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Argyle Valentine’s Wreath

on January 17, 2013

On the 9th, I posted a tutorial on the valentine’s day wreath I was going to make.Well yesterday I made it!

So here is my tutorial, I did a few things different then the one I posted.  I went to Michael’s (seems like a weekly pilgrimage) and pick up a green round wreath form (they had two and I picked the largest one) for $6.99 and used my 40% off coupon, also picked up some very soft pretty heather gray yarn on sale for $2.50, spent $7.50 on supplies. Already had ribbon and felt at home to complete project.

Step 1: I was without a glue gun so I decided straight pins would do the trick and since it is going outside, it might hold up a bit better. I first started by cutting  a long roll of yarn and tied the ends into knots, so the pin had something to hold onto to. Then I wrapped the wreath and wrapped, and wrapped.


This took a while but finally, I got to this

wreathwrappedAll wrapped in the soft yarn to start the wreath.

There are a few little bumps but once the felt hearts are on you won’t notice any so don’t spend any time worrying if you have a few imperfections.

Step 2: Hearts

I happened to have the perfect foam heart (extras from Valentine’s two years ago) to use as my template it was about two inches. So if you have any scrap hearts lying around look for something about that size or just cut your felt hearts out with your cricut (to learn how to cut fabric [from Joyslife] with cricut click here ) or go old school and cut it out by hand, which ever way you go is great.  I mean if you are great with scissors you don’t even need a template, just cut out 14 hearts (7 of each color) and there you go. I can’t cut/draw a straight line despite my creative nature so I opted for the template. I would have used my cricut and am quite eager to try fabric but I was not home and did not have any fabric stabilizer on hand.

Here are my template and hearts traced


Tip: I  used a fuschia sharpie so when flipped over the color of my outline would not seep through.

Once you have all your hearts traced, cut them out and onto the next step!

Step 3:  Glue hearts to wreath

Again I was without my glue gun so I grabbed what I had on hand (a multi purpose glue) and went to placing the hearts on the wreath. I positioned them all so they would evenly spaced in a one up, one down pattern. Then I placed the glue on them and placed them back in their spot one at a time.

I had one issue though, the only felt I had on hand had different stiffness one was regular floppy felt and the other was the stiff felt. They both worked fine (the stiff one was easier to cut out) but the firm one did not lay flat after being glued but had to be pinned while drying to force it to lay down.

Here is my glued hearts with the light pink stiff felt pinned down

heartwreathOnce the glue was dry, I removed pins and all the hearts were finally laying flat.

Step 4: Do criss-cross of yarn over hearts

Again I used pins to tack down the final pieces of yarn, go diagonally across the wreath crossing over each heart in one direction with one piece of yarn, then repeat with another piece going the opposite way to form the X on each heart.

Here are the crisscrossed hearts


Step 5: hang

I took a piece of sparkly pink ribbon I had left from Christmas to make the loop to hang on the door and that’s it!! Turned out super cute and cost me $7.50 to make, can’t beat that! What do you think? Would love to hear your feedback 🙂

Here is the final hanging on our door

finished wreath

I absolutely love it, even hubby seemed happy with it in the end. One Valentine’s project crossed off the list. I hope you liked it 🙂


3 responses to “Argyle Valentine’s Wreath

  1. Stephanie says:

    ♥ it!

  2. Heather Winfield says:

    This turned out super cute. 😀

  3. Kristofer says:

    I indeed do love it and it didn’t turn out looking like a sock monkey like I was originally thought. Go fig.

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