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Get started on your Disney Valentine’s day shopping at Target

on January 22, 2013

During the holiday yesterday, I took the opportunity to get out and start my Valentine’s day shopping and I was in Disney geek heaven yesterday when I found my way to Target. On top of the always cute Valentine’s tableware and plushies, I found a Disney haven!

As many know, Disney bought Star Wars so I say Disney geek but it was Disney and Star Wars stuff, I was in Heaven. Here is some of the awesomeness I found as I walked down the aisles.


Star wars Candy Dispensers in Holiday Colors that have sounds, a Darth Vader with a candy Lightsaberyodacups

Yoda ceramic mugs with conversation hearts (I should have checked to see if these too were Star Wars themed)darthchocolate

Dark Vader Chocolate tins with embossed Darth Vaders and holiday colorsjedihearts

These were some of my favorites: R2D2 and Darth Vader heart shaped chocolate tinesredarth

Red Darth Vader candy dispenser with sound and a Red  Darth Vader cookie jarplushvaljedi

And the last of the Star Wars goodies: Plushies of Yoda, Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers with conversation hearts, so cute.

As for the full-fledged Disney, they had a ton of Mickey Stuff, I had to restrain myself from buying all of it.


Really nicely done Mickey heart shaped chocolate boxes.  I just want the boxes!  If someone wants to buy these and eat the chocolate and mail me the box, I am cool with that, lol!!


But this one was my favorite, I would love to put these in my kitchen above the cabinets for Valentine’s day. mickeypretzels Then they had super cute Mickey silhouette mugs with candy, chocolate covered pretzels (one of my all time favorites) with Mickey and Minnie, and two kinds of gummies in the Mickey Love packages (Was heart gummies and juju bees)
mickeytinsLastly was my favorite (hint for hubby) the three pack stacking boxes they each contained a treat like chocolate marshmallows and things like that. Also they had super cute popcorn tins with Mickey and Minnie.

Was a very fun surprise to find all this amazing Disney gear and Target. It made my day. Hurry and go get your Disney Valentines for your special someone 🙂


2 responses to “Get started on your Disney Valentine’s day shopping at Target

  1. Stephanie says:

    ♥ target!

  2. Kristofer says:

    Hint noted. It was the Yoda mugs right? 😉

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