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Disney here we come!! Part two

on January 14, 2013

Hi there, it is Monday, back from the weekend and here to blog some more exciting Disney stuff that we are looking forward to! So let’s go 🙂

I know people may laugh at a couple with no kids anxiously waiting to meet the characters but really, what is Disney all about?! Magic, right?! Well what is more magical than meeting those characters that you love (come on, it is ok to admit it!) in real life. Disney gives you the ability to do this, a dream come true for a lot of little and big kids alike.

The characters on our must do list are :

Of course Rapunzel and Flynn, if you read any of my posts you know these are the number 1 favorites in our house. Our engagement and wedding revolved around them and at Disney world it is a different experience than at Disneyland.  Sadly,  I have read today that Flynn may not be part of the interaction now and that Merida has taken over the fairytale garden.rapunzel and FlynnThat said, We do want to meet Merida- While Brave may not have been our favorite movie she is one of the newest characters and her interaction seems like a ton of fun, it is in Fairytale garden (click here to read more from allears)


Hollywood Studios has become home to the most ADORABLE princess or should I say president in Disney History! President Vanellope Von Schweetz and Ralph from the WONDERFUL movie Wreck It Ralph! We are so excited to meet them, in fact I am working on some clothes for the trip, including Vanellope’s hoodie and her candy sprinkles (I am making hair clips), I will post them when I am done. Can’t wait!!

rapl We are also intending on doing the autographs along with our meet and greets and I am working on our very special autograph/passport/scrapbook for the trip. Here is the cover (will make a full post on book when it is finished) Pretty cute, huh!? Rapunzel and Flynn are all ready to get those autographs 🙂 IMAG0230We are fortunate enough to get to utilize the deluxe dining plan on our trip and with that all of your meals can be sit downs if you would like, so we planned a lot of meet and greets with our dining to save time and get to enjoy more time with the characters. With this option we are having breakfast at on of my favorite restaurants O’hana (means family) and getting to meet Lilo and Stitch at the same time 🙂 lilo and stitch ak ohana

We will also be meeting Cinderella and her step family, having breakfast with princesses and to finish off the trip, breakfast with the mouse who started it all, MICKEY!!!!

mickeyWe end our trip with breakfast at the famous Chef Mickey’s. Pretty excited, I have never done a character dining in all my trips to Disney World, so happy I have my hubby to share all these adventures with.

Speaking of sharing, I will end this post today with a treat great for sharing. I heard about this chocolaty treat this morning on the disneyfoodblog it is called a S’more mousse brownie, yum!!! It can be found at Liberty Inn.  Looks delicious and I think we may have to stop over after lunch with Remi and try this snack!!  It has a fudgy “mousse” like icing with a marshmallow center, brownie and a graham cracker crust.

Here are some pics to leave you drooling!! Hope you enjoyed part two of our Disney plans.

smorecupcake cupcakesmore yum


One response to “Disney here we come!! Part two

  1. Kristofer says:

    Oh man that does look pretty tasty. I can’t wait. And yes my pet, the trip is going to certainly be magical because I have you there to make it so. Oh one more thing, I am sure that as we keep getting pictures with the character their will be a noticeable difference from start to finish because by the end, after all that food and decadence, we are going to look like the life size versions of Ralph and Vanellope. 🙂

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