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Disney here we come!!! Part one

on January 11, 2013

Hi guys, today is Friday, that wonderful day that we all look forward to. So I figured in honor of Friday and to keep my spirits up today, I would show you some of the stuff I have found planning our Disney Anniversary trip. This is part one (this blog would be gianormous if I spilled it all today, lol)  of the stuff we have been looking forward to for months (and I am sure that is how some of us feel about Friday too, it takes so long to get here. Why does the work week seem so long after the holidays?), so let’s get started…

First some back story, I grew up in Florida and my love for Disney grew from there, first trip I remember I was maybe four, (but I believe my parents told me I was there even before that) I recall how Main Street USA looked with all its Mickey Balloons and Cinderella’s castle, just amazing!  I was very fortunate that at some point in my life we even had season passes to the most magical place on earth 🙂 I grew up on Mickey t-shirts, Disney movies and Magic.

So when I met my Prince Charming, he was inundated with my passion for Disney at every turn (he loves it now!). I had told him about my dream to make it out to Disneyland for my 30 birthday when we met and he remembered, he took me for the 31st as a surprise. A surprise that changed our lives! He proposed!!! I mean not just any run of the mill proposal, but a DISNEY proposal! Talk about making a girl’s dreams come true!! Our movie is Tangled, so of course I wanted to meet Rapunzel and Flynn, plus they were the new characters to Disneyland when we went, so we waited in line to see her and I tried to climb the tower, lol!

As we waited, he went to ask a Cast Member about “dinner” (I was clueless) and when we saw Rapunzel and Flynn, IT happened and THEY were in on it!!!


We got married six months later on St Patrick’s day with a Tangled theme wedding (I even did the hair)

Some pics of our beautiful Fairytale wedding (pics taken by Mel Cavazos Photography, cakes by America Banda, cupcakes by Melinda, tower and Tiara made by us)

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As you can see we set a pretty amazing Disney wedding and permanently etched Disney into our hearts by having it as our theme for our wedding day. 🙂

So now you see the reason behind a one year Anniversary trip to Disneyworld (if you truly need a reason). We have never been together and hubby was too young to remember when he went before, plus so much has changed since I was there in 2008, so it will be a whole new world (yes I did that on purpose) for him and me 🙂

One of the things we are looking forward to is our Hotel (click on pictures for more info)

out hotel

I know it isn’t the most expensive hotel but it is the newest and it looks INCREDIBLE!! Plus we figured as our first trip we are going to be running all day and not spending too much time in the room. We are staying in The Little Mermaid wing much to my bestie’s envy (we promise to take pics.)

We are also looking forward to


Yep, that is right, new Fantasyland, now there is another castle and Disney, Belle and Prince Adam’s (The Beast.) We have been trying not to look too much, we really want to see everything first time in person, but the glimpses we have seen are beyond breath taking, truly Disney magic.

Now Fantasyland brings us to one of our favorite things, food!! We have booked our trip with the Disney Deluxe Dining plan to get as many sit down dinners and we could and still get to do all our site seeing, shopping and screaming down Expedition Everest. We are going to met princesses, Lilo and Stitch and even Mickey with our meals, plus dine under the sea at The Coral Reef and our most anticipated…

Be our Guest (diner at Belle’s castle)Be our guest

Belle was my favorite princess before Rapunzel came along and she still has a huge place in my heart, hubby also took me to see Beauty and the Beast when the musical came to town.

Here is the dinner menu (from wdwmagic), very exciting


I also stumbled across this delicious treat yesterday when checking out some yummy disney food blogs


Jack Sparrow cupcake (image from Disneyfoodblog) more info can also be found on My take on Disney blog here

Looks delicious and so fun!

There are a million things we want to try at Disney, being foodies, I am sure we will have to try some of EVERYTHING! Even want to go check out the infamous Beverly at Club Cool in Epcot


I may not be the bravest of people (even though I did brave The Tower of Terror at Disneyland for my hubby) but when it comes to food, I am ready to see what all the talk is about. Wish us luck!

Does anyone else have a trip they are looking forward to? Any Disney must sees I should know about? I would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoyed this little “taste” of our upcoming adventure.  Stay tuned for part 2!


2 responses to “Disney here we come!!! Part one

  1. Kristofer says:

    I loved your blog today but I gotta say, I am a little (but curious) hesitant about the Beverly. I saw sooooo many Eww Reviews on that other blog it makes me really wonder. I do love soda so I will just get it and say bring it on… and then most likely follow it up with, put it back.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am so excited for you guys! And yes this bestie is very envious of your hotel stay! Anxiously waiting for the most amazing pictures! 🙂 Wishing you guys the best one year anniversary vacation in the most magical place ever! ♥ u both!

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