapbook, our Autograph book and our Epcot Passport. This a few great souvenirs/activities all in one handy dandy notebook 🙂

I showed you the incomplete cover in the Disney Here We come about Character Meet N Greets, but I will get into the book more in-depth today.

Here is the finished front and back cover

autobookcoverfront autobookcoverback

I bought a chipboard notebook at hobby lobby for $7.99 and used my 40% coupon. Then I painted the inside and spine with an awesome metallic Peridot green, (my birthstone and also the stone in my gorgeous engagement ring) then I went into Photoshop and created the front cover, I absolutely love the personalized autograph books I made Flynn and Rapunzel. The Pascal was a hand-drawn after thought due to a drop of green paint on the white cover, but I love his lanyard and book and I think he was really meant to be there and I didn’t know it when working in Photoshop, lol!! The Tangled sun with the Mickey ears were hand-cut out of construction paper (before my cricut came home). Then I applied the cover with glue and evened it out and added the purple construction paper trim to give it a more finished appearance.

The back is pretty much the same but no Photoshop, construction paper shamrock with heart (my trade mark) with Mickey ears that show my logo and some fun stickers.

The Front Cover and first page


You can see the beautiful green inside now, I also attached a neat piece of ribbon to keep all our sharpies for autographing (I hear the clickable sharpies are the best but I haven’t bought any yet.) On the first page I created an introduction and where we are staying and for how long. I also put our cell phone numbers in case  our book gets  lost.

After the journaling and Itinerary info pages (I included a page for each day to write the events, a list of all our ADR [Advance Dining Reservation] and pockets throughout for lose things like Fast Passes or Park Maps. I decided I would put our autograph pages.

I did some research and compiled a list of characters (my sources below) we would like to meet and get autographs from and then found best places to see them. Autographs are free and a great keepsake and memory for the whole family, you get time with each character, a hug usually and a photo taken as well.  Autograph books at the park have Disney themed covers are about 5×7 and the pages inside are blank. So for less than the price of that one I made a special personalized autograph book to one day show our kids.

Here is the sheet, I created it in photoshop and put an image of all the characters behind the words

character sheet

CharacterCentral – has an alphabetical list with Mickey’s indicating availability but I am not sure of when it was last updated seeing as I did not find Merida on the listing

Kenny The Pirate seems to have the most updated and the best info as it was updated last week, it is even more current than mine, I had to hand write in Ralph and Vanellope

Here is a sample of one of my autograph pages (of course it is Flynn & Rapunzel)


I did this for each character grouping like Winnie the Pooh and all his pals from the 100 Acre woods because they are usually found in the same place and I wouldn’t have to flip around when we found them saving time to get photos, autographs and longer interactions.

Next is our Epcot Passport, an Epcot Passport is another fun activity and great free souvenir for the family buy making your own doing the Duffy kidscot ones  or you can even chose to buy an authenticate Mickey Passport (costs about $10.)  As you journey through the countries at Epcot, you will find stops with cast members and get a stamp like you would a real passport and can have them write something in the language of each country for you, I am think “Happy anniversary” since that is what we are celebrating.

Here is our cover page to that part of our book (you can also see one of the folders I made in this pic) of course Flynn and Rapunzel set to see the world in their Mickey Ears 🙂 I was inspired by Donatalie’s passport but I did ours with Flynn and Rapunzel in various locations throughout the Epcot Countries created in Photoshop.

Epcot passport

On the back cover I decided I wanted a place to put our pressed pennies during the day, instead of trying to put them in order in their final book while running around. So I made this cute Pressed penny envelope with some Mickey stickers.

pressed pennies

The book still needs a few pages added but I am very happy with how it turned out and I enjoyed making it. I think it will make a great souvenir and will showcase some of the amazing activities we will get to enjoy on our first trip to Walt Disney World together 🙂


5 responses to “Disney here we come- Inexpensive Souvenir/Activity Edition 2

  1. Fay Michael says:

    Love your autograph book, a great job very creative, and certainly you will be well organized on your trip! I can almost hear your excitement through the computer.

  2. Kristofer says:

    I have a small idea for the pressed penny envelope. Maybe we can put a small velcro dot on the flap to keep it secure during travel. Anyway you did a fabulous job on the book!

  3. mom says:

    Love it!! Here is an idea we used for our pressed pennies.. we used the tiny m and m containers, then printed cute little labels to cover them. They are durable and snap tight. Then we filled with 2 quarters and one penny til full. I will try to send pic. Love u

    • Funny mom, I actually I did an entire blog on the pressed pennies last week, complete with m&m containers and pressed penny books 🙂 Thanks for checking the blog out though. Love ya

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