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Super Excited about newest cricut addition!!

on January 8, 2013


I really wanted the create a critter 2 cartridge but after all the christmas expenses and the trip to Disney coming (SO EXCITED!!!! *said in the voice of Agnes from Despicable me*, lol) up for our one year anniversary, I couldn’t rationalize spending another $50 for a new cartridge, especially cause I haven’t really gotten to use the first ones still I am still playing in the cricut cutting room and haven’t spent all the time cutting and actually making the items, I have created.

So yesterday while looking in the cricut shop, I noticed that the cricut create a critter 2 cartridge has been set up to buy individual images, at $.99! So I bought the ones I knew I would use immediately (in fact I had created two items with the images for gifts before I owned the cartridge, lol! I post those once I have actually given them to the recipients. ) these little guys are the ones that made the cut. Very excited to use them. Wish all the images were sold separately, but this is awesome, to now own these guys 🙂

I have got so many ideas swimming in my head, can’t wait to put them into action.


2 responses to “Super Excited about newest cricut addition!!

  1. Heather Winfield says:

    Super cute. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. rochacrafts says:

    oh gosh..I’ve been wanting this cartridge..hoping to find it on sale sometime soon lol

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